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Uploading Photos and Videos

Uploading Photos and Videos

There are a few requirements for uploading photos, logos and videos, which we’ll go into detail below. In general, you can either do it directly on our platform or through the bulk import feature.

Photos and Logos

If you would like to add photos for an individual location, you can do so under Locations > Photos & Videos.

You are able to add the files via Drag and Drop or by browsing your computer.


The formats and file sizes depend on the type of photo you wish to upload:



File Sizes



jpeg, png (cannot have transparent background)

min 720 x 720 px; max 5 MB

Recommended: 1:1

Squared Logo

jpeg, png

Squared-shaped, (e.g. 200×200 pixel)
max. 5 MB

Mandatory: 1:1

Photos (general)

jpeg, png

min. 480 x 480 pixels
max. 5 MB


Landscape Photo

jpeg, png

min. 480 pixels high
max. 5 MB

You can upload any photo and crop it to 16:9


Certain directories may limit the number of photos that will be displayed on your location profile.

Bulk Import

If your photos are publicly hosted on a server, and each photo has its own URL, you can easily insert those URLs into the import file (Excel sheet).

You can insert several URLs per location, as long as they are separated by a comma.

There is no limitation from our platform on the number of imported photos. However, some directories may impose limits.


Video URLs can also be added for an individual location in our platform under Locations > Photos & Videos.

Add the link in the field “Video-URL” and, if applicable, add a description in the field “Video Description“.

You can upload more than one video by clicking on “+ Add video.


The only requirement is that the URLs must be either from YouTube or Vimeo, since we currently only support those.

Bulk Import

You can also upload one or more video URLs via the import file (Excel sheet), for one or several locations. Please follow the steps below:

  1. First ensure that the video is added to YouTube or Vimeo
  2. Copy the video’s URL
  3. Add the word YOUTUBE or VIMEO into the field relating to the column “videoType1” in the Excel file (to specify the source of the link)
  4. Then, paste the URL into the respective field, under the column called “videoUrl1” in the Excel file
  5. Optionally, a description can be added into the corresponding cell under “videoDescription1” (max. 255 characters).
  6. Save the data and upload the updated Excel template on Locations > Import‍.   

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