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Is your business data is up-to-date on Healthcare? ranks among the top directories for best-in-class provider data, turnkey physician-to-patient engagement, and seamless integrations with the most prominent healthcare directories, search engines, social media platforms, and EHR/PM systems. With Direction Local’s partnership, thousands of clients, including 200+ leading hospitals and health systems, 30,000+ private practices, and leading brands in the life sciences industry, have empowered their digital presence and credibility, increasing patient trust and growing their patient network.

direction local 1 1 Stats

  • 76,000 monthly organic searches
  • 99.5% of search traffic comes from the U.S.
  • Lists over 200 leading hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Over 20,000 private practices listed
  • Enables organizations to engage with patients on GMB
  • The first customer experience platform designed for the healthcare industry
  • Recognized by Google as the only healthcare-exclusive organization to be a Featured GMB Partner

Are you ready to stand out among the competition with your own profile? Take action now by signing up for Direction Local and establish your profile utilizing  SEO technology for the healthcare industry today.

Direction Local is the perfect tool for promoting your medical practice. We’ve partnered with to have your practice properly represented online, ultimately boosting your local search rankings. With listings in directories and search engines across the web, you’ll be sure to reach new patients looking for a healthcare provider in their area.

List your business instantly on 100+ other directories!

Benefits of a Healthcare listing

With Direction Local, you can quickly publish highly optimized medical business profiles to stand apart from your competitors and earn more business. Our network covers 97% of the websites and apps used by US consumers, so you’ll always have an opportunity to stand in the search spotlight. 

Comprehensive Online Representation

More than 80% of medical patients go online to compare practitioners and offices. Give yourself the leading edge by increasing your visibility. Be listed alongside the leaders in your field so visitors can easily find your services and contact your office. Having a variety of online profiles lets your patients find you, and you can focus on what matters to you most-- excellent treatment options.

Updated Contact Information and Hours

We make it easy to connect with the right provider, including website information and contact hours. It automatically corrects any inaccurate information on the web so your business can be accurately represented!

Customized Tools

Boost your practice with the assistance of universal online scheduling and other great features available through Improve your reputation and enhance your search rankings with our versatile options.

Organized Listings

Our directories are organized by specialty, so visitors can easily find the doctor that's right for them. List your specialty and services for increased search engine results and contact information. SEO rankings boost your profile so patients in your locale can find you and link to your practice.

Enhanced Connections

Give patients another opportunity to connect with your practice. The option for leaving reviews allows other patients to build trust and enhances your reputation.

Boost your local SEO with Healthcare
and 100+ directories in minutes

We streamline the process of updating or creating your business's directory. Get new customers, own your location, and improve your online visibility with Healthcare listing management tool.
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