Social Media Management

Having active social media accounts across all popular platforms is critical in 2018. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others offer business owners a powerful edge when leveraged properly.... View More →

6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Fuel Growth in 2018

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How Your Business Should Adapt to the Facebook Algorithm Update

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5 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Be Mobile Friendly

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8 Must-Haves for Your New Website in 2018

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Direction, Inc. – A 5-star Agency on Clutch!

At Direction, Inc, our motto is helping clients not just to market their services, but to dominate their market. We’ve tailored our suite of solutions to guide small and mid-size companies to success... View More →

How to Craft The Perfect SEO Project Outline

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How To Utilize Social Media to Gain Conversions in 2018

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Social Media Study

social media platforms are growing faster than ever. But which ones are worth your time? Social media is a cornerstone of modern marketing. “Even though social platforms have a significant impact on ... View More →

6 Essential Qualities of Great Web Design

When putting together a website for a small business, people often difficult find it difficult to justify hiring a web designer. Since budgets for start-ups are generally on the lower end, most owners... View More →

The 7 Secrets to Social Media Management

Social media marketing (sometimes abbreviated as SMM) refers to the utilizing of social media platforms to drive a community to action and increases traffic to a business. Anyone can blast information... View More →

6 Ways To Market Your Brand Online

Businesses, by their very definition, exist to provide a product or service. If you can’t reflect this online, your business is at risk, and your competition is grinning.... View More →

5 Content Marketing Myths (and a 2018 strategy roadmap)

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An Interns Experience at Direction Inc.

As the 2 & ½ week point rapidly approaches, it becomes increasingly astounding to me that I have only been interning with Direction Inc. for such a brief amount of time. The sheer quantity...... View More →

5 Examples Of Great Story-Led Marketing Campaigns

The Native Americans knew that you need more than stats and facts to win people over. Marketing is no exception, and it’s for this reason that the most effective campaigns employ storytelling to win... View More →

Red Bull Through the Lens of Instagram

Creative Marketing: Red Bull Through the Lens of Instagram. Red Bull is hands-down one of the most inspiring companies in terms of content marketing. Let’s dive into why that is, starting with their... View More →

Website Direction for 2018

Is Your Website Headed in the Right Direction for 2018? 3 Reasons It’s Not When was the last time you took a thorough look at your website? Maybe it perfectly suited your goals at one point in time... View More →

PPC & SEO: How They Work Well Together

It’s a question that’s asked frequently but seldom is there a simple answer. The popular response seems to be going line by line through your goals, budget, and needs. But, there’s a different... View More →