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Chris Kirksey

President, Direction Inc.


Chris found his passion for digital marketing with his first eBay company at 9 years old.  While serving in the US Army, he quickly found a way to afford his fast cars and motorcycles through web design and domain names.

In 2016, after learning 2 new languages and three overseas deployments in the middle east, he decided to pursue his passion and began working with clients after Army work hours and on the weekends out of his 400 sq. ft. living room. 

The company, proving to be successful, grew. At the end of his 6-year enlistment, Chris separated from the Army to pursue his dreams.

Today, he leverages the leadership, attention to detail, work ethic and interpersonal skills he developed in the service to help businesses nationwide expand their operations online.

What's Chris Doing After Work?

For Chris, there is no “after work,” but if he isn’t in the office, you’ll likely find him doing something outdoors, either hiking or water sports. If he’s indoors, you’ll likely find him eating or reading, sometimes both. He also enjoys “handyman stuff,” and it’s not uncommon to find him making improvements to his home, car or the office after hours. Chris is also a Veterati Mentor, and spends time helping US military members transition from the military into the civilian workforce; as well as a Forbes Agency Council Member.

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