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Can I manage Pop-Up Stores through Direction Local?

A Pop-Up Store is a store that opens for a short period of time in a location where there is empty retail space. Retailers use these stores to sell their products quickly and easily.

You can use the tool to publish your Pop-Up Store, but you need to remember that some directories have long update cycles. So your store might be published after the timeframe of when it opens.

Can I manage my Pop-Up Stores in Google?

According to the Google Guidelines (Status 13.09.2019) only stationary locations are supported: “…eligible as long as they display permanent signage year-round at the location.”

Therefore, we encourage you not to publish Pop-Up Stores.

What happens when the location is closed?

If you still want to open a pop-up store, you can do so on our platform. However, know that if you do so, your store will be closed automatically after a set amount of time. 

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