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Business Listing Accuracy

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How to Understand Your Local SEO Audit

Inaccurate NAP

If your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are inconsistent, customers are having trouble finding and contacting your business.

Missing Website

If your website is missing on your local citations then customers can’t navigate to your site, and search engines won’t rank you properly. 

Missing Directory

If you’re not listed on all of the directories in the Direction Local network, then you’re missing out on customers who use those sites to find local businesses.

How to Quickly Fix Your Local SEO

If your online presence check showed that you have missing or inaccurate information then it’s best to fix those issues before you lose out on more potential customers.

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Helen Olivia Local Rankings Before and After
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Tired of using multiple platforms to engage your customer base?

Direction Local rolls all of your local marketing needs into one user-friendly dashboard.

Respond to reviews, engage your audience on Facebook and Google instant messaging, and share social media content all from your central dashboard.

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More Direction Local Features & Benefits

Direction local offers local SEO solutions for local businesses, and niche solutions for the hospitality industry and medical practices.

With these solutions come substantial benefits, including:

  • A boost in search engine rankings—including voice search and local search results
  • Enhanced profiles on over 25 map apps—including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze & more
  • Easier customer acquisition (draw qualified leads right to your door!)
  • Improved brand reputation 
  • Increased profits from your online presence alone
  • Automated listing checks, duplicate cleansing
direction local rankings dashboard example
Local SEO Audit & Online Presence Check 2

But it doesn’t end there, here are even more of some of the awesome features:

  • Automated listing creation
  • All-in-one review management dashboard
  • One-step publishing for business updates
  • Custom SEO reporting and analysis
  • Real-time syncing and profile updates
  • Voice search activation across multiple systems
  • Niche directory submission
  • 2-Way API syndication
  • Guided setup and installation

*Direction Local is a flagship solution from, a company with decades of SEO expertise.

Frequently Asked Local SEO Questions & Answers

A local SEO audit is an analysis of your name, address, and phone number (NAP) - and its accuracy across the internet, therefore affecting your Google Business Profiles (GBPs) ability to rank in local search results. There are a number of factors that go into local SEO, including your NAP (name, address, and phone number) information, reviews, citations (online business profiles), backlinks, and more. A local SEO audit will take all of these factors into account and give you a report on where your online presence stands and what needs to be improved.

It's crucial for local SEO to ensure that all of your business data is consistent everywhere your business is listed online. But the benefits go beyond just ranking locally. It also helps avoid confusion when your information is consistent. When potential and even current customers are looking up information about your business and there is no misleading information, you can build stronger relationships with your audience.

Data reveals that more and more people are using voice search to find what they need. We ensure that your listings are voice-search optimized across the board with all of our packages. This includes Alexa, Siri, Google and more!  voice search for local SEO

Once you login to your Google Business Profile (GBP), your Facebook Business account, Yelp profile and Trustpilot profile - you'll experience all the great features of this local SEO software!

local business profile connectors

Once you sign up and enter your business information, most all of your locations and directories are updated instantly, in real-time. Some may need to be manually claimed first though, and, in some cases, there are a few sites that may take a few months to fully update. local business listing fixes

Through both a direct and extended network, Direction Local will submit your business information across all over 100+ online directories, including social media, navigation apps, publishers, and more, which will save you countless hours with each business update.

It's important to have a website, especially one that's properly optimized for search. And if you're a local business, it's absolutely critical to have a Google Business Profile, at the very least. So, yes, you can still win in local SEO with the map results even if you don't have a website. But it's a whole lot easier to do so if you have one, especially depending on your niche and competition.

We've never seen a case where someone signed up that didn't rank higher in local map searches for a variety of keywords after the first 3 months. This is because the more consistent your business information is, the more likely you will appear in Google Maps for your target keyword phrases. Accurate and consistent business information across major business directories and online profiles generally leads to better rankings. The more consistent your data is, the more Google and other search engines trust you.

Yes, once you connect your Facebook account and Google My Business page, you will be able to schedule and post articles to each of those platforms from a centralized location.

Direction Local makes updating your business information a breeze. Just update the information field that changed. Direction Local will automatically sync the new data across each of the directories, saving you from having to update them individually.

Yes! Once you connect your Google My Business page to Direction Local, you’ll be able to respond to reviews directly through the platform.

Yes, of course! Be sure to set aside several hours, perhaps days, and make sure you have all 50 usernames and passwords handy. Be prepared to do it all over again whenever you want to update your business information. Or you can have one central hub to update every listing, ultimately saving you time and guaranteeing all of your company information is synchronized across the internet.

Some listing directories (Google My Business, for example) allow users to edit listings directly through their website. However, prior edits will be overwritten by the new edits once you connect the listing to our system. Therefore, to ensure consistency in business information across all directories, we recommend making any and all changes through Direction Local once you’re signed up (pro tip: it’s easier that way too).

Setup is fast and easy.  We have an easy to walk through platform that allows you to navigate from one section to the next.  Feel free to reach out to support to answer any questions you may have.

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