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Announcing the Winners of our $100,000 Software Giveaway in Partnership with PublicSquare


[Austin, Texas – 9:00 am CT] —, in partnership with PublicSquare, is thrilled to announce the winners of the $100,000 software giveaway.

This initiative was launched to empower local business owners across the United States, responding to the challenges highlighted in the recent Freedom Economy Index, published November 2, 2023.

The index, a collaborative effort between PublicSquare and RedBalloonWork, incorporates feedback from 70,000 small business owners, painting a clear picture of the hurdles facing the American entrepreneurial spirit today.

In an effort to directly address these challenges, has awarded 100 free 1-year subscriptions to Direction Local, their cutting-edge local marketing tool, to businesses in the PublicSquare community.

This giveaway, totaling a value of $100,000, aims to alleviate some of the financial pressures on business owners in the current economic landscape, enabling them to attract more customers and foster growth without the added burden of marketing expenses.

Direction Local stands out as a premiere solution for businesses aiming to boost their local online presence and manage their digital reputation efficiently. By simplifying the process of local marketing, it ensures that businesses can reach their target audience effectively, increasing foot traffic and online inquiries which are crucial for growth in a competitive digital world.

“’s partnership with PublicSquare for this giveaway reflects our commitment to the growth and sustainability of local businesses,” said Chris Kirksey, Founder and CEO, at “We believe that by providing the right tools and resources, we can help these businesses overcome the economic challenges highlighted in the Freedom Economy Index, fostering a stronger, more resilient US economy.”

This giveaway is a testament to the power of community and the importance of supporting local enterprises. The recipients of the Direction Local subscriptions are members of the PublicSquare community, a vibrant network of business owners who share a commitment to the principles of freedom and economic prosperity.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with on this important initiative,” said Ryan Stelzner, Director of Marketing, at PublicSquare. “Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of 100 business owners, empowering them to achieve greater success and visibility in their communities.” and PublicSquare congratulate all the winners of the giveaway and look forward to witnessing the positive impact of Direction Local on their businesses.

Through initiatives like this, we reaffirm our dedication to supporting the backbone of the American economy – the local business owner.

100 Winning Businesses

  1. Office To-Go
  2. Glowmark Designs
  3. Silent Majority Foundation
  4. Mainely Coffee
  5. Flyboy Naturals Direct
  6. PayrollHUB
  7. Fulstone Home Builders
  8. Oklahoma Estate Planning
  9. Thompson Real Estate Services
  10. Ruthless Americans
  11. Sterrett Financial Group
  12. Mec Industries
  13. Red Cardinal Digital Marketing
  14. Howe Racing Enterprises
  15. Elemental Research
  16. The Brow Club Boise
  17. A-Executive Limousine
  18. Flippin’ Pizza
  19. Reliable Tax and Bookkeeping
  20. Opening Moments Media
  21. Apple Valley Natural Soap
  22. Magnolia Home Cleaning Services
  23. The Journey Spa and Wellness Center
  24. Talarik
  25. Inspired Gunworks
  26. The Goats Field
  27. 1st Response Pest Control
  28. M&D Aerial
  29. CK Bookkeeping
  30. US Flagpole Guy
  31. 4D Exterior Solutions
  32. Desert Moon Heating & Cooling
  33. Hope Central AZ
  34. Ellmann & Ellmann
  35. Verify TX
  36. Micaiah’s Photography
  37. Jimmy Kibble
  38. Connection Model
  39. Phoenix Manufacturing
  40. His Family Services
  41. Olmos Real Estate Group
  42. Avanti
  43. Vera Aqua Vera Vita
  44. Marina’s Cleaning Services
  45. Campfire Christian Singles
  46. Country Home Sale
  47. Deliverzen
  48. Bosse Stoneworks
  49. Super Naturals Health
  50. Katie’s Ice Cream
  51. Trucking Channel
  52. BrushFires Ministry
  53. Greater Glory Home Services
  54. Hive Therapeutics
  55. Wide Open Foods
  56. Iron DPC
  57. Plush Organic Skin Care
  58. Ebars
  59. Schnitz and Giggles
  60. Hidden Wounds FT
  61. Santa Barbara Physical Therapy
  62. Rejoyce Services
  63. True You Ministries
  64. Pure Blood Registry
  65. Tropical Seas Clothing
  66. Sex ED Reclaim
  67. Triangle College Planning
  68. The Pestman
  69. The Subtle Point
  70. The Detail Shoppe
  71. PureGuard Pest
  72. MCSL Property Solutions
  73. Chatwin Direct
  74. M. Dean Owen CPA
  75. Family Traditions Beef
  76. Priority Bookkeeping & Tax Solutions
  77. Sante Wellness and Personal Training
  78. Lavalinks Disc Golf Course
  79. Eberley Brooks Events
  80. Region Insurance
  81. Exterior Designs
  82. Mosaic Coffee Roasters
  83. Star Spangled Tea
  84. Timbersmith Tree Service
  85. Optimal Nurturing Lactation & Wellness
  86. Hillsboro West Self Storage
  88. West USA Realty
  89. Greenworks Carpet Cleaning
  90. Turn Em Red Seasonings
  91. Gelousy
  92. EuroCraft
  93. Ohana Shave Ice
  94. Pest Asset
  95. Your Style Window Treatments & Decor
  96. Molly Bz Gourmet Cookies
  97. Candid-Naturals
  98. Hobgood Hemp
  99. Church + Coffee
  100. Advanced-Pets

About, founded by Chris Kirksey, a former US Army Linguist and Signals Intelligence Lead, is a veteran-owned and operated SEO and digital marketing firm dedicated to enhancing the online visibility of businesses.

With a strong focus on search engine optimization, local SEO software, web design, reputation management, and conversion rate optimization, empowers business owners to drive more inbound leads and boost sales.

Their mission is to “Create an organization that their team and customers love,” guided by core values of innovation, positivity, and a winning mindset.

Emphasizing honor, respect, integrity, and loyalty, supports fellow veteran-owned businesses through discounts and consulting, embodying a commitment to personal excellence and community support.

For more details, visit their website:

About PublicSquare

PublicSquare is a digital platform designed to connect consumers with local, principled businesses that align with their values. It champions economic freedom by promoting businesses committed to community, quality, and integrity. PublicSquare aims to build a thriving marketplace where decisions are driven by shared values, fostering a network of trust and mutual benefit between consumers and businesses.

For more information, please visit PublicSquare.

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