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Struggling to generate high-quality leads from your business website? An SEO campaign spots gaps in your findability and visibility among commercial searchers. Let our analytics-driven SEO provide the lead generation lift you require by optimizing for the terms that influence B2B discovery across Google and industry directories.

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Search engine optimization

Our comprehensive SEO solutions revolve around depth of keyword research to identify the terms driving opportunity for your business. We conduct customer journey analysis to optimize pages for each stage of research with personalized content and calls-to-action. The right message resonates at each phase, driving traffic quality and lead conversion rate through organic search results.

Website design

Our SEO web designs streamline site navigation for business buyers by organizing content based on user testing insights. Page layouts, content flow and calls-to-action guide decision stages while optimized page speed and mobile responsiveness remove friction. This results in higher qualified lead generation and pipeline ROI by reducing bounce rates and nurturing profitable conversions on your site.

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Reputation management

Our reputation management tracks mentions of your business across review sites, forums, directories, and news outlets. We enable responding to issues, highlighting positive commentary, and updating incorrect information about your company. Consistent accuracy and transparency across the web instills trust with researching buyers to influence B2B purchasing decisions.

Our SEO Services

A few of the features included in your SEO campaign:

Keyword Research

Our B2B keyword research identifies the terminology driving commercial intent across various industries. We uncover the questions influencing each stage of the purchase process - from awareness to consideration - down to the transactional. Optimizing for the right mix of long tail and short tail keywords connects your brand to appropriate buying committee members during their online discovery.

Competitor Intelligence

Our competitor analysis provides intelligence to differentiate and disrupt the market position of enterprise rivals. We evaluate the SEO, content, outreach and conversion approaches winning the battle for visibility and leads. This informs strategies to outmaneuver incumbent players, capitalize on gaps and own organic result real estate to influence commercial buying groups.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO solutions help B2B brands dominate search and map rankings in their headquartered metro area along with key regional territories. We optimize Google Business Profiles and 50+ directories with location-oriented commercial keywords and categories. This drives new business growth by ensuring local prospects find and engage your brand when researching partner options nearby.

AI Content

Our managed AI content service helps scale well-researched long-form articles then optimize them via human refinement before publishing. Leveraging the latest technology, we create future-facing blog posts on industry trends, guides on optimizing operations, and profile target buyer personas. Our editorial team then perfects every piece into an authoritative, insightful and engaging resource that builds brand trust.

Link Building

Our ethical link building utilizes a range of trust-building digital PR strategies to amplify brand visibility across both niche and leading publications. By securing earned placements and backlinks from industry news sites, directories, job boards and more, we expand discovery. This grows organic traffic and leads by associating your brand with informative assets well-engaged within your sector.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO solutions ensure your complex business site has the enterprise-level performance to support lead gen impact at scale. By optimizing page speed, security protocols, indexing and more, we maximize uptime and eliminate crawler barriers. This allows all other SEO efforts to drive measurable conversions by keeping your pages discoverable and customer experience frustration-free.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page SEO refinements directly optimize and integrate target commercial keywords within your existing content and site architecture. By improving page structure, information hierarchy, and metadata we attract more qualified organic visits from professional searchers. This amplifies the entire site's visibility for priority terms to establish your brand as a trusted partner or resource that buyers consistently connect with.

Schema Markup

Our schema markup implementation helps search engines better interpret and display your business pages in rich results. By structuring company data such as locations, organization hierarchy, events, job postings and more, clicks and conversions improve. This results in enhanced local pack appearances, integrated knowledge panels and eye-catching serp features that build brand visibility.

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Result Driven

Capitalizing on Opportunity with Speed & Visibility

When a new and valuable tax credit emerged for retaining employees during the pandemic, we helped ERC Today rapidly become the dominant resource guiding companies to capitalize on this unique economic incentive. With swift and strategic SEO, we built and empowered their site to benefit businesses urgently seeking clarity while propelling lasting authority for them.

The results over 2 years – their site has attracted 5+ million visitors and guided thousands of claiming companies to over $950M in approved credits. Through capturing 74% market share of searches around “employee retention tax credit,” ERC Today has built online authority in a vital economic niche at speed and scale to deliver millions in revenue quarterly.


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They’ve delivered on everything they told me they would. 5-stars, highly recommended you work with this team if you want real results for your company through SEO

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Straight up, Direction Inc is your ticket into the SEO big leagues! More like straightforward pointed in the right direction! An appropriate name for their business! They optimized my website and then ranked me #2 in a very competitive niche! Very impressive!

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Michael Oz

I have been a client of Direction for over 3 years and must say that these guys are great! A solid team of SEO marketers that take the time to understand your business and constantly look for ways to improve your ROI.

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Starting with B2B SEO services

We recognize researching service partners involves asking additional detailed questions to determine fit. Browse these FAQs addressing common next-level topics.

Absolutely. Studies show that 82% of B2B buyers now conduct online research before ever contacting a sales rep. SEO allows your brand to tap into that self-education moment and influence complex buying committees as they form impressions and evaluate options.

By optimizing your site for commercial buyer keywords, earned visibility drives new inquiries alongside outbound prospecting efforts. And optimized SEO has a documented average conversion rate of 14.6% for new business opportunities, far exceeding outbound-only approaches.

For any company selling to other companies, an SEO strategy is mandatory for capturing buyer share in today’s digital-first research arena. 

The key foundations of an effective B2B SEO approach include:

  1. Conducting exhaustive keyword research to uncover the commercial search terms driving opportunities.
  2. Analyze search volume as well as user intent signals to prioritize targets.
  3. Mapping keywords to distinct stages of the B2B funnel – from awareness phrases down to bottom-funnel product and transactional queries. Optimize pages for each phase.
  4. Monitoring the SEO activity of your competitors and what is working to capitalize on gaps.
  5. Ensuring technical site health and infrastructure can support rankings at enterprise scale
  6. Producing pillar content optimized for priority keywords that attracts and nurtures opportunity
  7. Building links and citations from recognized industry publications to bolster brand visibility

The exact combination of SEO strategies differs for every business depending on offerings, markets, and goals. Let’s discuss your specific objectives and industry landscape to craft a custom integrated organic growth plan.

While both focus on driving qualified traffic that converts, B2B SEO requires a more layered strategy to influence complex sale journeys. Instead of individuals, multiple decision makers research in a committee. So B2B SEO must identify commercial searchers then nurture them through lengthy evaluation funnels by matching content to each awareness, consideration and decision stage.

Competitor monitoring, targeted local pack domination, strategic link building via industry press, and optimize navigation for product detail research also gain importance in B2B contexts to stand out from rivals and facilitate comparison shopping pre-purchase.

B2C strategies still utilize video SEO, reviews and visual-forward content but have faster purchase turnarounds. Determining the appropriate SEO approach depends on a needs analysis for your specific customers and offerings.

Crafting content that fuels business opportunities requires aligning topics and formats to each phase of complex sale journeys.

Start by mapping target commercial keywords to awareness, consideration, and decision stage content.

Informative guides, ebooks, and webinars attract researchers just discovering issues and options.

Competitive comparisons, product specs, analyst reports, and ROI calculators serve middle funnel comparison shoppers.

Final stage case studies, demos, free trials, and aggressive calls-to-action convince final decision makers. Optimized for seamless lead nurturing between phases.

Then promote assets through industry press outreach and pillar page integration.

Constant testing and metrics analysis informs evolution towards highest converting SEO content that compels profitable action from commercial purchasers. Let’s explore the right mix to maximize ROI from organic pipeline.

The most widely used technique for B2B promotion is content marketing. By publishing valuable, relevant content like articles, guides, case studies, and more, B2B brands attract and engage commercial prospects during initial research phases.

Quality content builds awareness and trust for brands while capturing visitor data and nudging leads down the sales funnel. Useful assets can be gateways to offers like demos, trials, or product consultation requests. Optimized for search visibility, promoted on social channels, and integrated into paid campaigns, content fuels multichemnel lead gen.

According to DemandGen, 91% of B2B marketers leverage content in multiple formats from text to video to fuel impact. Content feeds websites, thought leadership and social presence while enabling sales collateral.

With buyers more self-educated before engaging reps today, an integrated content strategy is imperative for driving and qualifying B2B opportunities.