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How can I approve, decline or edit replies to reviews from other users?

Approval workflows are helpful when you want to limit someone’s permissions for a certain action. In this case, it will restrict the ability to publish replies to reviews. That means that someone else will need to approve it before it goes live.

If a certain user needs approval, they will be able to write a reply, but it won’t be immediately published. It will show a warning message that says, “This reply is pending approval.”

On the other hand, if the user has the feature enabled, they will be able to decline, edit and approve pending replies:

  • Decline: this removes the message from the replies section so it can no longer be retrieved and it won’t be published.
  • Edit: it allows the user to edit the previous message in the reply text bar and submit it. When submitting an edited reply, the user who edited it becomes the reply author (visible only internally) and the message will be published to the directory.
  • Approve: if the review is approved without editing, the original author of the reply is kept and the reply is published to the directory.

Any pending replies will be visible on a separate tab at the top of the reviews list, called Approvals, so it is easy to retrieve them.

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