Bogart Wealth Advisory Firm

Branding, WordPress Design & Development, and SEO for an Established Wealth Advisory Firm

The Story of Bogart Wealth

Bogart Wealth is an established wealth advisory firm specializing in financial planning, investment management, and tax optimization to promote inter-generational wealth. They have a longstanding reputation in their industry and have developed a cooperative culture which has enabled them to scale considerably since their inception.

Bogart Wealth approached us to modernize their brand identity and consolidate their new persona across all of their communication channels. We had the pleasure of designing a modern logo and brand bible for Bogart Wealth, using their new branding to design and develop a custom WordPress website, which became the foundation to a comprehensive SEO campaign to improve visibility across all search engines.

The Challenge

Bogart Wealth is a seasoned firm with a well-regarded reputation. As they advanced further into the digital age, they understood that they were due for a branding facelift to better showcase their reputation. They had an understanding that their digital presence was not where it should be. They were ready to scale their rankings on search engines. 

In addition to Bogart Wealth’s branding troubles, their website was outdated. This posed certain issues – most notably, the ability to compile and organize important user data. They were also suffering from a lack of online visibility as a result, which reduced website traffic and, ultimately, the ability to attract new clientele. 

The Solution

From a design standpoint, we used their updated branding derived from their new logo to determine a color palette for the site. From there, we conducted thorough industry research to identify how their competitors were engaging users, adopting certain strategies to refine their site structure based on consumer expectations. We studied the devices that their target demographics were most often using when searching relevant keywords to create accurate and responsive web designs for mobile and tablet. We then designed their web pages in a way that was unique to their brand and attractive to their target demographic. 

From a UX perspective, we implemented a seamless flow of information designed to inform potential leads, build authority online, and drive conversions. With improved SEO Web Design in tow, we were ready to add a catalog of high value SEO content.

SEO Strategy

“I literally can’t get enough wheelbarrows to get the gold out of this site.” – James Bogart

After site launch, we executed a detailed SEO strategy to promote visibility on search engines and drive lead generation in Bogart Wealth’s strongest markets. We wrote original content that was attention-grabbing and structured to guide users to pivotal action points. We also executed a cohesive back link strategy that called for establishing relationships with powerful, industry-related websites who were keen on publishing their content. This, ultimately, placed our content in front of more users and increased domain authority for related keywords. With fresh content in place, we implemented new conversions funnels that inspired users to take action, ultimately resulting in a massive influx in lead generation, domain authority, and sales.

The Impact

The result or our three-pronged approach – branding, SEO website design & development, and Search Engine Optimization – was a beautifully functioning website supported by engaging content and a strong brand identity. On the frontend, we designed a cohesive, user-friendly sitemap that improved the overall experience, thus promoting return visits and stimulating Bogart Wealth’s digital presence. Their improved site architecture allowed for better indexing, which was a key factor in being discoverable across multiple search engines.  On the backend, we constructed data gathering points, so Bogart Wealth’s sales team could extract important user data and use those insights to appeal to users at varying stages of their buying journeys, ultimately bolstering overall conversions. Though our SEO strategy delivered immediate, profitable results, perhaps the most important outcome was the significant rise in Bogart Wealth’s online rankings, which has positioned their firm to continue scaling, while reducing the legwork of writing and publishing content to keep their brand at the forefront.

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