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Jason Barger

Director of Sales


Growing up in a military family and moving all over the world, Jason quickly had to learn about people and different cultures in order to make new friends at a young age. Since then, connecting with and learning about people has become a passion of his, which ultimately led to his mastery of studying new cultures and the Arabic language while serving in the US Military.

Jason’s passion for serving and helping others is only the spark to his flame in being a leader. Over the course of his 12 year US Army career, Jason served on an overseas deployment, worked as a foreign language instructor for other military service members, then went into recruiting, and helped guide over 100+ people into military careers that best fit them.

With experience in fitness club sales, Army recruitment, and now B2B sales, Jason has dedicated his life to guiding people into decisions that make positive impacts on their lives. Ask anyone about Jason, and the words you’ll hear are positivity, empathy, resilience, and determination.

What's he doing after work?

After work, Jason is focused on being a Dad to his two kids. On the weekends, you’ll find him cheering his son on while sparring in a taekwondo tournament, or his daughter while competing in gymnastics, or just taking his family and dogs out on a hike. He’s also a coastal fishing enthusiast, and workout fanatic. From grappling to trail running, he is always finding ways to keep himself and his family healthy and active.

Connect with Jason

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