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Get a winning organic search strategy complete with a campaign tracking dashboard to measure your campaign ROI in real-time.

People Are Searching For Your Business

Are you making it easy for them?

It’s no secret that Google has fundamentally changed the way people find and choose companies to do business with.

In the time it took you to read this, more than 100,000 Google searches were made.

If you aren’t ranking on the first page of Google for terms related to your business, you’re missing out on a ton of traffic. Even worse, all that traffic is going straight to your competitors who do. It’s time you invest in SEO.

Targeted Traffic

More targeted traffic means more leads and more sales – It’s that simple. What that means for you varies from person to person. Some of our clients use the boost in sales to grow their business, opening new locations and hiring more employees.

Lead Tracking

Zero-in on all aspects of your marketing with built-in analytics and lead tracking, thus leveraging critical insights into your target audience, while optimizing your website for conversions and drastically cutting your cost per lead.

Authority Building

Show Google you’re a relevant, reputable business. Build trust by transforming your website into what users are looking for. Establish credibility through exposure on high-authority, industry related websites and mentions from news sources. It’s time you show Google that you’re a high-quality, reputable, relevant business that has what people are searching for. Discover the benefit of Google rewarding your company for that effort by placing you at the top of the results when people search for what you offer.

Local SEO Strategy

Reach the most qualified customers in your area with a campaign that leverages local behavior and ranks for high-volume keywords your customers actually search.

Link Building & Content

Custom content produced by our expert writing team will lay the foundation for a highly effective link building campaign that will make your name an authority in the field.

Local SEO Software

Our strategies include Direction Local, our leading local SEO software that improves online visibility while leveraging the most powerful business directories.

Custom Website Design

With a fast, user-friendly and mobile responsive website, we will help you convert a significant percentage of leads from all that amazing website traffic we’ve earned.

Optimized Lead Gen

Our first KPI is increasing your website traffic by earning top rankings on SERPs; our second KPI is creating conversion funnels that turn website leads into paying customers.

Data-Driven Scaling

Through lead tracking assurance and a comprehensive library of data mapping tools, our SEO analysts will ensure your campaign scales upon every success.

SEO Services San Jose

SEO Strategies are our Roadmap to Success

Strategy development is one of those things that many SEOs and Digital Marketers claim to know, but few actually execute to generate profitable results. For us, it all boils down to reading the right data, connecting the dots, and developing a roadmap marked by KPI checkpoints. Though the road we forge is unique for every client, these ingredients have proven to win high volumes of organic traffic while generating substantial (and quality) leads. 

There is no “one size fits all” solution to Local SEO. The landscape in which you are competing is ever changing, and different for each business and industry. You need a team in your corner who can do the research, analyze your current digital marketing ecosystem, and apply strong techniques that will outperform your competitors where it matters — and right now, your own backyard is where it matters most. 

"The only thing better than dominating SERPs, is dominating every corner of your local market."

With local searches constantly on the rise, every business must do what it takes to reach their local customers where they’re searching for your services. If you want to dominate regional and national SERPs too, then we have your back, but if you aren’t thinking local first, then you’re opening the door to your competitors.

We find that the benefits of local SEO far outweigh any other form of digital marketing in terms of building great standing with your most immediate audience and setting your business up for some serious long term gains. In a nutshell, local SEO is the constant improvement of your business’ authority, reputation, trust, and exposure. Once you succeed in achieving this, there’s no market you can’t tap into.

Using Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis as Building Blocks

Do you know what customers are searching to find your services? More importantly, do you know what your website currently ranks for, and what your competitors ranks for?

Clearly, compiling the baseline data is the first step in developing an effective SEO campaign. So, this is where we start.

Before a single piece of content is developed, our SEO experts study search behavior in San Jose and Silicon Valley for your industry, identifying the most qualified keyword clusters with high traffic volume to create an organic lead generation funnel that will appeal to your customers at each stage of their buying journey. 

Then we look to your competitors, dissecting their digital presence to reverse engineer a strategy that will outperform them in a matter of weeks. To complete our keyword coverage and ensure your business is top-of-mind to your market, we make sure to own the top positions for your branded keywords (while hijacking branded traffic from your competitors). 

Using keyword research and competitive analysis

We plan out months in advance, following our roadmap to success, to determine which pages on your website show the greatest conversion potential. Then we optimize these pages with improved copywriting and page design while producing supporting content that leads users to invaluable touchpoints. This is our baseline. And it’s only half of the equation. 

The second half — and one of the most effective parts of our content strategy — is link building, which many Digital Marketers and SEOs fail to maintain due to time commitment and demand. But this is so important (seriously, we can’t state that enough)! Without proper link building going into your SEO campaign, you’ll never create a digital ecosystem that converts, and often. So, this is an area we carefully monitor and pour many resources into. 

Internal Linking & Backlinks

Every SEO campaign at Direction includes two types of link building strategies: internal linking and backlinks. 

Internal links create highways between your web pages that improve user experience (UX) and teach search engines what your power pages are. These inter-linked pathways are the best way to create relationships in your content, and play a major role in ranking for keyword clusters essential for business growth.  

Backlinks act as votes for your website. They’re signals that teach search engines that the content on your website is valuable to users, because another website is willing to direct their users to your website. This is perhaps the most effective practice in building domain authority. And also acts as an added avenue for increasing organic website traffic!

It’s no surprise that Google places a lot of emphasis on quality backlinks, using these referrals as a major ranking factor. Again, this isn’t an area of SEO that you can leave out.  

Every month, we invest our time to acquire you backlinks from authoritative and relevant domains. We grade the quality of these sites on a strict set of criteria pulled from leading SEO tools. As we develop your backlink portfolio over the course of a few months, you’ll see a major increase in rankings, authority, and quality website traffic. 

SEO Link Building Strategies for San Jose Busineses

Direction Local

Think about all of the resources consumers have at their disposal when shopping online for services in your area. Yelp, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Apple Maps, Waze... you get the point.

All of these apps direct users to your business, or to your competitors. And every shopper has a preference on which ones they use, and which ones they trust most. Surely, from a business perspective, you’d want to be featured on every single one of these directories. 

Just a few years ago, creating and maintaining this type of exposure cost countless hours and required an eye for consistency. Today, with Direction Local, we can do this is a matter of hours.

"People aren't simply shopping for services online. They're shopping for brands they can trust."

With most every business fighting for online retail in their city and state, it can be a challenge breaking away from the pack. But it’s actually very doable. Direction Local turns exposure, reputation, and time in your favor.

Our local SEO software consolidates your business information on the most popular business directories from one easy to use dashboard. With auto-syncing and data aggregators working around the clock, your local citations will remain consistent and effective lead generators. In addition to improving the number of calls, maps views, foot traffic, and website traffic, Direction Local is also a powerful reputation management tool, leading to more reviews and a stronger brand identity. 

So, then… What does your business’ local exposure actually look like? It’s free to check: 

Are your online business listings accurate?

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Boost Your Local Presence with Direction Local

With our local SEO software in your marketing toolkit, you can dominate local SERPs, Google’s 3-Pack and popular business directories.

But… we get it — running a business is an all day, every day endeavor. However, managing your online reputation is critical for attracting new leads and growing your business in the digital age, so it’s not something you can simply brush under the rug. That doesn’t mean it needs to be time consuming.

Unlike other local SEO software providers that leave customers to set up their listings themselves, ours is a white glove service with support from our expert team of SEOs

In a matter of weeks, we will:

Custom SEO Website Designs in San Jose

SEO-Powered Website Design & Development

Your website is your most accessible storefront. Period. It doesn’t matter if the majority of your sales revenue occurs online or in-store. 9 times out of 10, your customer’s shopping journey starts in the SERPs. And your website is the first impression they receive about your business.

It’s clear that search engine optimization and website development are inseparable. To generate the best results in one, you need to invest in the other. But… hiring an in-house developer or contractor along with an SEO agency can be both costly and difficult to manage. Especially when you’re running a business full time. So, we remove this from the equation by including expert web design and development in every SEO campaign we launch. 

The Art of Optimizing Your Digital Storefront

With so many successful campaigns under our belt, we know what users come to expect when visiting a business’s website and have mastered various tactics that will make crucial touch points significant lead generation tools. 

At the start of your SEO campaign, we analyze your business’s current site structure and experience the sales funnel through the eyes of the consumer. If there are barriers preventing conversions, we correct them; if there are areas performing well, we improve them and apply similar functionality to other power pages. 

From here, we monitor the website’s core vitals, ensuring site speed is optimized, responsive designs are implemented sitewide, conversion points are effective, accessibility compliance is in place, and your power pages are receiving the exposure they need. 

With a healthier web foundation in place, an SEO campaign will become a formidable force that outranks yours competitors and attracts droves of new website visitors. 

Wordpress Design and Development in San Jose

Take Command of Your Online Presence & Dominate Your Market

We offer business owners in San Jose the opportunity to have their own team of experienced web designers & developers, SEOs, writers, and online marketing strategists to fine-tune their website to appear front and center when people are on the digital hunt for their products or services.

Whether it’s an existing website or we’re building a brand-new one, we’ll comb through it from top to bottom to ensure that every detail is optimized for search engine visibility and performance.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimized Lead generation for Constant Growth

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of reading qualitative and quantitative data to determine how users are interacting with your website content and how they feel about your business. Though this is one of the more demanding aspects of SEO — requiring a scientific approach to data interpretation — it promises the greatest potential of reaching campaign benchmarks. 

How Conversion Rate Optimization Works

As your campaign progresses and website traffic increases, we’ll have access to data that will show our SEO team rooms for improvement. Ultimately, the chief principle of CRO is to remove barriers preventing users from taking action, while establishing a more cohesive sales funnel. 

We want to capitalize on all micro and macro conversions currently in place, which both contribute to your overall business goals. For instance, if we are seeing increases in traffic to a particular landing page, but low conversions on that page, it is possible that the referral source — Google, Social Media, Bing, etc. — was “misleading,” or the page didn’t deliver on expected value. Therefore, we study the SERP features for that page and gauge on-page usability to create conversion channels that promote lead generation. 

CRO is time intensive and requires analysis of most every web page — especially power pages — but will take your SEO campaign to new heights. If you’re interested in learning more about improving conversion rate optimization on your website, visit our how-to guide on the subject. 

Custom SEO Website Designs in San Jose

Data Driven Scaling for Compounded Growth

The truth is always in the data. Every month, we’ll crunch the numbers and measure SEO successes to offer suggestions on how to improve your campaign. With benchmarks in place since the start, we can properly gauge how your campaign is progressing, comparing our results to your competitors to discover new ways to reach your targeted audience. 

We have a massive library of lead tracking and SEO software at our disposal to provide you with a full understanding of what’s possible in the months to come. 

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Ranking in search results comes down to building trust with Google.

If you think about Google as a product, what makes it so successful? What makes people use it more than 40,000 times every second?

It’s simple. When you search Google for information, it gives you relevant results that match what you were looking for. So it makes sense that Google favors websites that have high-quality, relevant information, fast loading times, and great user experience. Not to mention – optimized for mobile devices.