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Connor Wilkins

Chief Marketing Officer


Connor Wilkins has a passion for understanding people and the motives that inspire us to take action. His desire to understand human behavior brought him to Florida State University and later to London where he read constantly and sharpened his mind alongside talented and inspiring people. 4 years later and he was ready to share his understanding of audience psychologies, literature, and media consumption with the world.

In the first leg of his journey, Connor wrote independently, working on a novel series (which is still very much in the works). In that time, he has excelled with amazing agencies doing what he does best: appealing to and guiding human instinct through writing and media.

What's he doing after work?

Outside of work, you will likely find Connor exploring his new roaming grounds in South Florida with his wife, Camille. He has a newfound green thumb, which he’s sharpening in his backyard tackling unruly hedges and planting all types of unique flora. Connor also writes creatively in his spare time. Whether he’s working on his novel series or crafting a short story, he’s constantly putting pen to paper to bring new ideas to life. He has a passion for video games, especially RPGs, and hopes to one day write the storyline to a video game. Of all the possessions he owns there are none more cherished than his bookshelf. He loves reading non-fiction–basically anything that has to do with World War II. And will dive into any graphic novel series that’s recommended.

Connect with Connor

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