Essential SEO Elements for Non-Profits

SEO for Non-Profits
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Companies want to make their digital presences felt. Most have heard about search engine optimization (SEO), but they don’t always know how to start managing their own. In addition, smaller firms may not have the time or resources to dedicate to proper SEO, meaning their online efforts might not be seen by the people they could impact most.

There are a few essential SEO items that will boost a company’s results — even for nonprofits with smaller marketing budgets. Read on for a quick guide to vital SEO that won’t break the bank.

What is SEO and How Does It Work?

SEO is a digital marketing strategy centered around search engines. It aims to reward reliable sources by displaying their materials higher up in search results. This works best for companies that do their due diligence, utilize search engines’ algorithmic rules, and provide content users will find helpful. It includes an evolving process of keyword research, site and article formatting, regular content releases, and more.

Non-Profit SEO Basics to Raise Awareness & Get the Most from Your Fundraising

As a charitable organization, your mission is crucial to your everyday business interactions. Those interactions are most powerful when they’re reaching people who need your cause, and SEO can help them find you. Here are three ways your non-profit can affordably improve its search rankings.

1. Remember that content is king

Your website should be a hub where clients can find information about the things they need, like services offered, products, community, and social events, helpful tips, contact information, fundraising information, and more.

Content should be easy to read.

Your customers are on the go or in need of quick guidance, so simple and concise language written specifically for them will be best.

Provide something helpful.

Random content is not particularly useful, create items that will give readers what they need: guidance and information.

If your content is about services, name the service, describe what is offered, and provide who/how to contact for information. For a fundraiser, offer event details — who, what, when, where, costs — as well as how to get involved.

Organization is a must.

Put yourself in readers’ shoes and write information to serve their needs. Group like thoughts, stay focused on your topic, provide clear and concise information, and remember that quality is important.

2. Tap into and use keyword research

Keywords are the most-discussed SEO element. A keyword tool will help you find the terms your clients are searching, helping you know which phrasing to use in your content to help search engines sort it.

There’s a lot that goes into keywords, though, and SEO can quickly become a quagmire. Companies pay to use certain keywords, giving them an advantage in rankings.

Some phrases are so common that there’s too much competition involved, too, making it important to stay focused on your goal: providing content using the keywords your clients are searching to get them the information they need.

3. Pay attention to structure

An easy-to-scan structure can make a huge difference in both SEO and readership. Use keywords in headings to organize your thoughts, put them in image files names to give your content an extra algorithmic boost, and link to reputable sources to provide readers additional information.

SEO may be intricate, but there are plenty of things a non-profit can do to help improve its search results rankings on a budget. If you’re looking for help managing SEO, or if you have questions you would like to discuss with a digital marketing expert, contact Direction to set up a consultation.

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