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How do I set permissions for individual users?

How do I set permissions for individual users?

Role-Based Access Control

If many people in your company need to use our platform, we recommend that you create separate accounts for each person, depending on what they need to do. This is a security best practice. With role-based access control, different members of the same team or department can be assigned only the features they need to do their job. They will see different parts of the user interface based on their access level.

To learn more about creating a new user, refer to the following article.

Access Control Dimensions

There are currently two dimensions to access control: user roles and user capabilities.

User Roles

We currently offer 4 user profiles:

  1. Administrator: admins have full rights and can manage all current and future accounts for sites added to Direction Local.
  2. Multi-Account Manager: multi-account managers can manage all of the accounts assigned to them, including all establishment. They can also add new accounts.
  3. Account Manager: account managers can manage all accounts assigned to them. They cannot create new accounts.
  4. Facility Manager: facility managers can manage all facilities assigned to them. They cannot add new locations. 

User Features

There are currently 6 main functionalities corresponding to the different products and actions:

  1. Establishment Profile and Directories: this functionality is linked to the display or management of the establishment’s profile and offers synchronization on directories and access to profile suggestions. Users can have read-only rights (for all profile fields) and/or edit rights (per field). These are segmented into:
    • Edit, Sync: this feature allows users to manage institution profiles and directories, including syncing across directories and accessing profile suggestions. here, it is possible to select the fields that a user can modify. 
    • Duplicate Removal: this feature allows users to access deleted duplicate data in directories (widget on dashboard).
    • Location Status Change: this feature allows users to change the contract status of locations (cancel, close, deactivate, or reactivate locations).
  2. Customer Feedback: this feature lets you see customer feedback and the data associated with it. You can see this information on the global and individual property dashboards, as well as in the property list.
  3. Publication: allows users to manage publications relating to establishments in directories.
  4. Returns: allows users to access facility tracking data in directories. In the app, this actually corresponds to Google and Facebook reviews on the dashboards.
  5. Modify User’s Personal Information: allows users to modify their personal informations (first name, last name, email address, password).
  6. Plan Upgrade and Downgrade: allows users to perform the action of changing the product plan for a given account or location. 

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