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Inconsistent lead volume holding your brokerage back? We fuel sustainable growth for partners through adaptable SEO that turns your brokerage website into a 24/7 lead magnet. Let us help you attract more buyer and seller leads with proven SEO strategies that drive qualified leads to your brokerage website.

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"Direction's SEO services have doubled my traffic and my conversions to leads have tripled in the past year. I highly recommend their services. They also have a Google Maps ranking software that is a no-brainer for any brokerage and their agents."
-Ryan Rodenbeck
CEO, Spyglass Realty
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Search engine optimization

In today’s hot housing market, simply listing properties online is not enough. To truly showcase your listings and drive qualified traffic, you need an experienced SEO partner.

At, we have over a decade of proven success helping brokerages like yours boost visibility and connect with motivated buyers and sellers through organic search. Our comprehensive real estate SEO services are designed to get your properties in front of the right people at the right time.

Website design

A beautiful website means nothing without the right foundation. Our real estate website design goes beyond aesthetics – we build sites optimized for higher rankings, qualified traffic, and maximized conversions.

Our SEO-driven design process includes comprehensive keyword research, on-page optimization, site speed enhancements, mobile responsiveness, and more. Whether you need a completely new real estate website or want to improve SEO on your existing site, we can help.

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Reputation management

Your reputation is everything in real estate. That’s why we offer proprietary SEO software designed specifically to elevate your brokerage’s credibility locally.

Our online reputation management software integrates seamlessly with our core SEO services allowing you to secure local marketing wins even faster. With our cutting-edge platform in your toolkit, we can help your brokerage attract more qualified leads by strengthening how customers perceive you online.

Real Estate SEO services
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It’s not just about being seen, it’s about being remembered, respected, and chosen in a market that waits for no one. Embrace SEO and watch your brokerage rise to new heights.

Keyword Research

As real estate professionals, you know that curb appeal and property condition are key factors buyers evaluate when searching for their dream home. We perform in-depth keyword research to determine the precise terms potential home buyers enter when browsing listings online. This allows us to strategically optimize your property listings to rank for relevant searches like "recently renovated homes near me" and "move-in ready houses in [city]."

Competitor Intelligence

We analyze competing brokerages and agents in your area to identify their digital marketing tactics. By evaluating their target buyers and optimization for popular searches like “Victorian style homes” and “golf course communities,” we gain crucial insights to differentiate your listings. With these competitive insights, we can showcase your portfolio’s unique value proposition to stand out versus other agents vying for buyers and sellers.

Local SEO

Stand out in your hyperlocal market by utilizing our specialized listings distribution software. Our technology rapidly syndicates featured listings across 50+ of the most popular platforms home buyers and sellers use to view brokers in their area. Within weeks, your agency establishes an authoritative local presence on the key sites checked by 97% of home shoppers.

AI Content

With unlimited AI-powered content generation, we can dominate the rankings for popular searches like "lakefront property" as well as endless long-tail queries like "gated golf community under 300k." Our human copywriters then refine all content descriptions before publication to guarantee alignment with buyer and sellers preferences. The combination of AI-creation and human oversight allows efficiently producing high volumes of engaging, informative web pages optimized to rank #1 for hyper-localized real estate searches.

Link Building

Our tailored link-building tactics secure premium backlinks from reputable real estate resources and hyperlocal sites fitting your market. Each new high-quality link lifts your rankings for housing-related searches and drives referral traffic from ideal portal pages. Whether optimizing for popular keywords like "new construction homes" or specific specialty listings like "golf course condos," our linking methodology shoots your listings to the top for localized search patterns indicating motivated buyers.

Technical SEO

An optimized website is essential for converting visitors into real estate clients. That’s why our team includes expert WordPress developers devoted to maximizing your entire technical architecture. Collectively, the comprehensive technical upgrades we implement establish an optimal web environment to capture more calls, email inquiries, and showing requests from site visitors. Whether enhancing page speed or improving mobile friendliness, every enhancement aims to spike conversions from home buyers researching listings or sellers looking to put their hosue on the market.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page optimization methodology shapes your website into a magnet for home buyers. We refine all listing content for maximum relevance, greater appeal, and natural integration of location-based keywords. The end result is a site designed expressly to rank and convert for searches like "suburban homes under 200k" and "new construction near downtown." From intriguing headlines to clear calls-to-action, we optimize pages specifically to transform housing searches into scheduled showings.

Schema Markup

Our team specializes in implementing precise schema markup across your website to boost visibility and click-through rates in search listings. We incorporate exclusive tags on pages showcasing vital property details like price, bedrooms, baths, square footage, amenities and more. This extra contextual data empowers search engines to furnish enhanced listing snippets that showcase your property credentials directly in the results, securing more clicks from motivated home seekers.

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Result Driven

25x Your Weekly Lead Flow

Spyglass Realty needed to dramatically increase qualified leads in Austin, TX – a highly competitive real estate market. In under 6 months, we were able to grow their website traffic and conversions by 25x — attracting more buyer and seller leads, and boosting their recruitment pipeline for new real estate agents.

Our organic search optimization strategy included:

  • Extensive keyword research uncovering Spyglass’s best opportunities
  • Technical SEO audits identifying issues hurting performance
  • Optimized, targeted content created for ranking pages
  • Local link building campaigns boosting domain authority
  • Advanced tracking and analytics for data-backed insights
SEO Resources

Marketing Hacks for Real Estate

In the highly competitive, rapidly evolving, and digitally-driven real estate market, SEO stands as an indispensable, transformative, and results-oriented powerhouse for your brokerage. This strategic, cost-effective, and visibility-enhancing tool is crucial for generating consistent, high-quality, and targeted leads. Learn more about SEO for real estate with the resources below:

gary finkelstein
Gary Finkelstein

Owner, Finkelstein Florida Real Estate

Chris and his team are wizards when it comes to the WWW – highly recommended on all fronts SEO and Web. Professional / knowledgeable / great staff. Can’t say thank you enough for all they’ve done for my real estate brokerage in Miami. I highly recommend them for anyone in the real estate industry. Keep up the great work!

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Result-Driven Services

Success stories from our happy real estate clients

devin henry
Devin Henry

President, Nomadic Real Estate

Before I signed our contract with Direction, I vetted over a dozen agencies extensively. I’m very glad we made the right choice. Direction is a true growth partner rather than just a service provider, and when you’re trying to dominate your market, that’s huge.

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carissa barry
Carissa Barry

VP, The Zupancic Group of Marcus & Millichap

After engaging with Direction Inc., organic traffic, conversion rates, and closing numbers have quickly and dramatically increased. Their team meticulously organizes projects and immediately responds to requests. They offer more comprehensive SEO services than any comparable agency.

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Get started with real estate SEO services

We know you likely have questions before partnering with an SEO company. Below we’ve addressed some of the key topics brokerages have when initially researching our services. Feel free to contact us directly if you don’t see your specific question covered.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the strategies and techniques used to help websites rank higher in search engines like Google. The goal of SEO is to make your website more visible in organic search results for keywords and phrases relevant to your business.

Real estate SEO refers specifically to search engine optimization strategies and best practices for real estate websites, such as those belonging to brokers, agents, developers, property management companies, etc.

The main goal of real estate SEO is to improve website visibility and traffic from home buyers and sellers who are searching for properties online. This is achieved by optimizing real estate websites to rank higher in search engines for targeted keywords.

Some important real estate SEO tactics include:

  • Optimizing pages and listings for keywords like “Miami condos for sale”, “recently sold homes in Denver”, etc.
  • Creating location-based content and optimizing for local SEO.
  • Building links from other reputable real estate sites.
  • Ensuring fast load times and mobile friendliness.
  • Adding schema markup so search engines better understand page content.
  • Producing blog posts and articles that appeal to home buyers and sellers.

The higher a real estate website ranks for terms prospects are searching, the more qualified traffic and conversions it will drive. SEO helps real estate firms stand out online and connect with buyers and sellers proactively looking for properties.

Local SEO for real estate refers to optimizing real estate websites and listings to rank better for geographically targeted searches. The goal is to improve visibility and connections with buyers and sellers searching for properties in specific cities, neighborhoods, zip codes.

Some key things effective local real estate SEO does:

  • Optimizes website content for keywords containing location names like “Tampa condos” or “Portland homes”.
  • Implements schema and rich snippets to showcase address, geo-coordinates, etc.
  • Builds local links from directories, sponsors, and partners in the target region.
  • Generates reviews and citations listing the business address and location.
  • Ensures Google My Business profile is completely filled out and optimized.
  • Creates unique, locally-focused landing pages and content assets.
  • Runs paid search ads in conjunction with SEO to own the local SERPs.

The higher real estate sites rank for localized search terms, the more visibility they gain among buyers browsing for homes and agents in specific areas. Local SEO is key for connecting with customers in a geo-targeted way.

High-quality content marketing is extremely important for effective real estate SEO. Optimized blog posts, FAQs, area guides, and other content assets allow sites to target a wide range of relevant keywords and provide value to searchers.

Content marketing boosts rankings in a few key ways:

  • Adds optimized pages targeting low competition long-tail keywords.
  • Builds credibility and trust with buyers and sellers.
  • Earns backlinks from other sites, amplifying authority.
  • Improves domain authority and search visibility over time.
  • Provides fresh content for regular website updates.

Ideally, real estate sites should consistently publish new, useful content optimized for buyer and seller questions. This content should also link internally to key landing pages and listings to boost their relevance.

Inbound content not only attracts more qualified traffic through improved SEO, but also helps convert that traffic into leads for agents to nurture. Content and SEO go hand-in-hand for long term real estate success.

Yes, brokerages can benefit greatly from SEO services to help promote their business online. Here are some key reasons why SEO is important for real estate agents and brokers:

  • Increase website traffic – SEO helps realtor websites rank higher in search engines for relevant keywords like “Austin realtor” or “Miami condos for sale”. More traffic from search engines means more business opportunities.
  • Build credibility – Ranking on the first page of Google establishes legitimacy and authority in the eyes of home buyers and sellers searching online.
  • Cost-effective marketing – Organic search results are essentially free advertising compared to paid search ads. SEO delivers results without ongoing advertising costs.
  • Promote listings – Optimizing listing pages can help drive more inquiries and showings for specific for-sale properties. This supports the core business goal of selling more homes.
  • Outperform the competition – SEO differentiates a realtor’s business from competing agents by making their website and listings more visible in search results.
  • Support lead generation – Many real estate inquiries start with an online search. SEO helps realtors capture more of those high-intent leads.
  • Complement other marketing – SEO works alongside other efforts like social media, PPC ads, email marketing, and more to promote the realtor’s brand and listings online.

Given how important search visibility and website traffic are to real estate success, SEO delivers an excellent return on investment for realtors looking to grow their business.

The cost of SEO services for real estate agents and brokers can vary quite a bit depending on the scope of services, location, and the experience level of the SEO provider. However, most real estate SEO services tend to range from $2,000 to $10,000 per month on average.

The factors that influence cost include:

  • The size of your website – Optimizing a site with just a handful of pages costs less than a large site with hundreds or thousands of pages.
  • Location targeting – If you want to rank for searches in a highly competitive market like New York City or San Francisco, it usually costs more than less competitive cities.
  • Types of SEO services – A basic SEO audit and ongoing content creation is less expensive than more hands-on technical SEO work.
  • Experience of the SEO provider – SEO companies that have decades of experience and a proven track record with real estate sites command higher prices. Newer providers typically charge less.
  • Contract length – Long term contracts (6-12 months) usually come with a discounted monthly rate compared to short term or month-to-month agreements.

The most budget-friendly real estate SEO option is typically around $3,500/month. The top end for comprehensive SEO campaigns for larger, more competitive metro areas can be $5,000 and up per month when you factor in content creation and other services.

It is possible for motivated real estate professionals to handle basic SEO tactics on their own. However, managing an effective ongoing SEO strategy requires specialized expertise. There are a few reasons experts are recommended:

  • SEO is complex and constantly evolving as Google updates its algorithm.
  • Experts stay on top of these changes.
  • Technical optimization and site troubleshooting requires development knowledge many real estate pros lack.
  • Content creation and link building at scale is extremely time consuming for non-specialists.
  • Reporting, data analysis, and goal tracking is challenging without proper analytics skills.
  • Competitive knowledge is needed to identify ranking opportunities and avoid penalties.

While agents can handle simple efforts like updating titles and meta descriptions, the best results come from letting SEO specialists handle optimization using industry best practices. Their experience delivers long-term growth that is hard to achieve solo.

We recommend a blended approach – real estate pros focusing on their core strengths while partnering with experts for SEO and online visibility. This provides the best ROI on time and investment.