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Leona Sheppard

Technical SEO Manager


Leona Sheppard is’s resident Technical SEO Manager and all-around digital marketing wizard. With a passion for all things tech and an insatiable drive to stay on top of the latest industry trends, Leona brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table that is second to none.

From conducting comprehensive website audits to optimizing site architecture and everything in between, Leona knows what it takes to get your website ranking higher and driving more traffic than ever before. She can often be found deep in thought analyzing data or brainstorming creative solutions to the most complex SEO challenges.

What's he doing after work?

When Leona is not hard at work optimizing our client’s websites to make a bigger impact in their target market, you can find her spending time in nature or focused on one of many side hustle while rocking out to the band TOOL — always looking for creative and fulfilling ways to put her expertise into practice. Leona is one of those rare talents who truly loves what she does — so much so that her idea of fun is creating powerful lead generation sites, exploring new industries with emerging financial opportunities, and reading up on the latest insights from other thought leaders in the SEO world.

In everything that Leona does, she puts her best foot forward and never waivers when challenges come her way. Time and again she lives up to our core values of Being Innovative, Being Positive, and Being a Winner. We’re extremely fortunate to have Leona supporting our team of SEOs and setting the bar for extremely detailed and outstanding work.

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