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Tired of getting buried on page 3 of Google when potential customers search for “moving companies near me”? We know how frustrating it is to pour time and money into a website that hardly anyone can find. With our proven SEO strategies tailored for moving companies, we can help you claim that coveted first-page ranking so your company gets seen and contacted.

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“Direction’s SEO efforts have increased leads and bookings significantly. Proactive and professional, they set goals and deliver accordingly. To ensure a seamless engagement, they provide meeting notes, plan ahead, and are flexible."
-Mani Barajas-Alexander
Chief Experience Officer, The Pura Vida House
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Search engine optimization

Unlike static one-size-fits-all SEO plans, our SEO campaigns are completely custom-built for your moving company. Rather than general SEO fixes, we do precise SEO that drives searches for “moving companies in Seattle” or “piano movers San Diego” directly to your website.

Website design

A visually appealing site means nothing if search engines can’t properly crawl and index your pages. Our SEO-enhanced web design seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality so you attract both customers and Google. We build sites on modern frameworks primed for SEO best practices like optimized code structure, fast load speeds, and mobile responsiveness.

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Reputation management

Our Local SEO software combines powerful citation and reputation management tools to both boost local SEO authority and showcase your 5-star reputation. We build and verify key local business listings across 50+ directory sites like Yelp, Judy’s Book and Apple Maps. This signals to Google your business is legitimate and extra trusted in the area.

Our SEO Services

Keyword Research

We conduct extensive keyword research to identify the key phrases potential customers enter to find professional moving services. This enables us to create website content catered directly to those searches. We optimize for popular queries like “reliable movers near me” and “licensed moving company in [city]” to get your site ranking high when people search those terms.

Competitor Intelligence

We closely study competing moving companies in your region to understand their SEO approaches. Learning what works well for the top moving brands allows us to make better website decisions for your business. We can focus on outperforming rivals in key areas like searches for “long distance movers” or “piano moving service.” If those types of searches currently send business to other movers, our tailored strategies can shift those quality leads to your website instead.

Local SEO

We boost local visibility by getting your moving company listed on key sites. Our software quickly publishes your business on 50+ popular local platforms that customers use to find movers. Within weeks, your company will gain a strong local presence on the major websites checked by 97% of people – Google My Business, Apple Maps, Yelp, MapQuest and more. By getting you visible and reviewed on the exact sites folks reference when searching for “affordable movers near me,” we make sure potential customers can discover and learn about your services.

AI Content

We use AI technology to create website content tailored around all the main phrases people search when looking for movers. Our human writing experts then refine the content to ensure quality and usefulness. This combination allows us to produce lots of engaging, helpful articles optimized to rank #1 for local moving searches. Whether targeting super competitive terms like “moving companies near me” or endless long-tail phrases, our AI approach helps moving companies control the key search results that influence website traffic and lead generation.

Link Building

We secure backlinks from trustworthy moving sites and locally popular pages to boost rankings for key terms. Every high-quality link guides more referral visitors from ideal websites. Whether targeting wide searches or specific services such as "piano transport," our proven linking process lifts your website higher in rankings for local moving queries. This earns you greater visibility before searchers seeking quotes from pre-screened, professional movers in their state or city.

Technical SEO

An optimized website is key for turning visitors into clients. Our SEO team includes expert WordPress developers focused on maximizing your site's technical setup. Together, the comprehensive improvements we make create the best website environment to capture calls, form fills, and moving quote requests. Whether enhancing page speed or refining mobile friendliness, every upgrade aims to make it easier for people researching moves to contact your business and solicit project estimates.

On-Page SEO

We carefully shape all website content to strongly match moving-related searches and engage visitors. This includes organically working in key local keywords. The end goal is pages optimized to rank and convert when people search for relocation services. From catchy titles to clear contact options, we optimize pages to turn searches like "interstate movers" into scheduled moving estimates. Whether enhancing your introduction or explaining specific capabilities, our updates make content irresistible to search engines while showing how you can solve customers' needs.

Schema Markup

Our team specializes in implementing markup that makes your website stand out in search results. We add special tags that highlight key details - like your credentials, licenses, service area, reviews and more. This extra data encourages search engines to showcase your moving qualifications more prominently. The enhanced snippets get more attention, making customers more likely to choose you over competitor moving companies.

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Result Driven

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The core of our SEO approach is broad keyword targeting to massively boost overall organic visibility. As we secure these rankings, you gain more impressions and website visits since you connect with higher search volumes.

And unlike inflated impressions, our campaigns convert visitors into leads and sales by optimizing for in-depth, purchasing-intent keywords. As one client found, their cost per acquisition decreased by over 30% even as organic traffic tripled in just 8 months with us. At the same time, we enabled them to decrease their PPC budget by $3,200 per month by taking over previously paid search terms. Over several years, it is common for our clients to gain 5-15x returns on their SEO investment as monthly leads compound and marketing costs drop.


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Hanna Marks

They’ve delivered on everything they told me they would. 5-stars, highly recommended you work with this team if you want real results for your company through SEO

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Celebro Media

Wesley Dodd

Straight up, Direction Inc is your ticket into the SEO big leagues! More like straightforward pointed in the right direction! An appropriate name for their business! They optimized my website and then ranked me #2 in a very competitive niche! Very impressive!

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Michael Oz

I have been a client of Direction for over 3 years and must say that these guys are great! A solid team of SEO marketers that take the time to understand your business and constantly look for ways to improve your ROI.

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FAQs regarding SEO
for moving companies

We realize you likely have some pressing questions before committing to an SEO provider. To help you make an informed decision for your business, below we have compiled answers to some of the most common FAQs we receive from moving companies across the nation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to organic strategies that aim to have your moving company’s website ranked higher on search engines like Google and Bing. When prospective customers search for services using keywords like “Miami moving companies” or “NYC piano movers,” the companies with the top rankings in search results get the most exposure and website traffic.

An effective moving company SEO strategy needs to focus on optimizing pages and content for these types of specific, industry-relevant search queries in order to appeal to customers precisely looking for your type of services in your service locations.

The goal is to employ best practices like faster site speeds, local address optimization, and ongoing blog content centered around common questions such as “how much do piano movers charge?” Together, these SEO techniques help your site architecture, on-page elements, off-page signals and content work in harmony to rank better over both national and local competitors. The result is more organic visibility and more qualified site traffic that convert into move leads from customers needing your delivery, long distance moving, packing, and storage services.

The key is that SEO for moving companies requires custom optimization reflecting your specialized industry and opportunities to rank locally versus general national van lines. An understanding of the moving sector’s unique needs, customer search behavior, and Google requirements ensures your SEO agency can tailor a campaign surpassing competitors fighting for the same service regions and keywords.

There are a few effective ways to advertise/market your moving business online:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Optimizing your website and content to rank higher in search engines is vital for gaining organic visibility and traffic. SEO helps people searching “affordable Houston movers” find your site and services without paying.

Google Ads – SEO and pay-per-click ads can work hand-in-hand. Google Ads lets you promote your site in live search results and drive visitors directly to optimized landing pages geared to convert.

Social Media Marketing – Maintaining an SEO blog and promoting posts with moving tips on social helps increase domain authority. Paid social ads also gain impressions and site traffic.

Content Marketing – Creating blogs centered around SEO keywords like “full service movers” and “packing supplies” boosts organic rankings and provides value. This long-form content acts as a lead magnet when promoted.

Local SEO and online visibility should form the core of your strategy, supplemented by offline channels. Utilizing SEO and paid options together maximizes visibility and conversions across every stage of the moving journey. 

Yes, partnering with an expert SEO company is worth the investment for moving companies looking to substantially grow their organic presence. While a DIY approach seems cheaper initially, the long-term results often disappoint and in-house efforts struggle to keep up with constant Google algorithm shifts.

A qualified SEO agency offers moving companies far more value by:

  • Conducting in-depth keyword research identifying terms aligned with revenue goals not obvious to DIY efforts
  • Building technical SEO foundations optimized for local ranking factors
  • Generating and promoting geo-targeted content that outperforms competitor pages
  • Cultivating broader and smarter backlink profiles that continually lift rankings
  • Staying on top of Google updates and best practices with an evolving SEO playbook

The impact for moving companies is sustaining first-page rankings for high-intent keywords in their service regions – something that converts directly into more contacts, leads and jobs without increasing traditional advertising costs. One moving company found that their SEO agency achieved 432% ROI in just 8 months through more organic traffic and higher lead conversion rates.

While paying an expert SEO company requires upfront investment, their specialized expertise in holistic SEO and focus on continuous ranking gains cost-effectively grows moving companies in the long-run. So yes, partnering with an SEO agency offers unmatched value compared to handling optimizations in-house.

The cost of effective SEO that delivers consistent rankings and business growth for moving companies ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 per month when done right. DIY SEO seems cheaper at first but lacks long-term momentum. Top agencies cost over $10k monthly with no guarantee of results tied to your actual revenue.

DIY SEO using basic software starts around $100 per month but lacks the expertise needed for sustainable rankings. At the other extreme, large national agencies charge upward of $5,000 but have less incentive to maximize ROI.

The best value comes from mid-sized, specialized SEO firms charging within $1,000 to $3,000 per month. This range balances experience optimizing moving industry sites with dedicating resources to individual clients over locales like Miami, Dallas, LA, and NYC. Companies paying under $1,000 gain some ground; while investing over $2,000 fuels more aggressive growth scaling across metro regions over time.

No matter what, ensure your SEO company provides complete transparency into your rankings, traffic, and strategy. Paying blindly without any tracking to show month-over-month progress builds zero accountability. Monitoring ROI based on lead goals better aligns SEO pricing with the direct revenue impact from higher organic visibility.

You can technically do SEO yourself as a moving company, but lacking the right expertise often hinders lasting success and ROI.

With DIY SEO, you risk:

  • Guessing at the terms and pages that actually drive revenue
  • Using ineffective tactics unable to outrank experienced competitors
  • Struggling for months without progress before losing motivation
  • Abandoning efforts due to algorithm changes you don’t understand
  • Never seeing substantial growth that impacts your bottom line

While free SEO education exists, nothing compares to customized execution from seasoned experts in the moving space. Top agencies offer strategic perspective into industry nuances that diaries and forums lack.

Handling SEO in-house also distracts valuable customer service and sales resources. Moving companies lacking specialized skills waste months experimenting when they could book 2X as much business from higher rankings achieved sooner through a proven agency.

So you can tackle SEO yourself, but the level of return typically pales next to the organic visibility and growth enabled by partnering with experts. The hands-on nature also distracts from providing exceptional moving experiences which build loyalty. Consider if DIY efforts deliver enough website traffic and jobs to outweigh just investing in an SEO service upfront.