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Location data input

Learn about Data Input format and type for Locations Introduction This article explains the data type and format for Location data. This includes Location and Content List data. The article is limited to the data format and types of data fields in the import/export file. Scope Direction Local has a set of rules that limit …

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Excel Import Tips and Tricks

Zip Code Format Sometimes when you import data, the ZIP codes that start with 0 get automatically removed. This can cause errors in your data. To make sure this doesn’t happen, select the ZIP column and then choose the “TEXT” format. This will make sure that all of the data in the ZIP code stays …

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How are ‘Service Areas’ used?

The service area is for businesses that visit or deliver to customers in their local area. This includes: businesses that don’t have a storefront, like plumbers, private lessons or cleaning services; businesses that have a storefront and also visit or deliver to customers, like restaurants that deliver food. If your business serves customers within a …

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How can I reactivate a location?

We can reactivate an inactive or cancelled location, but not permanently closed one. You can easily reactivate a location after it has been deactivated or cancelled. If you want to reactivate one location that has been cancelled or deactivated: Sign in to the platform In the menu of the left, click on Locations Select and click …

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