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Struggling to attract new clients and win competitive bids? As an architecture firm, disjointed marketing efforts and lack of online visibility likely exacerbate already slim profit margins. Transform your web presence and client outreach with proven SEO strategies tailored for architects.

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“Direction has raised the bar for B2B client service. It was refreshing working with a firm with such dedication and passion to our definition of success."
-Matthew George, Ralston Architects
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Search engine optimization

Our tailored SEO services for architects leverage proven best practices to ethically boost your domain authority, optimize on-page content for relevant keywords, create link-earning opportunities, and amplify signals of trust and relevance.

The result? Your firm emerges in those critical first few organic search results for architectural services in your region – enabling you to capture more leads and outbid the competition.

Website design

An architecture firm’s website is the hub that brings all marketing efforts together. Allow our team of architect SEO experts to optimize your site design for search engine visibility, user experience, and conversion performance.

We audit technical SEO factors, enrich page content for relevant keywords, optimize site speed and navigation, and strategically incorporate calls-to-action across pages. The outcome is an SEO website formatted to systematically guide visitors to contact your team. 

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Reputation management

Managing your architecture firm’s online reputation across the web and local directories is imperative for building trust and qualifying leads. Our cutting-edge citation software seamlessly builds and verifies your NAP (name, address, phone) details across 50+ of the most influential online directories. It also actively monitors reviews and listings across the web to address harmful reviews, encourage positive mentions, and showcase your best work.

The right reputation management foundation pays dividends towards earning client trust and clearly communicating your unmatched value.

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Keyword Research

Pinpointing the terms your ideal architectural clients are using during initial research is key to connecting your services to their needs. Our team leverages advanced tools and techniques to identify relevant keyword opportunities with sufficient search volume to drive results. We evaluate geo-targeting parameters, seasonality, and search intent to derive the optimal set of core focus keywords for your firm. The outcome is an informed SEO keyword strategy purpose-built to attract viable leads by reflecting the search language and needs of local clients.

Competitor Intelligence

Gaining market visibility requires out-performing incumbent firms in your region. Our competitor SEO analysis examines the web presence and strategies of rival architecture organizations. We evaluate their technical foundations, high-performing pages, content themes, backlink profiles, and more to derive actionable insights. Understanding the SEO advantage your competitors currently wield is essential to crafting a strategy that leapfrogs past their standings. The outcome is a strategic roadmap built upon the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in your market.

Local SEO

Attracting clients starts with visibility among searchers in your region. Our Local SEO solutions help architecture firms dominate the rankings for location-based searches like “Boston architects” or “Seattle architectural firm.” We optimize your online assets for local ranking factors like address, phone, location pages, and schema markup. Combined with managing business listings on directories/maps, positive local signals culminate to rank your website prominently for local searches. The end result is connecting your firm directly with prospects actively seeking an architect in your geographic service area.

AI Content

Without robust SEO content tailored for architects, your website leaves potential rankings on the table. Our hybrid AI solution first pumps out Architect-specific blog articles, service pages, and case studies optimized to rank for popular searches like “sustainable home design” as well as endless long-tail variations like “small space apartment renovations under $50k." Our human copywriters then review all AI-generated content before publication, refining messages to resonate with architecture client preferences. This combination of AI creation and thoughtful human oversight allows efficiently producing high volumes of conversion-focused web content.

Link Building

Earning backlinks from relevant websites accrues critical SEO authority to your architecture firm’s web presence. Our link building tactics range from content partnerships with complementary blogs to pursuing references from recently completed projects. We identify ethical opportunities to infuse contextually relevant mentions of your architecture services across a diverse range of websites. The outcome is organically accelerating your website’s visibility and performance for service-related searches without compromising long-term rankings.

Technical SEO

Flawless website functionality builds the foundation for SEO success. Our technical audits identify and address site architecture issues like indexation barriers, duplicate content, broken links, page speed metrics, and more. We configure XML sitemaps, optimize site architecture for better crawling, streamline page elements to accelerate load speeds, and strengthen overall infrastructure. The outcome is resolving technical deficiencies holding your current SEO efforts back while proactively optimizing site performance to support future growth.

On-Page SEO

What appears on your actual website pages makes or breaks SEO success. Our on-page optimization begins by identifying pages aligned to your ideal client services and associated search terms. We optimize page titles and meta descriptions for click-through-rate while streamlining content for scannability. We also add conversion elements like contact forms, calls-to-action, and embedded lead generation content. The combination of enriched on-page SEO and conversion factors culminates in higher rankings for your key pages and services.

Schema Markup

Integrating schema markup into your website pages signals critical relevance clues to search engines about your architecture services and credentials. We strategically incorporate schema like Organization, Local Business, FAQ page, Review, and more – optimizing elements such as business name, address, licenses, project images, service areas, founder bios, and client reviews. Adding schema markup showcases your firm as a reputable industry authority fully qualified for the services you provide.

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Spyglass Realty boosts
sales using SEO

Spyglass Realty was battling to expand qualified leads in a competitive Austin luxury real estate space. In just 6 months, we grew their website traffic and conversions by 25x — attracting more home buyer and seller leads, and expanding their talent pipeline.

Our organic search plan included:

  • Extensive keyword research uncovering Spyglass’s sweet spots
  • Technical audits identifying site issues obstructing performance
  • Optimized, targeted content created for ranking pages
  • Localized link building campaigns elevating domain authority
  • Advanced tracking and reporting for data-led decisions
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Scot Schrager

180 Closet Design

I’ve worked with several SEO company with great sales pitches, but limited results. Chris and his team are next level.

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Success stories from real business owners

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Jessica Klein

REI Construction

Working with has been great! Completely new website and SEO campaign. Great team for a digital marketing overhaul!

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Chad Dixon

Above & Beyond Homes

Sara is an SEO genius and has been no less than indispensable to us for our online marketing efforts. Thank you!

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Search engine optimization FAQs

Still have questions before getting started? 
See answers to some frequently asked questions about architect SEO here.

Architecture SEO services refer to a range of solutions and optimizations specifically tailored to improve the organic search visibility and performance of architectural firm websites. These include technical audits, site optimization, keyword research, locally-targeted content creation, link building outreach, listing management, and more – executed in a way aligned to architecture-related search intent and topics.

Dedicated architecture SEO services help firms become more discoverable for relevant searches like “sustainable home architects”, capture more viable leads from search queries seeking their services, and ultimately gain local mindshare as a premier architectural resource compared to competitors. The combination of core SEO best practices delivered through an architecture lens leads to measurable improvements in both search engine and direct client acquisition.

Architecture SEO services encompass a broad range of individual tactics and optimizations that together aim to boost an firm’s organic search visibility and conversion of website visitors into leads.

Common architecture SEO services include:

  • Technical SEO Audits – Assessing site infrastructure for search accessibility
  • On-page Optimization – Enhancing individual webpages for better rankings
  • Local SEO – Improving rankings for geographic searches
  • Keyword Research – Identifying terms aligned to buyer searches
  • Content Creation – Crafting blog posts and pages around focus terms
  • Link Building – Earning backlinks from relevant architecture sites
  • Listing Management – Improving online directory presence
  • Reporting & Analytics – Tracking SEO KPIs and growth

The combination of these core yet tailored SEO services for architects allows firms to connect their expertise, designs, and previous projects to the search intent of prospective clients in their region.

SEO management services refer to ongoing optimization and upkeep of a website’s organic search performance. Rather than just executing initial SEO tactics, SEO management provides continuous supervision to address algorithm changes, new opportunities/threats, evolving search intent, and more over time.

Common ongoing SEO management services include:

  • Monthly technical site audits
  • Continuous content creation, optimization
  • Ongoing link building outreach
  • Regular keyword expansion and optimization
  • Updating online listings/citations
  • Reputation management
  • Performance benchmarking & reporting
  • Strategic optimization adjustments

Dedicated SEO management enables properly maintaining search relevance, visibility, and conversion performance in the face of constant change. It prevents decline over time through proactive enhancements and evolution aligned to the current search environment. For architects, the right SEO management plan keeps your designs, credentials, and projects discoverable to prospective clients into the future.

Our complete SEO management services range from $3,500 per month up to $20,000 monthly depending on the scope of services required and resources involved for an architectural firm. For context, plans in the $3,500-$7,500 per month range typically include core optimization tactics and continuous monitoring while larger monthly plans encompass supplementary services like extensive content production, localized link/citation building campaigns, online reputation management and more.

We also offer an SEO software solution providing essential management tools for $999 annually. This self-service software enables architecture firms to handle much of the ongoing SEO upkeep themselves with guidance.

The cost can vary substantially based on current search visibility, monthly targets for new organic lead generation, existing marketing resources and total budget. We customize an SEO services proposal and monthly investment recommendation based on your firm’s specific business goals during a preliminary assessment before moving forward.

Yes, SEO services are well worth the investment for architectural firms looking to grow their business. By improving search engine visibility and website conversion rates, SEO helps architecture practices connect their designs, capabilities and past projects directly to prospective clients researching related services online.

Some valuable benefits that demonstrate the ROI of SEO for architects include:

  • Lead Generation – SEO is proven to generate more quality leads through organic search at a lower cost than other forms of advertising. Good SEO typically provides a return of $2-$3 for every $1 spent.
  • Competitive Differentiation – Top search rankings make firms stand out as reputable design authorities compared to competitors still struggling for search visibility.
  • Brand Awareness – Appearing ahead of others for relevant queries grows general awareness of an architecture practice among prospective buyers.
  • Future-proof Marketing – SEO delivers long-term sustainable growth not reliant on ads budget or other variable marketing expenses.

Overall SEO success takes commitment, yet tailored architecture SEO services yield significant return through both immediate business results and long-lasting brand growth. For these reasons, SEO is considered extremely worthwhile element of an architectural firm’s overall marketing strategy.