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B2B SEO & Web Design for a Big Data Startup

The Story of Sayari

Sayari is a data intelligence company dedicated to increasing corporate transparency in high-risk places, supporting critical national security mission sets, and fighting financial crime. They’ve created a database of information that contains legal and corporate documents from difficult to access places.

Sayari had a website that we were powering with an SEO campaign, but they were looking to eventually restructure the entire site in order to make it more SEO- and user-friendly.

The Challenge

Sayari already had a website when they came to us, along with a very strong brand guide. Our challenge this time was not creating something from scratch, but creating something that followed their rules and was an extension of their brand. Additionally, they had tens of thousands of database pages that needed to be ported over from their old WordPress environment, restyled, SEO-optimized, and fit into the structure of their new website.

The Solution

Before we began, we had several calls with their marketing director in order to clarify his structural vision for the website. The core of this project was not a design overhaul, but a structural overhaul and a major SEO cleanup. Once we were certain that we were on the same page about the sitemap, the build-out began.

Over the course of the build we collaborated with their marketing team to ensure that we were using the correct graphics and fonts. They had many existing illustrations that we needed to place in the new site, and we also created some new visual material to further enhance the look and feel of their brand.

We also worked tirelessly to ensure that the pages were SEO-optimized — all 43,000 of them.

responsive website design for Sayari

The Impact

The result of our hard work was a brand-new site structure with a scalable foundation and a strong base of information. The site is now much easier to navigate and rank with the new edits, and Sayari is already seeing improvements in their visibility.
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