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Alexa is one of the most popular voice search tools available, and it’s become increasingly important for businesses to ensure they’re listed on the platform. When someone uses Alexa to search for a local business, the platform will provide a list of results based on a number of factors, including the business’s distance from the searcher and its popularity. However, Amazon also takes into account whether or not a business is listed on its platform. Therefore, by ensuring your business is listed on Amazon Alexa, you can help increase its exposure and improve its chances of being chosen as a result. In addition to Amazon Alexa, there are a number of other voice search tools available, so it’s important to evaluate which ones are most popular in your area and make sure your business is listed on them as well. By signing up for Direction Local, you can ensure your business is visible on the most popular voice search tools — from Alexa, to Siri, Google Assistant and more.

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Your company’s alexa listing is a great way to be visible for local product searches. Alexa voice search is a feature of Amazon’s Echo and Dot devices that allows users to search for products using natural language. If your company is listed on alexa, then Echo and Dot users in your area will be able to find you when they search for products that you sell. In addition, being listed on alexa can help increase your visibility in general search results on So if you’re looking for a way to increase your company’s visibility, adding an alexa listing is a great option.

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