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FAQ Social Posting

What types of posts are supported by our platform and which of them can be published on which directory?

There are four types of posts supported by our tool:

  1. News: can be published on Facebook, Google Search and other directories
  2. Offer: Google Search and other directories
  3. Questions & Answers: Google Search
  4. COVID-19 Post: Google Search
  5. Events: Google Search

You can find detailed information about the post types in this article.

What does Views and Clicks mean in the Posting tab?

Once you publish a post, you can see how many people have seen it and how many people have clicked on the Call To Action button. Views are the number of people who see your post, while clicks are the number of people who click on the button in your post.

How many pictures are supported by Facebook and Google for publishing?

Currently, only Facebook supports multiple pictures for an individual post, while Google only allows one picture on their posts.

If I delete a post on the platform, does this post get deleted as well on the directories that support the publish feature?

Yes, if you delete a post from our location marketing cloud, it will be deleted from all directories that support this feature, including Facebook and Google.

Will publishing posts help to improve a Google My Business (GMB) listing’s ranking?

Yes, publishing posts on Google can help increase your Google My Business Listing’s ranking.

This is specifically true when posts are topical and are consistently published. The post will show up on the Google Maps entry and in the location’s knowledge panel. Therefore, posts on Google are highly visible to people who use Google.

What are other advantages of posting on Google My Business (GMB) listings?

Besides increasing the listing’s ranking, there are further advantages to posting on GMB listings, such as:

  1. Increase engagement signals: Google users who view the listing can click on the posts and also see posts published in the past. Google does not only pick up on the increased users’ engagement but also notices that the business’ owner actively engages with the listing.
  2. Potentially drive conversions: Posts can contain call-to-action buttons which can help to drive conversions.
  3. Competitive advantage: When a business owner regularly posts on a GMB listing, an additional marketing channel is used and this can help to allow for a competitive advantage

Will using your product help me get more followers on Social Media?

With our reputation management tool, you can publish offers to followers on specific social media platforms for all of your locations or just a specific set of locations.

However, the number of people who react to those offers or notifications will not be influenced by the software.

If you are interested in learning more about this part of our product, please check out these articles:

What is the maximum number of characters for the post URL?

The maximum lengths of the post URL is 350 characters. 

If you want to use an even longer URL then it is recommended to shorten the URL by using a URL shortener tool like like Bitly and

Why is there a banner saying the Product Plan has limited access to Posting feature

If you see the message “Your product plan has limited access to the posting feature. To be able to publish new posts, you have to remove the existing one or Contact us” and Posting is part of the product plan, then most likely there’s at least one location is on a Product Plan, which  has POSTING_PREVIEW

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