8 Simple Web Design Hacks to Boost Your Conversion Rates

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    Many business owners fail to recognize how important it is to engage visitors with their website design. The user’s experience with your website does matter, and an enjoyable experience can help increase your conversion rates.

    A well-designed website encourages visitors to linger. The longer someone stays on your site, the more likely they are to buy what you have to offer.

    If you want to increase your conversion rates, take a look at your website’s design. Here are 8 simple design hacks to improve your website conversions.

    1. Use Big, Bold Typography

    use bold typography to stand out

    In the last few years, big, bold letters have been popular in website design, and design experts expect this trend to continue. Typography can make a difference in the visitor’s experience with your website.

    2. Improve the Speed of Your Website

    make improvements to your websites loading speed

    People will not wait around for your page to load. They expect your website to be fast.

    If it’s not, they will click off and head straight for your competitor’s site. In fact, a delay of 1 second in loading time can result in a loss of up to 7 percent of conversions.

    That’s huge! Every second counts, so you want your page to load as quickly as possible. Even worse, a slow website can lower your Google search rankings.

    Try these 5 tips to improve your website’s loading time:

    • Improve server time
    • Optimize your images
    • Reduce redirects
    • Minimize coding
    • Use compressed files

    3. Make It Mobile Friendly

    Most people these days are searching for and purchasing products on their phones, tablets, and other devices. If they can’t fully access your page on a mobile device, you are losing business.

    Google favors sites that prioritize mobile experience. There are online resources you can use to test how mobile-friendly your website is.

    If you are behind in this area, it’s time to make sure your site is ready for mobile customers.

    4. Use of Negative Space

    If you haven’t heard this term before, it is time to familiarize yourself with this design element. Negative space in web design is a space that contains no visual elements.

    It’s the space that surrounds the text and images on your website. It helps visitors focus on what you want them to see. Too much visual clutter on your page can turn visitors away.

    Your visitors should be able to see every block of text, button, link, and other types of content clearly. The effective use of negative space improves the visitor experience which can lead to more conversions for you.

    5. Positive Online Reviews

    This easy hack works for all businesses, large or small. People read reviews before they decide to make a purchase.

    Glowing reviews improve conversion rates. If you have some happy customers, ask them to write a review.

    6. Consider Voice Search

    8 Simple Web Design Hacks to Boost Your Conversion Rates 1

    You can start with an FAQ that answers common questions people might ask about your product or service.

    7. Video Landing Page

    A landing page markets your particular product or service. Many businesses choose to use text and infographics on their landing pages, but video landing pages are now very popular.

    People will click on a video if they see it’s not too long. It’s easier than reading blocks of text.

    Visitors who decide to watch your video stay longer. And they are more likely to buy your product after taking the time to watch your video.

    It’s important to remember that the quality of a video makes a difference. A low-quality video can have a negative effect on people’s perception of your brand.

    A video allows you to tell the story of your brand that cannot be done with static images. It makes it personal.

    And when a visitor watches your video and has an emotional reaction to it, the possibility for a conversion increases.

    8. Keep It Simple

    In web design, more isn’t always best. Busy, cluttered web design can overwhelm and turn off your visitors.

    Simplicity is the best. A clean, straightforward design can attract your visitors and hold their attention which can lead to higher conversion rates.

    A simple design is easier on the eye and helps your visitors see what you have to offer. You want your site to be simple and fast, and you want people to be able to navigate it with ease and have an enjoyable visitor experience.

    Improve Your Website Conversions

    These are just a few simple ways you can boost your conversion rates. Using these tips may lead to some great results for your business.

    If you are hoping to improve your website design or SEO results, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where or how to begin.

    After all, you are busy running your business. That’s where we come in.

    We are SEO experts and help business owners like you every day. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

    Contact us today.

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    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey

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