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Alexandria, Virginia is a prime location along the Beltway to establish a business. With easy connection to the entire east coast, business owners have an incredible opportunity to serve customers located directly in their community and throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan area. There’s a lot of profit to be made by providing a fulfilling shopping experience to the 159k Alexandria residents, and some 629k people living in Washington DC. With more opportunity, however, comes more competition. 

If your brand is not distinguished online, carving out a considerable piece of market value may seem like a longshot. That’s where Direction comes in. Using a proven, full-service approach to search engine optimization, we drive high volumes of organic website traffic with the sole focus of increasing monthly sales leads and customer retention. With an inbound marketing strategy curated by Direction, you’ll be able to better position your business to achieve the successes you’ve been working toward your whole life.

Local SEO Software

Dominating every corner of your local market is the first step in guaranteeing a strong SEO presence nationwide. Direction Local, our powerful local SEO software, provides near immediate gains in local exposure by placing your business at the top of Google’s map pack and submitting your business info to relevant directories that are key for driving customers to your business.

Alexandria SEO Services

Your dedicated team of SEOs will ensure your most profitable web pages rank at the top of SERPs by using a full-service SEO approach that meets all search engine ranking factors. Through custom SEO strategies and thorough research into the current market landscape, we deploy tactics that create powerful digital signals key for reaching customers throughout the Beltway.

Transform Your Online Presence with Direction Local

There is a common myth that ROI with search engine optimization takes a long time. That may be the case with some agencies, but not with Direction. 

Using our incredibly powerful reputation management software, we provide fast SEO gains at only $60/month. 

Direction Local is an absolute must regardless of your business size, industry, or other marketing strategies. With Direction Local, you’ll experience increased local exposure through directory acquisition, a stronger digital presence through seamless review management, and show up in search results from the most commonly used voice search software.

The Direction Local Advantage

If you’ve heard of Yext or Synup, then you know that local SEO software is making waves throughout the digital marketing community. But where these software companies advertise quantity of directories, we promise quality—which, surprisingly, means you have access to more people than what their platforms provide! 

Okay. How?

Direction Local curates relationships with leading business directories, like Yelp,, Foursqurare, and Google, to ensure our clients are properly represented online. We use APIs, allowing for immediate syndication, and have a proven system for eliminating listing duplicates (which is huge). This and more, allows you to communicate directly with customers in your area, sharing important insights and answers that will encourage them to contact your business.

You don’t need to commit to an SEO campaign to sign up for Direction Local. And there’s no downside to giving our software a trial run since we don’t revert your business information upon cancellation of our services, unlike Yext and Synup. All you need is a Google My Business listing to start profiting from local customers who are looking for your products and services.

Search Engine Optimization for Market Domination

We specialize in SEO. That’s what we do. Our team is made up of experts and our core focus is driving massive amounts of organic website traffic to businesses, transforming their digital footprint into a consistent lead generation machine.

If you’ve been struggling to find and SEO agency that meets your needs, ask yourself this: “Do I want to work with a firm that treats SEO as an afterthought, or one that will invest all of their time and expertise  to ensure my business grows organically online?”

Alexandria SEO Services

The Direction SEO Guarantee

  1. We guarantee that your business will receive higher volumes of organic traffic.
  2. We guarantee an increase in sales leads—and the quality of leads coming in.
  3. We guarantee stronger domain authority and better customer acquisition touchpoints.
  4. We guarantee your business website will perform better in the SERPs, reaching customers wherever they’re searching for your products or services.
  5. We guarantee to provide you with a highly experienced and responsive team who will execute powerful SEO and offer professional marketing insight to help take your business to the next level.


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