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More than half of the world’s population uses search engines to make informed purchasing decisions. Not only are they looking for insightful content that solves their problems, they’re also looking for user signals shared by real people to confirm their decision making.

This matrix poses a unique and formidable challenge to business owners who want to thrive online. Not only do they need to strategize ways to get their website found, they also need to establish fluent lines of communication between their brand and audience.

Digital marketers apply varying tactics to solve this puzzle, such as social media marketing, pay per click, email marketing, and so on. But these strategies don’t guarantee results and are costly to maintain. 

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We provide a more confident approach for our clients; one that delivers high organic ranking results and creates strong lines of communication with new and recurring customers. Our processes have been tested and perfected over years of working in search engine optimization and, in that time, we’ve become masters at delivering consistent and constant results for our client: increased profits and proof of ROI.


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Every Direction Client Benefits From Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a technical marketing discipline that gets websites found online. And there’s no agency better at producing profitable results than Direction. Our strategies are custom-made and multi-faceted to meet all significant ranking factors, positioning our clients websites to generate high volumes of sales leads. With Direction, your digital marketing needs are consolidated into a single service supported by our powerful software, Direction Local, so you can accurately gauge return on investment and track organic ranking improvements. 

Targeted Traffic

More targeted traffic means more leads and more sales – It’s that simple. We start each campaign researching your market and competitors to devise a strategy and roadmap designed to reach customers at every stage of their shopping journey. 

Lead Tracking

Zero-in on all aspects of your marketing with built-in analytics and lead tracking. Every month, our team leverages critical insights to further optimize your website for conversions while drastically cutting your cost per lead.

Authority Building

Show Google you’re a relevant, reputable business. Build trust by transforming your website into what users are looking for. Establish credibility through exposure on high-authority, industry related websites and mentions from news sources. It’s time you show Google that you’re a high-quality, reputable, relevant business that has what people are searching for. Discover the benefit of Google rewarding your company for that effort by placing you at the top of the results when people search for what you offer.

Local SEO Software

Remember that businesses need to establish fluent lines of communication with their audience to fully benefit from SEO. Well, Direction Local is the all-in-one solution for achieving that goal.

Direction Local is our powerful reputation management software that improves local visibility through business listing acquisition and customer satisfaction monitoring. 

By consolidating all of your business information on a central dashboard, we’re able to remove duplicate listings and sync your information across the internet to ensure a great customer experience. 

Direction Local Listing Citations

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Bring all guns on deck and begin dominating your market. The competition in your industry is fierce, and you want whatever it takes to be on top. Turn your business into a sales magnet with Direction Inc. on your side.

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