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How do I create Posts, Q&As, and Deals in the Publish Tab?

In addition to allowing you to respond to customer reviews across directories from a central dashboard, our system also allows you to publish social posts to Google, Facebook, and 17 additional directories. 

How to create a new post

  1. Click ‘Create New Post’
    • you also have the option to save a post as a template to streamline ongoing social media posts
  2. On the dialogue page, specify the type of post you are creating. Here are a few of the posting options at your disposal:
    • newsworthy announcements
    • special offers
    • covid19 business updates
    • Questions and Answers
  3. You can adapt communication to each of your establishments if you manage several locations; manually selecting the locations you want to create content on, or selection the ‘All Locations’ box.
  4. Select the directories you’d like to publish content to.
  5. Add Title and Text to your publication. Certain directories allow you to also upload a photo for video into the content.
  6. You can add a link to your website to direct users to specific landing pages or blogs posts.
    • When publishing ‘News,’ you can select a time and date for the publication. 
    • When publishing ‘Special Offers,’ you must provide the period during which these offers are valid. 
  7. Before publishing, you can preview how the post will be formatted on select directories
  8. Lasly, click on ‘Publish’ to instantly publish your contribution to the selected platforms.


To better adjust your communication and marketing actions, you can select the establishments according to their internal labels.  These are entered in the Establishments profile ‍ under General info , and allow content to only be published on establishments to which you have assigned a specific label such as “Christmas promotion”.

Consider the following if you have published content before:

  • The overview will show you your contributions sorted in chronological order by publication date
  • You will also be able to view the information of each publication
  • Note that obsolete publications cannot be republished
  • After creating a publication, it can be deleted from the platform, but not from the directories
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