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SEO is a worthy investment if you’re serious about your business and its success. The world is becoming increasingly digital. Nobody is looking for businesses in the Yellowpages anymore. If you’d like to maximize your business’ exposure and increase your traffic, SEO is the right service for your business.

As potential clients of yours are searching for your business, make sure that your business isn’t tossed to the wayside by search engines. Be the top ranking result so people can be exposed to your service.

Direction Inc. can make sure that search engines rank your website and outrank your local competitors! We want to make it near impossible for your clients to ignore you.

When you hire our team, your business’ success is just as important to us as it is to you. Your success is our success.

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Reduce Advertising Costs

Today, businesses spend thousands, even millions of dollars on advertising.

However, most of the leads and conversions businesses deal with today are coming through organic rankings on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO can permanently convert your online website into a lead-generating machine so you can significantly reduce the amount your spending on advertising.

Just last year, data has shown that organic search rankings account for an immense 60.4% of click-through-rates as opposed to paid advertising which accounted for only a disappointing 6.0% of search engine clicks.

Although companies spend large amounts of money on paid advertising, the majority of the people searching are not even looking at the advertisements and they’re going right to the organic rankings.

Through SEO, your organic rankings can have the potential to achieve your advertising goals at a fraction of the cost!

These days, we're flying more blind than ever

Awards & Reconition

Year after year, Direction Inc has been recognized as one of the top marketing companies by some of the largest brands worldwide.

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Top SEO Agencies in 2019


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Top 30 Digital Agencies Worldwide

Yahoo Finance Award 2019

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Google Partner

Google Partner Since 2017

SEO Results Award

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Washington DC


Scalable SEO Services For Your Business in Fairfax

More leads, calls, conversions and sales.

  • Creating valuable blog posts & landing pages that your users can easily navigate to
  • Ensure relevant keywords are included in your site’s content to increase rankings
  • Developing & designing your site to improve user interface & experience
  • Increase user activity and increase the time spent on your website
  • Decrease in your overall bounce rate
  • And so much more...

Invest in Your Growth

SEO is an investment. With any investment, there can be questions and doubts about whether or not the return on investment will yield positive results. We understand. You don’t need to expense a huge portion of your company budget. We work with a wide range of businesses including small, local companies to large-scale corporations. Direction Inc. has different SEO packages for all types of businesses and their respective budgets including Intro, The Impact, High Impact, and Market Domination.

Carissa Barry
Carissa BarryOwner, Daro Management Services, LLC, Washington, DC
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real estate marketing happy client review

After engaging with Direction, Inc., organic traffic, conversion rates, and closing numbers have quickly and dramatically increased. Their team meticulously organizes projects and immediately responds to requests. They offer more comprehensive services than any comparable agency. Me and my team are still a customer today, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to keep on keeping on. Thank you Chris and the team.
Nicholas Stafford
Nicholas StaffordCOO, SADOS - McLean, VA
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happy seo client review

What's left to be said about how satisfied we are thus far with Direction? As an IT company, it's commonly understated how fierce the industry can be - competition bursts at the seams in every direction we look. It's reassuring to know I've got a team I can trust - to analyze, defend, and optimize my web presence. We've gained insight I never thought possible, and I'm a web developer by career choice myself. Me and my team are still a customer today, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to keep on keeping on. Thank you Chris and the team.
Dr. Evan Lichtenauer
Dr. Evan LichtenauerEmpower Chiropractic - Fairfax, VA
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client review

Chris and his team are the best in the business. Very knowledgeable, professional, and experts in their field. We trust Direction inc to handle our SEO and digital marketing needs and have seen nothing but incredible success so far. Highly recommend

We succeed when our clients succeed.

There are many steps needed to be completed in order to start and succeed as a business in Northern Virginia. With Maryland and Washington DC right around the corner, It’s a place of fierce competition.
As the world is becoming more and more digital and online businesses are thriving, having an SEO strategy along with your business strategy is just as important as any other items on the checklist.
If your business is in Fairfax and you’d like to take it to new heights, get in touch with us to see which SEO package is right for you!

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