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Overwhelmed managing your family law practice while struggling to attract new clients? SEO is the most cost-effective strategy to get your website found by local families needing legal representation during divorce and child custody battles. We specialize in family law SEO that delivers substantial ROI by leveraging proven tactics that lead to page 1 rankings.

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Search engine optimization

Our focused SEO for family law ethically optimizes your site to rank higher when prospective clients seek legal help online. We immerse into niche family dynamics to create blogs around complex issues like custody factors and parenting plans; while also fine-tuning onsite elements and building credible links and content over time.

By ranking higher for emotionally-charged searches around divorce and separation, we dramatically boost visibility to establish your firm as a trusted resource for families in need.

Website design

An SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly site establishes trust and expertise around contested divorces, complex asset division, child relocation disputes, and prenuptial agreements.

With this mindset, we design family law sites to prominently feature essential details and information, while providing a seamless user experience that leads to increased website conversions.

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Reputation management

In sensitive divorce and custody cases, reputation and credibility impact legal outcomes. Our integrated online reputation management keeps track of lawyer review sites and listings to mitigate harmful content while highlighting positive stories. Proper legal citation building across major directories also reinforces updated credentials, partner names, and practice areas for precision during searches.

With ongoing monitoring and data repair, we shape how prospective clients perceive your firm’s impartiality and expertise when discovered through broad or niche terms. 

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Keyword Research

Understanding the phrases around legal separations, child custody, and other family issues prepares your firm for visibility when it matters most. Our meticulous keyword analysis uncovers the terminology and questions distressed individuals investigate during all stages of sensitive family legal journeys. With precise data guiding strategy, we boost rankings and visibility for valuable early-stage research to retained-service keywords.

Competitor Intelligence

Gaining an edge in a crowded legal space demands analysis into what other family law practices target digitally and why. Our comprehensive competitor research examines the search visibility, backlinks, keywords, and content drawing clients to competing websites. We spot existing ranking gaps to inform campaign focus while uncovering lateral opportunities to outperform rivals.

Local SEO

While some seek general guidance, most urgent family legal searches take place over the phone in a specific metro area. Our micro-targeted local SEO approach hones in on searches by city name for terms like “divorce attorney” or “child custody lawyer.” We implement geo-optimized pages, schema markup, GMB profiles, and micro-citation building to ensure you stand out locally.

AI Content

Producing pages around divorce advice, child custody laws, and other family legal content demands heavy writing few firms can sustain. Our combination of AI technology and human oversight efficiently develops high-quality, SEO-friendly posts, FAQs and attorney bios at scale. With AI handling initial draft writing for relevant topics, our experts can rapidly refine content while adding nuanced details tailored to your firm.

Link Building

The number and quality of external websites linking back to your firm’s web pages serve as trust signals informing search visibility. We pursue valuable backlink opportunities on highly relevant legal publications, directories and resources to build authority indicators. Our outreach focuses not just on volume but contextually relevant targets and diversity to appear naturally in search algorithms.

Technical SEO

Even with great content, site infrastructure issues can undermine visibility. Our technical audits identify problems like site speed, broken links, accessibility issues, and backend weaknesses. We then optimize areas like site architecture, CMS platform, URLs, page loading times, and server configuration. These enhancements provide a fast, seamless user experience while allowing proper crawling and indexing of pages.

On-Page SEO

Each site page presents optimization opportunities targeting client search terms and questions. Our on-page SEO fine-tunes these pages to boost rankings potential, highlight relevancy, ease indexing, and drive conversions. We implement semantic keywords, headers mapping, media integration, internal links, schema markup and site search optimization tailored page-by-page. This aligns pages to searcher intent while showcasing your capabilities upfront.

Schema Markup

Schema markup enables the prominent display of key details like individual attorney credentials, practice areas, education and awards in search results. Our proper schema implementation allows us to highlight qualifications from lawyers across your family law firm so you appear more prominently in search results. This level of schema implementation drives greater perceived reputation and more click-throughs to your site from qualified leads.

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Authority Building
for a Specialty Law Firm

A specialty tax law firm sought to amplify their online visibility and acquisitions through search engine optimization (SEO) partnership.

Implementing core optimizations like site speed audits, on-page enhancements, localized targeting, ethical links building, custom content creation, and tracking enabled tremendous organic growth. Their website now averages approximately 35,000 highly relevant monthly visitors representing a 30x rise in qualified case leads over previous baselines. Terms like “file taxes” also reached page one visibility.


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While we are a smaller firm by design, Direction targets high-value demographics in the Northern Virginia area, delivering increased visibility and billable hours.

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Starting with family law
SEO services

We find most family law practices have questions before exploring search engine optimization further. We have compiled answers to some of the most common SEO-related FAQs asked by divorce attorneys and child custody lawyers.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the strategies and techniques used specifically to help improve law firms’ visibility and rankings in search engine results pages. When people search lawyer-related keywords like legal services, attorney, or law practice, SEO makes it more likely your firm appears as a top search result.

Some common SEO approaches and best practices for law firms include:

  • Optimizing website pages around legal terms and areas prospective clients are likely searching based on your firm’s specialties. This is done by working these keywords into relevant page content.
  • Enhancing technical elements like site speed and code optimization to improve search engine crawling ability and page indexing.
  • Building reputable backlinks through content creation and outreach to increase domain authority indicators.
  • Targeting local legal service searches by city/state by optimizing location-based landing pages and business citations.
  • Publishing legal blogs and videos to generate more organic traffic.
  • Monitoring website analytics regularly to analyze and refine efforts.

By ranking higher in organic search results, legal SEO essentially gets your law practice seen by significantly more prospective clients when they search needs your firm specializes in. It facilitates direct lead and client acquisition through platforms like Google.

Law firms’ investment into professional search engine optimization varies based on the size of the firm and the scale of the strategies required to achieve their specific growth goals. However, on average most small to mid-sized law practices spend between $3,500 to $5,000 per month on comprehensive SEO services once campaigns are fully implemented.

For larger firms focused on dominating multiple practice areas nationally, monthly SEO budgets over $10,000 are common. Firms managing international caseloads may invest over $15,000 monthly for global penetration. For solo attorneys and boutique law firms just starting SEO, $750 to $1,500 per month is more customary initially.

At, our SEO services for lawyers begins at $3,500 monthly for firms seeking robust strategies with maximized impact. We also offer DIY local citations software for $999 annually for anyone managing foundational SEO internally but needing technology for scaling credibility building.

When referring to law firms and legal marketing, SEO stands for “search engine optimization”.

Specifically, SEO refers to the strategies, campaigns, and technologies leveraged to improve visibility and rankings for attorney and law practice websites in unpaid, organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

The most common search engine lawyers aim to rank highly on through SEO is Google due to its dominant usage when prospects search various legal issues and attorney names.

By appearing higher in results for relevant searches, law firms can increase website traffic, credibility, lead generation, and ultimately client retention thanks to optimized organic visibility.

Some examples of searches SEO helps law firms rank for include terms like:

  • [City] personal injury lawyer
  • Best divorce attorney near me
  • Child custody lawyers [State]
  • Tax attorney accepting new clients
  • Business litigation law firm

And hundreds more high-value, location-adjusted queries. SEO aims to capture website visitors across all service categories a firm offers.

So in legal digital marketing contexts, “SEO” stands for the process of improving organic visibility and acquisition through search engine results page rankings.

Local SEO is extremely important for law firms because most people search for legal representatives in their specific metro area that they can conveniently visit and work with in-person. Even for certain online services like contract reviews, physical proximity builds additional trust.

Optimizing for local searches is critical as over 90% of searches involving lawyers have some geographic component or intent to find options nearby. People typically key in phrases like “best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles” or “family law firm Cincinnati” rather than just generic law terms. So ranking well locally drives significant case opportunities.

Effective local SEO for law practices involves optimizing Google My Business profiles, implementing locator schema markup, building localized citations on directories/platforms confirming address details, and creating metro-specific landing pages/content on the firm’s website.

By appearing prominently in results when prospective clients search for legal terms + cities like “mlawyer San Diego” and “estate planning attorney Miami”, a firm can convert more of these high-intent visitors into scheduled consultations and retained clients. Meeting localization needs through SEO spotlights expertise in specific areas.

This ability to attract nearby prospects who will actually utilize services makes precise local SEO invaluable for conversion-focused law firms targeting regional clientele. The growth impact from capturing traffic based on geography is substantial.

Yes, investing in local search engine optimization is extremely worthwhile for law firms targeting clients within a specific metro area or region. While broad visibility has some value for branding, comprehensive local SEO generates considerably higher conversion rates from the website traffic it provides.

Over 90% of all searches relating to finding legal representation have some local intent or geographic component. So optimizing to rank prominently for local searches translates directly into more case opportunities and scheduled consultations—driving real revenue through elevated client acquisition.

Our local SEO clients see over 5x more conversion ready leads on average compared to firms focused solely on ambiguous brand visibility. The growth opportunity is massive thanks to the services and conveniences localization indicates that clients desire.

And with more smartphone usage, even if a prospect doesn’t retain initially, prominent local impressions make it likely they will recall and return to your firm should an urgent issue arise down the road requiring support. There is significant upside beyond the short term as well.

For law firms committed to attracting and serving clients in target regions, local SEO delivers an exceptionally strong return on investment overall. The value derived for growth and stability is difficult to overstate compared to outdated broad outreach models. Meet prospects where they search.

Absolutely – when implemented properly over an extended timeline, SEO undoubtedly delivers tremendous value and ROI for law firms of all sizes and practice areas. 

Surveys clearly show that legal services top the list of industries where buyers turn to search engines like Google to research, evaluate, and discover providers to hire. Over 73% seeking legal representation leverage search to find lawyers specifically. SEO enables your firm to appear prominently across stages of their journeys.

And visibility in those critical organic results then translates directly into more high-quality website traffic, greatly improved credibility through rankings, and most importantly – more viable new client cases contacting your law practice. Calls and contact forms coming straight from Google searches to your website have tremendously high conversion potential in the legal space.

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