SEO Manager


Sarah is a content marketing ninja; she comprehends data and analytics so that she can target our client markets to any particular population at large. Her creative ability to see the big picture forges comprehensive content marketing strategies that are built to last. Her BA in History from Towson University has allowed her to study human populations in the past. Today her edge on technology allows her to continue to gather current data and make accurate predictions based on human history, society, and the climate of the era.

What's Sarah Doing After Work?

Sarah enjoys meditation, backpacking the Alpine Mountains with a map and tent, reading, traveling the globe with no itinerary, and being outdoors in the city of Washington, DC. She also loves to write about history and strange ideas that we can’t keep up with (all in poetic form). Her taste in literature is a sub-genre of sci-fi she calls, “the weirder, the better.” You can ask her for a book recommendation, just know what you’re getting into first.