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Facebook advertising can give business owners significant returns on their investment. But each campaign needs to be carefully managed by professional advertisers, or you’ll just be throwing your money away.

We’ve helped business owners of all sizes create and target their ad campaigns to maximize their return-on-investment.

Having an active Facebook presence relays to consumers that you are the expert in your field, especially if you are more active on social media than your competition. It’s been proven that businesses who utilize Facebook properly obtain more repeat customers than those who don’t.

Make More Money With Social Media Marketing

Most business owners who are interested in Social Media Marketing & Advertising really just want to know the impact on their bottom line. We can’t give you an exact number, but we can show you what we’ve done in the past:

The Vintage is a boutique apartment building in one of DC’s most desirable neighborhoods, and the competition is fierce. We had 14 leads in just two days. Those leads cost a total of $41.02 or $2.93 per lead.

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What the Vintage’s first two days show is, it doesn’t even take that much time or that much money to start seeing a positive return on investment.

180 Closet Design is a custom closet designer in Northern Virginia. Because of the high potential value of customers in their niche, the cost per lead from most sources can be excessive. In less than 30 days, we generated 329 clicks for just $0.69 each – and 14 form fills at only $2.93/lead.

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You can imagine that in an industry where a sale can be worth thousands of dollars, warm leads for $2.93 can generate significant value.
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Why Advertise on Social Media?

Social Media Ads have unique benefits over traditional advertisements.

Advertising through Facebook and other platforms allow you to pinpoint exactly who you want to see your ad and market exclusively to them. With advanced settings for demographic targeting, you can ensure that you are only paying for leads with highest conversion potential.

Plus, you only pay for the people that click on your ad. This means you are investing the majority of your ad spend in people who are interested in what you offer.

Studies have shown that even under-performing ads have had significant impacts on brand awareness. Because your ads will be shown to thousands or millions of people, even those who don’t interact with it will become familiar with who you are.

Become an Industry Leader On Social Media

Business owners can manage their own social media marketing and advertising campaigns, but it requires a significant amount of time, or they’ll just end up with negative returns.

You can also hire a specialist in-house, but you are taking on the expenses and responsibilities of having another employee on your team.

We give business owners the ability to make money on social media without giving it a second thought. We create advertisements, manage the campaigns and spending, and send the leads straight to you. It’s really that easy. Give us a call today and let’s talk about some ideas for your campaign.

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Customers reviews

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Davita Harris
Davita HarrisRay Good Designs
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review about great work for a roofing customer

My mind was set at ease once I hired Mr. Kirksey to do our web site. I had a task to complete by a certain time frame and Direction Inc delivered with great knowledge and professionalism. I'm not computer savvy which did not hinder Mr. Kirksey from creating the perfect website! Thank you for all your work and continued support.
Craig Merrills
Craig MerrillsPresident, Wow 1 Day Painting
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best client review

It is rare when you find a solid tech company that not only does a great job, but they prove it with results. Chris is a rock solid guy and delivers. I would highly recommend him. Me and my team are still a customer today, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to keep on keeping on. Thank you Chris and the team.
Madison Petitto
Madison PetittoOwner, AirBnB Homeshare
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very happy client

The team at Direction is incredible. They showed me how my business matches up against my competition and put together a plan on how to beat them. Or, as Eddie says "Dominate my Market". They started with a website, which, is surprisingly simple for me and my team to manage. And an astounding website at that. I've dealt with online agencies in the past of course, but, none who actually know the online world like Direction does. Plus, they've delivered on everything they told me they would. 5-stars, highly recommended you work with this team if you want real results for your company online.

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