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Add Your Business to Apple Maps

Add your business to our local Apple Maps directory, increase your local rankings and be seen by thousands of potential customers. Our comprehensive listing will include all the important information potential customers need, like your address, phone number, website, and hours of operation.

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With over 900 million+ iPhone users worldwide, there’s no doubt that having your business listed on Apple Maps is important.

Features of an Apple Maps listing via

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When users are on the go, they pull up Apple Maps for suggestions on what’s nearby and what’s noteworthy. Showcase your business with the most up-to-date information by using our company’s instant sync features!

Link all your website to help answer guests questions and give them all the information they need to find your business and what your store has to offer

Update your hours of operation so customers know when you'll be there to greet them

Automatic integration with CarPlay, which an estimated 80 million new cars in the United States have equipped

Keep your phone number current so your company won't miss out on any business

And much more!

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Apple Maps just got a lot more local. Direction Local provides comprehensive, accurate directories of businesses and services near you. Whether you’re a restaurant or a reliable mechanic, Direction Local has you covered.

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Contact our team today! We streamline the process of updating or creating your business’s directory. Get new customers, own your location, and improve your online visibility with our Apple Maps listing management services.

Apple Maps FAQ

In the US, about 65 million Americans are estimated to use Apple Maps every month!

We are an Apple Maps partner, and send the information about your company directly to Apple via our direct integration API. 

Siri and other voice controlled software will be able to direct your customers right to your door! It will also pick up any correlating keywords so voice search can guide visitors to your business.

Want to add your business to Apple Maps yourself?

How to Add Your Business to Apple Maps in 7 Simple Steps

So to get started, first go to

how to get your business listed on Apple Maps
Total Time Needed: 30 minutes
Total Cost: $ 0 USD

Required Tools:

- A Computer.
- Internet Connection.
- A Phone Number for Verification.

Things Needed?

- Your Apple ID and Password
- Your Business Information

Steps to claim your business on Apple Maps:

Step 1 : Enter your business name
In the search bar, type in the name of your business and click the "Claim" button once it appears.
getting started with Apple Maps Business
Step 2 : Sign in with your Apple ID
If you don't have an Apple ID, you can sign up for one. It's free.
Sign in to Claim Your Business on Apple Maps
Step 3 : Get your phone ready
Apple will send you a 2-step verification via text. Make sure you have the right phone number attached to your Apple ID.
phone 2-step verification
Step 4 : Agree to Apple's TOU
Read through, then check the box to agree to Apples Terms of Use.
tos for apple maps
Step 5 : Review your place details and verify ownership.
Note: You can edit the details after verification.
business information on Apple Maps
Step 6 : Provide Apple With Business Information
Note: This is for Apples internal use only. They will ask for your Business Name, Phone Number, DUNS Number and Head Address.
Accurate business information on Apple Maps
Step 7 : Final Step! Apple Will Call You to Verify Your Business Phone Number
Apples automated system will call the phone number listed for the business and provide you with a 4-digit code. Once you enter the code, your business will be verified on Apple Maps!
getting a business verified on Apple Maps

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