The Truth About Website Traffic: How Much Do You Need?

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    The average American uses the internet over 23.6 hours per week as of 2017 according to a report by USA Today.

    This number has jumped from 9.4 hours in 2000 and is only increasing as more and more people browse and connect through blogs, pages, forums, and social media sites online.

    As a business owner, the increase in online usage and users means one thing: you want to stay relevant online.

    This means increasing your website traffic is of utmost importance, as well as finding ways to market your business and building strong SEO to help with your search ranking.

    Whether you’re starting out, or have been an active business for many years, here are the cold, hard truths about website traffic, how much you need, and how an SEO agency might be the best decision you ever make.

    What Is Website Traffic?

    Website traffic is website visits. It’s as simple as that.

    There are three different types of traffic: organic search, paid search, and referrals. Organic is natural searches. Perhaps someone stumbled on your site because they searched a keyword, did a local search for businesses in their area and yours fit the criteria, or maybe even searched by your business name.

    Paid search is like it sounds: you put money towards some advertising in hopes to generate leads back to your site. This is also called ‘inorganic’ traffic. With paid traffic, you are doing the work of searching for your potential customers and specifically targeting what you think they’ll engage with.

    Referrals are where another page is linking to yours. You can do this through affiliate marketing and affiliate links, or by inbound links that build your site’s SEO.

    What’s the Right Amount of Web Traffic?

    The amount of website traffic you need depends on several factors:

    • The size of your business
    • Your industry,
    • and the types of products and services your business is selling.

    But let’s get one thing straight first: Although website traffic will, of course, generate revenue for your business, it’s not the only means of gaining a profit.

    There are plenty of online marketing tactics that can help you monetarily. One option is advertising, for example through AdSense, affiliate programs, or sponsored posts.

    Yes, general traffic is good and will inevitably generate more money through your advertising tactics. But what good is traffic if the viewers aren’t translating to clicks or purchases?

    Your website traffic ranking is less about how many people are visiting, and more about your conversions. How are you taking the viewers and followers and making them customers?

    5 Ways to Boost Your Traffic

    So how much traffic does your website need? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. But, depending on your business, you can certainly break it down to a science.

    If your website generates about 1,000 views per day and this converts to even one sale, then this is considered adequate website traffic for a small business/page. If you have 20,000 visitors, you can be expected to turn a higher potential profit.

    But whether you’re pulling in thousands of viewers or less than one hundred, here are five ways to boost your traffic

    1. Advertise

    This is a no-brainer, but the more you advertise your business, the more you’ll have natural traffic to your page(s).

    If you’re focusing on paid strategies, make sure they’re aligned to your goals. Are you solely looking to generate traffic to your website, or do you want to increase your conversion rate?

    Shape your strategies around what you wish to accomplish. You may also want to consider working with an SEO agency to help you meet those goals.

    2. Tell a Compelling Story

    Your business isn’t as much about selling a product or service as it is about selling an experience.

    Your customers want an incentive to buy into what you offer. With such a competitive market, finding a way to give yourself an edge is essential.

    You can do this by creating personal stories and posts that give you a brand. The easiest way to do this is through social media (which is a killer strategy in itself for boosting your traffic).

    3. Boost Your Utilization of Analytics

    Analytics and testing are essential to increasing your website popularity. From A/B testing to trying out different SEO tactics, boosting analytics should be one of your highest priorities.

    Using an SEO agency can help you precisely target issues and fix problems with your website to increase your traffic. An agency can also help you avoid making SEO mistakes.

    4. Use Keywords in Everything (But Not Too Much)

    Keywords are such simple ways to drive traffic to your brand, especially if you put a little effort into choosing the right ones. Make sure you’re using them in all social media posts, blogs, etc. in natural ways. Natural meaning none of that crazy keyword stuffing crap.

    5. Focus on User Experience

    Focus on improving your retention rate by creating authenticity and reliable products/services. Your audience retention is one of the most critical factors in building traffic.

    If you have loyal customers, they will not only purchase your products/services but come back because they value what you have to offer over other companies.

    These loyal customers will also be the ones to recommend your products and services to friends and family members, building a small referral network.

    Maybe You Need an Agency

    The right SEO agency helps businesses meet their goals, increase their sales, and grow their website traffic easily and efficiently.

    We do this by helping you to understand and implement the latest internet marketing tools and strategies to get your business in front of your target audience.

    This is one of the best ways to remove the guesswork and hassle of trying to increase your page traffic, and instead, leave it to the experts.

    To learn more about SEO agencies and what they do, click here.

    From understanding the difference between organic and paid searches, to learning ways to improve your online content, hopefully, this helped you learn more about website traffic and why it’s so crucial for your business.

    For other tips on improving your search rank, as well as more information on how digital agencies can help your online visibility, click here.

    About The Author:

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey

    Chris Kirksey is the CEO of Direction, a digital marketing agency reflecting the culmination of a 15+ year obsession with digital marketing. It all started with an eBay business at 9 years old, then transitioning from domain investing and website building. After a 6-year US Army career leading intelligence collection teams both in the US and overseas, Chris now brings a sophisticated approach from cryptologic language and adversary data intelligence to digital marketing intelligence. His precision and planning of military campaigns, now reflected in digital marketing campaigns, have proven successful for clients in industries ranging from law firms to technology startups.