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When you are listed on multiple directory sites, and your contact information is accurate, it builds trust with Google’s algorithm, generating more traffic for free. Your Mapquest citation is especially important as Mapquest is a popular and widely used platform. Adding your business to Mapquest gives you access to:
Direction Local MapQuest Listing Directory

MapQuest is one of the leading maps directories in the U.S. with millions of monthly users leveraging the platform to discover nearby businesses. With tens of thousands of websites featured on the MapQuest network, this is a great resource for businesses to connect with local audiences and people visiting your area.

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Our platform is a powerful local SEO tool that lets you streamline your business information across all the most popular business directories, including Mapquest, to ensure that your customers can find your business fast. It allows you to:

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Update your phone number, website, address, and business hours

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Update Your Company Hours

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We make it easy to add, manage and update your business Mapquest listing, allowing you to drive more traffic to your website. Try it today!

Why Choose Direction Local to Manage Your Mapquest Listing?

At Direction Local, we work with more than 125 online business directories to ensure that our clients’ listings are accurate and up-to-date. This allows you to be visible no matter where your customers are searching, without the time-consuming task of manually managing each listing.

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