Guide to Hiring an Agency for Successful Law Firm Marketing

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Table of Contents
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    It’s surprising what you find on the websites of competing law firms. 

    They say things like, “We provide excellent service to our clients. We offer innovative solutions that address clients’ problems and business complexities.”

    They mention their strict code of ethics. They say they are dynamic and adapt their business management principles to current best practice. They’re committed to quality in all areas of their practice. 

    These are fine ideas, of course.

    They are also attempts by law firms to rebrand themselves. But are they effective on their own?

    If their brand-new website fails to increase client numbers, do they have a real strategy in place? Law firm marketing is about long term sustained success, that is why in 2020 the focus should be geared towards building a strong sustainable brand for your firm.

    Let’s face facts:

    • You like to get down to business and get the serious legal stuff done.
    • As a performance-driven law firm, it’s all about maximizing referrals and maximizing revenue. 

    Think of SEO as a trackable, digital word-of-mouth. 97% of consumers search the internet for local providers. Law firms who want to stay ahead cannot ignore SEO.

    As a law firm, engaging an external service provider for anything that is not your core business makes good business sense.

    This article will discuss how hiring an SEO agency team improves law firm marketing.

    SEO Basics

    Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing your website to get higher ranking on a search engine results page (SERP) from organic traffic. 

    Improved SEO makes your firm more visible to search engines, which increases organic reach to your target audience.

    How is this achieved? By creating engaging, authentic content in the form of blog posts centered on the key, or niche, services you provide.

    Structured blog content, using relevant keywords that potential clients are most likely to search for, is what is termed inbound marketing. Inbound, because your target audience comes to you.

    More complex than that

    As you would expect, it is not quite so simple. Marketing is complex – and digital marketing is no different. Except that now, you need to develop your marketing strategy on the internet.

    Partnering with an expert SEO agency is, therefore, a good move to make for any legal firm wishing to gain market share.

    Traditionally, businesses contract out certain aspects of their operations to professionals with specific, expert knowledge that their own companies do not have in-house. SEO clearly falls into this bracket.

    Content Marketing – Surveys and Overview

    There are some cogent arguments for getting a digital marketing agency to handle your SEO, as opposed to attempting to perform this function in-house.

    The following surveys give a broad overview of why content marketing is here to stay. They also give you an idea of all the many factors to take into account when embarking on a digital and content marketing project.

    In early 2016, Forbes ran an article on a survey report by Forbes Insights, in association with PwC, entitled Leading With Customer-Focused Content: Driving Growth Through Personalized Experiences, which found that most organizations either lack a content strategy or have one that is by no means complete.

    Similarly, the Content Marketing Institute published the results of its 2017 survey on Content Marketing Trends in which 85% of respondents attributed their B2B success over the previous year to higher quality, more efficient content creation (p.15).

    The survey also revealed that, typically, some 29% of a company’s total marketing budget is spent on content marketing. We believe the high figure is an indication of the importance businesses place on getting content marketing right.

    The TL; DL (too long, didn’t read) version of the reports above is that companies engaged in contact marketing make more money than they did before.

    So, Why Blog?

    Law firms can use blogging to write posts that give potential clients the general advice they are looking for. You are already an established authority in your field. To become more competitive, you need to be a more visible one. Using the questions clients ask you most often in real life as topics for blog posts can provide a good starting point. 

    The more informative and helpful blog posts you have, the greater your visibility. You generate more opportunities for leads when more potential clients become familiar with your firm and your services. It can result in more subscribers to your blog, more inquiries, and more requests for consultations.

    Blog posts go a long way toward demystifying the legal profession. Connecting in a personable way via blog posts enables potential clients to relate to you and gauge your strengths. They will discover that law firms are not so intimidating after all. Offering original insights not found elsewhere on the web lends credibility to your law firm, and enhances your reputation.

    A blog is a company’s “shop window”, a place where you show your firm to best advantage and cultivate brand awareness, which may lead to referrals.

    A regularly updated blog and website give potential clients a positive impression. Your posts will increase website traffic.

    It does not matter if the visitors to your site are not in your area. Good content drives up website traffic, which can result in higher search engine rankings. Using excerpts from your blog posts on various social media platforms also creates greater brand awareness and increased website traffic.

    The best part? Your SEO marketing agency can write these posts on your behalf.

    Is Investing in SEO Expertise Worth It?

    The short answer is yes. As with any financial outlay, you need to have a fair idea of what your return on investment will be. Advanced SEO can measure your ROI because you receive a detailed analysis of who visits your website.

    Based on the data received, you can make decisions about how to target and retarget your message to ensure that your law firm is placed squarely in front of your target audience at all times.

    A good SEO team will work with you on the practical options available when the data is interpreted properly.

    Your initial investment in SEO marketing will be quite high. It takes about 12 months to see real results, but after that, SEO becomes much cheaper than paid advertising. Your content is there forever and keeps working for you.

    By hiring an agency for help with your SEO you are investing in a sustainable and consistent way to maintain a visible presence in the marketplace.

    You’re investing in a means of knowing where to find the clients who will ensure the continued growth of your law firm and reinforce your solid reputation.

    You are investing in the ability to respond quickly to change in the requirements of your target demographic and ways to stay relevant in the future.

    Seriously, Is Law Firm Marketing a Serious Pursuit?

    We think so.

    SEO goes hand in hand with cutting-edge web design, amazing graphics, and web copy that is perfectly aligned with your corporate branding. Our law firm web design case study gives an example of what we mean.

    An SEO team works closely with you to achieve the ongoing integration required to enhance your branding. It won’t stop there. There’s more, much more.

    What Do You Look For When Engaging an SEO Company and Why Do You Need an SEO Strategy?

    Website marketing for law firms involves more than a great web design with a few blog posts about what you do thrown in for good measure.

    As mentioned above, when talking about your investment, you receive detailed analyses to which you can respond immediately, in real time.

    As with any marketing strategy, you need to do your homework first, and do some research, to be able to measure results in the future against your initial baseline.

    Website marketing for law firms needs to begin with knowing your audience. You need to determine precisely what you want to achieve through content marketing, and exactly what elements in the analytics you are going to track.

    As a law firm, your SEO marketing agency will prove invaluable in identifying which of the key performance indicators (KPI) are most relevant to your business. As you can see, “sales” is likely irrelevant to a firm of attorneys, but of vital importance to manufacturers and retail businesses. As SEO experts, they can also remind you what all the abbreviations stand for:

    • Average order value (AOV)
    • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
    • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
    • Cost per click (CPC)
    • Cost per lead (CPL)
    • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
    • Overall leads
    • Page metrics: views, clicks, downloads, bounce rates, time on pages, interactions, etc.
    • Sales
    • Social media metrics: likes, followers, comments, subscribers, shares, views, etc.
    • Time to close

    Whatever your goals are, write them down and assign a time frame for their achievement. Using your baseline data as a starting point, you will be able to track your progress at the end of a content marketing campaign and adjust if your results need a boost.

    You can also adjust your approach to respond to observable trends, such as an increase in queries in relation to a particular area of your practice. And you can do it ahead of your competition.

    Your SEO professionals can help you with advice on strategy formulation. They should also be able to offer close monitoring of your brand, market, and competition.

    Where to Turn for Advice

    If you want to learn more about how to make your company’s digital and content marketing efforts as effective as possible, or are just starting out on your digital marketing journey, call a trusted digital marketing partner like Direction.

    Our team would be happy to give you the support in achieving the digital and content marketing results you are looking for.

    Contact us today to explore the full extent of law firm marketing possibilities available to you. We look forward to bringing together a solution that is custom designed for you.

    About The Author:

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey is the CEO of Direction, a digital marketing agency reflecting the culmination of a 15+ year obsession with digital marketing. It all started with an eBay business at 9 years old, then transitioning from domain investing and website building. After a 6-year US Army career leading intelligence collection teams both in the US and overseas, Chris now brings a sophisticated approach from cryptologic language and adversary data intelligence to digital marketing intelligence. His precision and planning of military campaigns, now reflected in digital marketing campaigns, have proven successful for clients in industries ranging from law firms to technology startups.