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  • Increase Market Share
  • Niche Lead Generation
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We generate organic leads through our service specific websites, then drive them straight to your business.

  • Increase Your Market Share

    When you come onboard with, our team members will help you to acquire quality leads in your specific market. Experience results with our top-ranking websites that will generate leads from the 90% searching for services within your niche and location.

  • Niche Lead Generation

    Our team members at can work to ensure that your business will be the first click when clients search for services within your niche. We build websites for 100’s of business niches nationwide. Skeptical claims from multitudes of “SEO” companies, and constant maintenance is a thing of the past. From the moment you join our team, you can sit back and see results without waiting months and spending thousands of dollars.

  • Expand Online Presence

    Want to increase brand awareness? offers top of the line SEO services. We demonstrate this through the success of our business model, which owns many organically top ranking websites. Join our team and watch as the results increase awareness of your company name in your target market.

  • Grow Your Business

    By working with, your business is guaranteed to grow at the pace that works best for you. We’re experts in digital marketing and search engine optimization and generate organic leads for businesses every day.

  • Make Your Phone Ring

    You can purchase calls directly from in your specific nieche. This gives you the opportunity to buy organically generated leads, which typically have a 30% higher conversion rate than leads from paid advertising, without waiting for your site to be ranked on google or spending thousands upfront for SEO services.

How It Works

We generate organic leads for local niche markets via highly ranking websites. When you choose to partner with us, the leads that are generated are forwarded directly to you. Unlike other companies such as Thumbtack, who send one lead out to every possible business, we redirect leads in a given niche to a single partner. There are two ways of receiveing leads; phone and email. We provide different lead generating website payment options including monthly leasing, pay-per-lead, and commission. also offers site optimization services that will help your existing website rank higher to gain more exposure for your brand. We have rankings down to a science and have a proven track record that is unmatched in the SEO industry today. leads are organically captured. This means they have about a 30% higher conversion rate than leads captured through paid advertising, depending on the industry. With, you can lease a site that is generating the organic leads for a flat monthly fee - our most popular option. This means the leads that come in through the site are only contacting your company, not being passed off to your competition.

About is founded on the passion for helping small businesses excel in a world of massive competition for internet real estate. After years of frustration watching businesses spend money on companies claiming to have extensive knowledge and education around Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, we decided to study these subjects until we discovered the perfect formula. As the founders of, we chose to not make claims until we could prove them. So that’s exactly what we did. Our business model is based on proven results rather than empty promises. We have proof that what we do works without asking for thousands of dollars upfront. Our goal is to consistently further our knowledge, skills, and ideas to skyrocket lead generation and assist small business owners and entrepreneurs across America in pursuing their passions and thriving.

Chris Kirksey

CEO / Lead Generation Expert

Mary Evans

CTO / Web Developer

Matt Wegrzyn

Advisor / Paid Media Expert