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Droves of business owners, like you, are switching to Direction Local to manage their online presence. 

Our local SEO suit includes all of the tools needed to build an unstoppable online presence, and with no hidden fees.

For $60/month, you’ll have access to all of the features needed to improve local map rankings and reach more customers.

Yext Replacement Service
Rena MarquezRena Marquez
07:29 29 May 22
I’m the SEO Director at an agency with over 100+ local businesses under our management. We were working with Yext before we decided to explore our other options. After a few weeks of discussion (this is a big move), we decided to move forward with Direction Local for a variety of reasons, but the number one reason being that they are extremely responsive and supportive. We monitored any ranking changes for all of our clients via local falcon and noticed that after switching from Yext to Direction Local, the average rankings went up an average of 4 spots after about a month of monitoring and building out our clients profiles on the platform via the posting feature on Direction Local. If any agencies are looking to move here, I highly recommend it. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about it, I vouch for this company fully.
David WalkerDavid Walker
21:08 29 Apr 22
I started a pick-up & delivery dry-cleaning service in Atlanta 4 years ago. I have been using Direction Local for the past year, and we have seen tremendous growth in our local rankings since. I learned about this service after opening a second location across the city, and decided to give it a try since it was only $60 a month. Direction Local has proved to be instrumental in helping us reach new customers and increase brand awareness in both of our service areas. They have made it easier for customers to find and connect with my business online. I’d honestly be happy to pay in the hundreds for this service now that I’ve seen first-hand what it has done for my company!
Camille LoiaconoCamille Loiacono
15:31 13 Apr 22
We've been using Direction Local for little over a year now and we've seen amazing growth in our local rankings. We signed up when opening our third salon and it's been pivotal in helping us reach new customers and reinforce our brand presence in that area. Since signing up, every one of our locations is ranking #1 on Google for very important searches, like "Aveda salon near me."
Serge ParadisSerge Paradis
18:40 22 Mar 22
I signed my restaurant up on their platform Direction Local about a month ago and I’m already in the top 3 spots for over 20+ searches. My marketing department is tracking everything, and our reservations in the past month have increased by about 15%. Great tool - keep up the great work!
Elite Spartans StaffElite Spartans Staff
19:10 21 Oct 21
Since we signed up with our business has improved with more leads and more visibility online. They are very educational and patient with you and your business. They make it easy for you as a business owner and I'm glad we found them.Thank you direction.comAlex ZunigaCEO/Elite Spartans LLC
Myra FrancisMyra Francis
07:26 29 May 22 has quickly become our favorite agency to work with. They are very responsive, detail oriented and skilled at what they do - which is definitely helping make us successful! We feel confident knowing that if there ever arises any issues or concerns during our SEO campaign (which, considering the detail put into our 6-month strategies for a variety of our companies, shows how they are true experts, and know how to avoid problems) I know that their team will take care of everything. Plus, based off the company’s strong reputation within the SEO world, as well as personal relationships maintained over time between clients who have had fantastic experiences working together before, I know all of our companies are finally in the right hands. Thank you Ian and team!
21:07 29 Apr 22
Even though our internal sales team does a great job for us, I knew that I needed to grow my inbound lead efforts. After researching a number of different SEO agencies, I decided to give a try. Over the past 6 months, Direction has done an excellent job of helping me increase my brand awareness (based on Google Search Console Impressions Data) and generate new revenue (we have goal tracking setup already in Analytics). Their team is highly knowledgeable and professional, and they always go above and beyond to ensure that my needs are met. Whether it's developing a sound-proof strategy, designing new marketing content, or optimizing my overall digital marketing strategy, they have always delivered great results. Overall, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to improve their brand presence and connect with their target audience. Thanks team!
Chris KirkseyChris Kirksey
19:51 25 Apr 22

Why are customers cancelling their Yext subscription?

Yext talks a big game, but customers are saying their software doesn’t deliver the solutions they need to thrive online. These major pain points are too important to ignore when it’s your business on the line.

Padded Network Listings

Yext provides less value for the money you spend. Their directory network is padded with useless websites and directories that customers aren’t (and won’t) use.

Expensive Annual Fees

Yext owns your business listings and requires you to pay hundreds of dollars every year to keep your listings live. Essentially, locking you into a never-ending renting cycle.

Poor Customer Service

Yext has been hammered over their poor customer service. With low response times and unprofessional reps, you’re stuck addressing your problems with little to no assistance.

Here's what some Yext customers have to say about their experience.


Yext, the sad decline of a once great organization.

What do you dislike?
Yext use to be a wonderful company. I’ve have suggested Yext services to hundreds of clients over the past 10 years. Last year I became a Certified Partner with Yext. I noticed a few years ago that the levels of service were declining. Look at all the bad reviews growing quickly across the internet and you can see there is a major problem with Yext.


Good product spoiled by overly aggressive sales tactics.

What do you dislike?
Make no mistake, this is “rent a listing”. Unlike other vendors like Placeable and MomentFeed, they don’t lift a finger to help you clean your local data, so that the day you drop PowerListings your data reverts to whatever state it’s always been. Their salespeople have been trained to convince you this isn’t true. It is.


Don't use them. They will leave you stranded.

What do you dislike?
The lack of communication and assistance with the company. Once you purchase it’s like they just leave you stranded and hope for the best. They don’t care about your goals or long-term strategies as an agency.

Yext Alternative 1
Direction Local Logo

Make the Switch Today.

The Direction Local Advantage.

If you’re ready to put your Yext woes behind you, contact our team about cancelling your subscription and taking ownership of your online presence through Direction Local.

Every Direction Local subscription includes the following for only $60/month.

The Difference Between Yext and Direction Local
Yext Alternative 2

For Healthcare Providers, Switching From Yext is a No-Brainer.

With almost a dozen more healthcare directories than Yext and access to over 50,000,000 more people than Yext; it’s clearly time to make the right decision for your practice and switch today.

Healthcare Directory Monthly Visits (data from logo.png yext-logo
healthgrades-logo-new 16,000,000
Vitals Business Listing Medical Directory 3,200,000
webmd-logo 143,900,000
doctor-com-logo 729,500
caredash-logo 1,800,000
dentalplans-logo 829,700
docspot-logo 660,500 437,200
sharecare-health 5,500,000
bing-logo Health 1.3B
yp-logo Health 19,700,000
rate-md 1,900,000
nppes-logo 50,000
cured-logo 5,000
healthsoul-logo 94,100

Follow these steps to get started.

1. Cancel Your Yext Subscription

First off, cancel your Yext subscription and request them to release your listings immediately. 

2. Create a Direction Local account

3. Add your location data

Setup your location(s) and sync with our network. Your profile(s) will process and update in real-time.

4. Schedule a demo

Contact your customer support team to schedule a 15-min demo for a platform tutorial.

Yext Alternative FAQs

Unlike Yext, we don’t…

  • Overlook duplicate listing and inaccuracies. Our system runs regular data cleansing reports and eliminates duplicate listings, instead of simply suppressing them. Also, with advanced 2-way API synching, your business information will automatically be submitted across the web for perfect accuracy.
  • Create weak listing to bolster our network directories. Instead, we establish relationships to build our network leading to partnerships with the most powerful business directories on the web.

We create business profiles on 78 of the most powerful business directories, including, Google, Apple, Bing, FourSquare, TripAdvisor and more. We also offer custom solutions for hospitality businesses and medical practices, so you can connect with customers wherever they’re actively on the digital hunt for your services. 

As we establish new relationships with more powerful directories, we will automatically submit your information free of charge to ensure your online presence maintains a positive growth trajectory. 

API Syndication
API syndication allows you to sync data in real-time, while rapidly expanding your digital footprint across the local search ecosystem to reach hundreds of thousands of customers navigating directories, mobile apps, maps packs, and more.

APIs are much more powerful than data aggregators and greatly reduce room for inaccuracies. APIs also allow you to instantly communicate with your audience across all of your directories from a single dashboard, so you can post immediate updates, special hours, and trending information in minutes.

Duplicate Removal
Automatic data cleansing is crucial benefit for ensuring your business information is accurate across the web. Inaccuracies send negative signals to users and search engines, which can impact how customers find your business and you show up in search results. Removing any room for confusion helps to establish the healthiest local presence and strengthens your reputation online to great effect.

That is correct. Our subscriptions are all-inclusive and come as a white-glove service, pairing you with a dedicated SEO expert who will monitor and improve your account free of charge. 

At no point, will your monthly pricing increase, even when we acquire and submit your information to new directories.

All of our clients have login access to their account and locations to make changes and post updates in real-time. When you make changes, such as updating your hours or changing your address, this information will instantly be submitted for verification and updated immediately upon approval. 

You can also reach out to our team and schedule a call for hands-on assistance.

How do I cancel Yext?
You can cancel your Yext subscription from the Yext Account Settings page. The cancelation will prevent your subscription from renewing at the next billing period, so your listings with Yext will remain active up until that point.

How do I get Yext to release my listings?
It is best to contact Yext directly and request them to release your listings. To get the best from the Direction Local Replacement Service it is advisable to get confirmation that your listings have been fully released before you begin migrating.

When should I cancel Yext?
We advise canceling your Yext subscription, and get your listings released, 1 month prior to starting the Direction Local Replacement service. This will ensure there are no listings that are still locked/unreleased by Yext.

What will happen to my listings when I cancel?
When you have canceled your Yext Subscription some of your listings will remain, some will disappear entirely, and others will revert back to their pre-Yext state — which could contain outdated and/or incorrect information. The Direction Local Replacement Service will then ensure any inconsistencies are fully remedied, duplicate listings are removed, and you will get to build missing citations on key sites, as well as important, niche, industry ones — all of which you will now permanently own.

Yext Company FAQ

Yext is actually a highly advanced AI-driven platform that offers five key services to business clients:

  • eCommerce solutions to increase discovery and conversion
  • Lead-generation solutions
  • Organic-search digital marketing solutions
  • Streamlined self-serve customer support
  • Internal workplace support software

Most of Yext’s technology gives leaders tools to readily and easily update information for anyone who needs it.

Yext keeps businesses’ digital footprint up-to-date and trustworthy by automating information updates- so you don’t have to. 

Yext was first founded in 2006 by Howard Lerman.

Yext’s essential product is the Yext Knowledge Engine, an AI that empowers businesses to give internet searchers accurate information—and to update multiple repositories of business information at once. 

So the saying goes, the third time’s a charm, and Yext is Howard Lerman’s third digital company. It grew from a company Lerman started in 2005: was a lead-generation service, initially solely for gyms. However, the centerpiece of the service was the website, which directed people to nearby gyms. was so successful that Lerman could sign over 3000 gyms up for the listing in a year. He quickly expanded the lead-generation service to other types of small businesses.

By 2006, Lerman envisioned the company as the next generation of Yellow Pages. From there, the name “Yext” was born.

Renaming the lead generation company wasn’t what turned Yext into a lead-generation empire. That happened in 2011.

By then, Lerman began to notice his business clients had stressful problems that sometimes hampered their online marketing efforts. The problem stemmed from keeping tabs on all of the multiple listings and profiles on different platforms.

Companies often learned that their online information was out-of-date only when customers called to complain. Lerman realized a streamlined listing-update service would be incredibly valuable.

Soon, Lerman developed a software product called Powerlistings. Powerlistings used AI technology to update several listings on different sites and platforms, all from a single control deck: the Yext Knowledge Engine. Robots are so cool.

Powerlistings and the Yext Knowledge Engine rocketed the brand to the top. Among digital marketing brands, Yext developed a reputation for being the best.