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Tips for Doctors: Benefits of Outsourcing Writers for Your Blog

Chris Kirksey
Chris Kirksey


benefits of blogging in the medical industry
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Content is key, Content is king- I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.

But if content rules the internet how will yours outshine the endless sea of blogtent floating around the ultimate internet source: Google. 

Sure you can throw up a nice medical hero story, and some great information, but will readers subscribe, come back or even linger on your page to listen to all the yak?

Who knows, can’t tell you.

But we know who can: Google analytics!

Yup this great tool sends little bots around your page to let you know the truth behind your content.

Are readers engaged?

Depends on how often they bounce right off your page.

Quality Content

We are here to tell you how to make all those searchers in the sea land on your page.

And it’s called quality content, you can measure, test it, and ensure that it helps your business grow. Technology is so great.

There is no more wondering, 52% of content marketing success is achieved through blogging. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the right talent for content creation, you won’t make much progress.

Outsourcing writers is your best bet for a gob of good reasons, and we are about to find out why. So hang tight, technology has got you for a whim.

Outsourcing is about to blow up, It is creating jobs across the United States and spreading like wildfire.

Millenials want the lifestyle of being their own boss, and they are taking hold of the technology that birthed them into the new age with enthusiasm. They know technology and are good at what they do.

There couldn’t be a better time to embrace the idea, and there are plenty of people waiting to be hired at any moment- can we say “customer service,” or should we call it “instant satisfaction.”

Outsourcing writers for content creation is among the most common outsourced services, because it just makes sense.

As a professional in the medical industry, you probably lack time to do your own blogging. But if you want to reach many readers (aka rank online), you need massive content production, and let’s be honest it’s at your fingertips.

That said, we are here to jump into the whys of outsourcing writers for your blog.

1. Outsourcing Gives You Access to a Larger Talent Pool

When looking for employees to be based in your company, you’ll be limited to a small pool of talent. 

Most of them will probably be professionals in your niche and a great knowledge basis does not make a great writer.

A great writer is born out of the depths of 100 novels, not 3 months of medical rotations, or a year long business internship.

In many cases, you’ll have to compromise and settle for less than what you need. With outsourcing, you’ll have access to expertise from all around the world.

You’ll find writers that make your content pop and gain relevance, becoming a lead source in your niche- whatever it may be.

Expanding your search often yields better results than when you hire locally.

There is a whole world of writers out there- find yours, and don’t settle for ordinary, the internet is the face of your business.

2. Lower Your Labor Costs

And the benefits just get better- outsourcing writers will cost you much less than having a writer’s department in your company.

Want to hear more?

When you outsource, you only pay for work delivered if you’re satisfied with it. If the work is not up to your standards, reject it.

Yup, you can be picky, on the other hand, having full-time employees means that you’ve got to pay salaries every month, regardless of output.

When you outsource, it allows you to find the right talent at a reasonable price. When you hire right, you get the best of both worlds- so grasp it.

When it comes to costs of creating content, avoid the temptation of using AI bots. We all know what happens on iRobot, and let’s be thankful that technology is not that advanced yet.

Although AI bots can create assets at lightning speed, they just can’t match the quality of content crafted by humans. Having quality content crafted by talented minds puts you in a position of power. 

3. Frees Your Time for More Important Business Functions

Business is important, outsourcing brings you freedom.

As a professional, you may not have much time to attend to anything else but your patients.

You’re only one person, and we want you to use your energy to help others heal, not write an essay, let’s be real you did that in College for what, 14 years

Blogging should not be anywhere in your priorities.

Outsourcing writers to work on your website content  should be. They work wonders, put your practice out there on a reliable online source that engages patients while you stick to the good stuff.

Free up your time to focus on the core of your business, while still ensuring that your website continues to run.

Signs That It's Time to Outsource Writers

You’ve probably been mulling over the idea of outsourcing writers but haven’t given it serious thought.

Switch those brain cells around and hire a freelance writer. Talent is an expense to the business that will give you a return on investment.

Let’s explore how this all works just to be sure.

1. You Want to Scale Up Your Business

In the first few years of business, you may not have the resources to promote your business or outsource anything.

Maybe now you’re at a point where you want to scale it up, and aim for home run.

Start delegating some of the tasks that you can’t handle on your own, and free up your time for other more crucial and urgent tasks.

You are dealing with people’s lives and that’s HUGE.

It’s hence the best time for you to develop a virtual team that you can rely on.

A writer is the icing on the cake. They give voice to what makes your business great.

2. You're Not Good at Writing But Need Content

We get it, as the owner of your business, you would be the ideal person to create content for your blog.

However, you might not like writing or be particularly good at it. If you haven’t picked up on it already, blog writing is very different from medical journal script.

Not to mention, content writing has some pretty specific formulas to make it SEO-friendly.

Do you really have time to learn these things AND write the content?

Probably not, and that’s where outsourcing comes in hot to save the day.

3. You Don't Have the Time to Blog

Content marketing is much more than words on a screen.

It is a long-term strategy based on key word research that helps your business expand its outreach.

Blogging is no easy feat and it calls for investment in time. If you’re not able to find this time, consider outsourcing some writers to do this on your behalf.

You can give them ideas on tone, voice, and subject- then sit back and watch the magic happen.

A professional writer will ensure you get quality around the clock. Get your ideas to the writer and have them transform it into useful content.

4. You Want to Blog for the Long Run

In your professional field, you want to provide clients with regularly updated content.

When you consider business blogging as a form of growing your business, you want to have fresh content all the time.

Publishing a few posts will not give you the results you want.

Invest in a professional writer who’ll get to understand your blog well and work with you for the long hall.

The key here is to come up with a plan.

How to Outsource Writers that Produce Quality Content

Now is the time to outsource your writing to the right digital marketing company

We have already gone over the fact that you don’t have the time to create enough content to meet your goals.

Remember that good writing takes time.

And before you decide to outsource any work, and especially content creation, determine what you need.

Come up with a content marketing strategy list and decide which skills you already have right now, if any.

Not knowing what you need leads to time wastage both for you and the writers.

With a content marketing strategy, you can decide what to or what not to outsource.

Do you have someone at the office posting on social media accounts?

Are email templated with the latest news, and health tips being sent out to your patients?

Are yearly check ups automated?

Do blog posts go up every week?

Do you have website landing pages that bring people in to utilize your specialized services?

These are some of the questions you need to consider, because your competitors have probably already done so.

These questions will also guide you in determining how many writers you need to hire. One for blog posts, one for email templates- whatever it may be.

Since content marketing covers different areas, you also need to know the skills the writers must have.

Some writers are trained to research multiple areas. They can create expert documents for each area of digital marketing.

If this seems like a lot, don’t worry, we are about to outline the process for you!

Outlining the Requirements and Processes

Your content marketing strategy outlines the following issues.

1. The Kind of Content You Need

You can make it easier for yourself and the writers by identifying the topics, platforms, and formats they’ll use.

Let your writers know how long you expect the content to be, in SEO terms it’s best for content to be at minimum 1,500-2,000 words per post.  

Are there are specifics in your field the content writer should approach? What topics do most of your clients worry about?

For example, do they need to interview experts or conduct research?

Let them know, that’s what you hired them for. And the best part is if their content isn’t great, you can reject it.

2. Their Role in Creation and Distribution Process

Do you have a company website and tools you need the writers to use?

If you are on a WordPress platform, can your writer navitage the posting process?

It’s important to let the writer know if they’ll be fully integrated into your team.

When you find a great writer, one that seamlessly fills in the blanks and helps you rank- keep them.

3. Content Volume and Frequency, Governance and Processes

Let the writers know how much content you need from them and the frequency of delivery.

For SEO purposes we recommend as much as possible, and at the very minimum one post a week.

Will you use a delivery schedule or will their services be required ad hoc?

What type of style or tone of writing do you need?

What is the brand voice you’d like incorporated into your websites writing?

If there are any technical, regulatory, or procedural guidelines they have to comply with, let them know. Then watch as their role takes flight into the entire editorial workflow.

4. Financial Considerations

As you prepare to outsource writers, ensure you’ve got an adequate budget to pay for their services.

You can determine the rates by talking with a digital marketing agency that has system for handling invoicing and payment.

If you carefully work out the criteria for outsourcing writers, you’ll enjoy the benefits of

  • Less friction across the process of content creation
  • Stronger alignment of your company goals
  • Mutually satisfying engagements

All this will take some time investment to achieve, let the experts handle the process and watch as all good things come to those who wait.

Where to Find Great Candidates

Assuming you don’t know where to start when outsourcing writers, here are some ideas. Get ready to find out what works best for you!

Referrals from Professional Networks

Check with your networks, see where they outsource for their various functions. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can find what you need.

It’s unlikely that your systems will vouch for incompetent writers. Plus the internet is a great way to check out the reviews on certain writers and test the waters.

Your networks may be able to point you towards an agency that has helped their business flourish!

So hit the internet, scout out a couple of different digital marketing agencies, check out their views and don’t be afraid to call and ask questions about how the whole process goes down.

Ask a team member to do some research

Every business consists of a team, if you don’t have the time, ask one of your employees to get involved.

Tell them to hit Google and find out who the best digital marketing agency in your area is.

Work together to find what best fits your niche by picking up the phone and talking with a professional.

If the agency is willing to put some time in to tell you about what they do- they are probably a good fit.

Calling serval digital marketing agencies is a great way to understand who does what. You should be able to view past projects that they have worked on, and get a feel for what they can do for your business.

Choose an agency that is highly professional. Make sure they use data to back up their claims, analytics to keep you and your team updated, and of course a team of talented writers! Content is key.

A great start is only one call away!

Outsourcing Writers - Final Thoughts

In business and your professional field, time and money go hand in hand.

There are tasks in your business you can’t perform due to time constraints. So get out there and hire the right skills and talents for the job.

Blogging is vital to ranking and becoming a lead source of knowledge within your field.

It’s one of the ways you promote your business and stay in touch with your clients. The process might be overwhelming, but outsourcing can help reduce the burden.

As you hire, have a budget for the talent you wish to retain. Make sure you use systems like Google Analytics to track the process over time, and most importantly keep your writers happy, and they’ll keep your blog growing.

As your blog grows, sit back and watch as you gain a RIO that was well spent.

Have more questions? Be sure to contact our team. We will put you in touch with the right talent so you can stick to what you do best- your business!

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