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chris kirksey

Chris Kirksey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris has done it all – from spearheading squads on three combat deployments to the Middle East, to mastering three foreign languages, working for the NSA and CIA, to CEO of Chris is an author, speaker, and pioneer in the SEO & AI space, introducing human-powered AIO content services, building programmatic SEO systems with ChatGPT & Claude APIs, and building strong brands through SEO for hundreds of brands worldwide.

Meet Chris

Chris Kirksey stands as a unique blend of military precision and entrepreneurial spirit, underpinned by an unwavering dedication to SEO.

With over two decades of self immersion in the entrepreneurship and digital marketing realm, his journey from running a small eBay business at the age of nine to innovatively selling a solution for dodging speed cameras at 15, to now helming a leading software and services company is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Chris Kirksey’s time as a Signals Intelligence Lead in the U.S. Army endowed him with a distinctive amalgamation of accuracy, leadership, and resilience. Spearheading squads on three combat deployments to the Middle East, mastering three foreign languages, and working for elite intelligence entities like the NSA and CIA have refined his strategic acumen. Such experiences have effortlessly transitioned to the digital domain, enabling him to craft marketing campaigns with the precision and rigor akin to military endeavors.

Central to is an ardent zeal for SEO, a domain that calls for both strategic prowess and inventive ingenuity. The company’s mission? To create an organization our team and customers love. More than just propelling brands to the forefront of search results, aims to eclipse rivals, ensuring clients aren’t merely discovered but truly shine and grow. 

Yet, what truly distinguishes are the people in the organization. Chris Kirksey has assembled a brigade of technical and creative experts. Collectively, they’re not merely in pursuit of success; they’re architecting it for every client they serve.

In the ever-evolving realm of search engine optimization, Kirksey hasn’t been a mere spectator but a dynamic force. His profound expertise has placed him on stages of top-tier conferences such as SXSW, Pubcon and Entrepreneurs Organization. Furthermore, his insights and triumphs have garnered accolades from prominent publications like Inc., Forbes and Fox Business, magnifying his influence in the digital arena.

What's Chris doing after work?

If Chris isn’t working on some crazy-cool SEO strategies or playing with AI systems, you’ll likely find him spending time with his wife and three kids, or doing something outdoors, either hiking or water sports.

If he’s indoors, you’ll likely find him eating or reading, sometimes both. Chris is an avid reader, with every James Bond book on his shelf and a penchant for the writings of Dan Kennedy, Tim Ferris, Peter D. Andrei, and Napoleon Hill (just to name a few).

He also enjoys going to stand up comedy shows, and crafting humorous product stories on Define Awesome, a side project of his that supports charity. Chris is also passionate in helping Veteran owned businesses grow, and is a Veterati Mentor, spending time on the weekends helping US military members transition from the military into the civilian workforce.

Chris Kirksey in the media