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Why Blogging Is Important for Law Firms

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With court dates, client meetings, and countless hours of research, blogging is likely the last thing on your mind as a lawyer.

Sure, you’re familiar with what blogging is but contractual agreements and public records are likely at the forefront of your mind.

But, if you want to increase your leads and client conversion rates then understanding why blogging is important could be the key to your success.

Blogging isn’t just for creatives or people interested in making homemade recipes. Blogging is a great tool for any business to improve visibility. Businesses from every industry can and should consider having a blog.

This is especially true in the legal world. When people are in trouble with the law or curious about legal advice, they usually take to the web to find answers. Instead of just finding scholarly articles, they’re likely to come across multiple blog posts providing them with the answers.

The key is to be the law firm that can provide them with these answers and then gain a potential client.

Want to learn more about why blogging is important to your law firm? Read on to find out how blogging can increase your law firm’s business.  

Content is Critical to Your Law Firms Marketing Strategy

Blogging consists of writing a 300 to 2000 word post on your company’s blog. Your company’s blog should be located on your business’s webpage for optimal success. When writing your blog posts you should also use effective keywords and SEO strategies to increase your search engine ranking. 

Explore the following ways that cultivating a successful blog for your law firm can help your business.

1. Gaining Authority

Of course, having a law degree makes you an authority in your field. However, it doesn’t always make you an authority in business and marketing. There are many lawyers out there who have a law degree, but it’s important to gain an edge over your competition by making yourself a visible authority in your field.

Your clients will also appreciate knowing that the lawyer they may hire is an authority in their field. The need for a lawyer doesn’t present itself in everyday life, but when someone needs one they want someone who is competent and educated. After all, they are counting on you to provide them with sound legal advice.

By posting legal advice and guidance online, you’re already providing your clients with a road map for solving their issue. Ultimately, this road map can lead to them contacting you for legal counsel.

2. Generating Leads

Businesses that blog generate more leads. This is because blog posts make you more visible online. When you are more visible online, more potential clients will become familiar with your law firm and services.

So, the more blog posts you have, the more lead generation opportunities you’ll have. This can come in the form of more inquiries, subscribers, and consultation requests.

Even if they don’t need a lawyer right away, by visiting your blog they’ll have your name in mind in case they do need one.

3. Increased Visibility

Visibility is important in the Digital Age. Marketing today is much different than it was 50 years ago, which means you’ll need to optimize your marketing strategy on the internet.  

Blogging increases your visibility by increasing your chances to show up in search results. It also increases your chances to rank highly on search engine results which is extremely beneficial for your business. 

The more visible your law firm is, the more familiar your potential clients will be with your brand. This then leads to a level of trust which can cause them to contact you in case they need legal support. In short, you want to be the first law firm that comes to mind based on regular visibility without them even needing to search the web.

4. Connecting with Clients

Many people are intimidated by lawyers. Clients are also likely to be overwhelmed and terrified by the prospect of being involved in the legal system. 

Blog posts allow your law firm to connect with clients on their terms. Before even speaking directly with you, they can get a sense of how you conduct business and your strengths as a lawyer. 

Blog posts are also great opportunities to speak directly with potential clients in the comments. You can reply to comments and then direct them to your services. Replying to comments on blog posts also gives you a chance to be personable and relatable.

5. Pride in Your Business

Businesses who regularly update their websites and blog posts appear to have pride in their business. They appear to be involved and interested in providing their clients with information and content. It lets your customers know that you’re active in your business and invested in your law firm. 

6. Website Traffic Increase

Blog posts help to increase your website traffic. Even if someone isn’t in your area, just by providing great content you can increase your website traffic. This can then cause your website to rank higher in search engine results. 

In turn, this allows your target audience to find your law firm with ease.

Also, as a competitive law firm, ranking higher than your competition in the search results typically translates to more business for your firm. 

7. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is just as important to a law firm as it is to a clothing line. Brand awareness means that your business is easily recognized by the masses. It encompasses consumer familiarization with your logo, content, and services. 

Posting blog posts allows you to cultivate positive brand awareness. This is achieved by providing potential clients with accurate information they can use in their lives. It’s also achieved by further developing your brand through your tone of voice, content, and education. 

Brand awareness can help you to get more clients and cases, too. By constantly uploading content and making the public aware of your services, you’re cultivating brand awareness. This, in turn, causes potential clients to also want to associate with your brand leading to more referrals, word-of-mouth advertising, and leads.

8. Enhances Social Media Presence

Blogging makes posting on social media more efficient. Instead of crafting completely original social media posts, you can take excerpts from your blog posts. This makes it easier to share educational information while hooking the reader into learning more.

By doing this, you also create more opportunities for web traffic, blog subscribers, and leads by linking to your website. This is especially effective if you already have a large social media following.

Before blogging, your social media followers may have never visited your law firm’s website. But, when you entice your social media followers to visit your blog, they also become more engaged with your services. More people visiting your website by having links to your blog on social media can also lead to higher search engine rankings.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a challenge for any law firm. Email marketing requires a set of specific knowledge related to subject lines, copywriting, and formatting. Instead of taking the time to craft a completely original marketing email, you can pull facts and excerpts from your blog. 

In fact, one email marketing tactic can be to send an email to your subscribers every time a new blog post is uploaded. This then makes your subscribers more aware of your services and offers them sale-pitch free content via email.

10. Reduces Advertising Costs

Marketing is usually one of the first expenses cut from a business’s budget. It tends to be expensive and it takes a good amount of time and effort to execute successfully. 

By blogging, you can help to reduce your marketing costs significantly. Once your website and blog are active, there is no additional charge to add blog posts. You simply create a blog post and then upload it free of charge. 

Blog posts also serve as an organic way to increase search engine rankings through original content, inbound links, and an increase in web traffic. This will greatly improve your marketing efforts leading to an increase in leads and paying clients.  

Why Blogging Is Important and How to Get Started

When you know why blogging is important you’ll have more motivation to create a blogging schedule. Knowing what to write about can be challenging at first, but your day-to-day clients can be a great source of inspiration. When talking with clients, consider what questions they ask and what concerns they have. 

Jot these questions and concerns down, and then answer them in a blog post. It’s also important that your blog posts are always tailored to your clients’ needs. Blog posts should be informative, educational, and insightful, not drawn-out sales pitches. 

With these tips in mind and learning more about digital marketing, your law firm will be well on its way to becoming legal blogging sensations on the world wide web.

Need guidance in building your SEO strategy for your law firm? Contact us today to learn about our SEO services. 

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