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The Story of Medical Advisors Group

There’s a problem thousands of people have and never speak of. According to Student Debt Relief, 2016, the average medical school debt was up to $190,000, with about 25% of graduates carrying debts higher than $200,000.

Medical Advisors Group Helps eliminate that debt so that the people who dedicate their lives to helping people don’t have to live with the daily stress of student loan debt any longer.

The Challenge

Tim approached us with the problem his business solves. After studying and understanding his target audience, we had to design and develop a website, and create content that speaks to the medical professionals’ pain points and provides a solution.

The Solution

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We began by designing a new logo and establishing a solid brand message. We then designed and developed a beautiful new website with custom copy and  graphics for them as well, check it out!

But That’s Not All

We designed a custom, detailed infographic which outlines an example of their financial plan to minimize the impact of large debt on the lifestyles of young professionals in the medical field. The infographic follows two fictional doctors, one who pays her debt off traditionally, and the other who invests with Medical Advisors Group and improves his overall lifestyle. We also integrated a comprehensive student loan debt calculator into the website so that doctors could get an idea of how Medical Advisors Group can help alleviate their student loan debt!
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The Impact

The website for Medical Association Advisors became the first of its kind, inspiring medical professionals with absurd student loan debt to finally live the life they deserve – debt-free.
“I cannot thank you all enough for creating such an amazing logo, website, and content for my new website! More of these celebrations of success to come!.”

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Tim McFillin
President, Medical Advisors Group

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