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Get a top level overview of your business reputation in minutes. Plug your Google Business Page, Yelp, Facebook, and many other review platforms into our dashboard to discover your reviews from every corner of the web while respond to them with ease.

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“Since joining Direction, we have increased our sales by $2.5M in just the first year of signing up. They are the team I don't want my competition knowing about."
-Clutch Review
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Unlock your reviews

Most customers will choose a product or service that has better reviews. Seize the market by unlocking every review of your business and managing them from one dashboard. Gather important feedback to improve on your business, learn from critical insights, or respond to each review to boost your online presence.

richard lindeman
Richard Lindeman

Loan Mountain Capital

The SEO team at Direction is awesome, they solved all of our organic ranking issues. Thank you!!

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We help business owners generate millions in revenue

andrew ortiz
Andrew Ortiz

Diligent Exterior Remodeling

Thanks to Direction, our site consistently ranks higher and higher on Google, and we’re getting more customer calls than ever.

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devin henry
Devin Henry

Nomadic Real Estate

Succeeding in boosting our organic search rankings, the Direction SEO team has even gotten us many featured snippets on SERPs! There’s a reason we’ve been a customer for over 5+ years.

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Explore Direction's
AI-Powered Platform

Online Reputation Management

Our reputation software continuously monitors brand mentions across critical review sites, social media, directories, forums and other sources to provide complete visibility. Robust tracking and alerts allow you to instantly see new reviews, recommendations and other impactful visibility channels as they occur in real time.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our centralized dashboard presents your aggregated reputation insights, brand analytics and management tools with intuitive clarity that does not require advanced technical skills. Clean visual data representations allow for quick assessment of visibility strengths versus improvement areas and tracking core metric progress over time.

White Labeling

Our software allows full white label customization for a seamless brand experience from login to platform views. Configure branded logos, names, colors and other properties so monitoring and management functionalities mirror your company's look and feel.

Review Response

Manage your reviews across multiple sites from a single central hub. This allows you to engage with your customers effectively, ensuring that your messaging remains consistent and brand-aligned. Our platform facilitates timely interactions with your audience, enhancing the overall experience and making it feel more personalized and genuine.

Review Monitoring

Ongoing review monitoring identifies both positive and negative brand mentions across 50+ networks with real-time alerts on critical items needing attention. Robust filters allow teams to monitor relevant sites or keywords to enhance newfound visibility into reviews and recommendations that impact leads and conversions.

SEO Reputation Management

Combined with our SEO campaigns, we can integrate reputation software to unify brand monitoring, allowing optimization of page content directly from reviews and mentions. This consolidation enables responding to reputation issues with positive rankings content that reassures audiences while suppressing negative result impressions.

Listings Management

Centralized directory and listings management empowers updating business information and monitoring critical citation signals from opening hours to phone numbers across 50+ major sites. This simplifies keeping directories accurate, claimed and consistent to build visibility while ensuring optimal local SEO authority signals.

Social Media Growth

Seamlessly publish customized reputation content directly to social media pages and profiles from positive review spotlights to brand testimonials, special offers, Q&As and announcements. This extends your ability to showcase and promote brand visibility wins that reinforce credibility across audiences.

Direct Chat Messaging

Direct chat integrations to Facebook and Google platforms allows one-to-one consumer engagement when prospects are ready to engage your organization. This facilitates quick resolution of customer service issues while empowering your sales team to capture warm prospects immediately.

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Sports Technology Labs scale from zero to $1M+ in revenue in a one year period

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LoudRumor increased its keyword rankings for its gyms by 81% in a two month period



OFW Law increased their billable hours volume 4x in a two year campaign period.

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ERC Today increased their website traffic to 60k daily visitors in just nine months

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Turn browsers into buyers

Our software platform proactively monitors brand mentions across the web to instantly promote great reviews while resolving emerging issues before they deter converts. Potential customers that encounter an outstanding reputation see the social proof to confidently engage, while current buyers contribute reviews that organically perpetuate conversion momentum.

Comprehensive reputation management ultimately nurtures belief in your brand at each digital touchpoint to seamlessly turn browser consideration into buyer action.

rod taheri

“Since joining, we have increased our sales by $2.5M in the first year of signing up." Rod Taheri | VP of MarketingSports Technology Labs

Create customers for life

Customer experience builds loyalty. Our reputation software equips teams to deliver wow service moments and resolve issues before they escalate through active listening across the web. Identifying and engaging customer feedback opportunities early nurtures individuals to feel heard, appreciated and valued by your brand at scale.

When experiences leave first-time buyers feeling understood and long-time loyalists feeling continuously prioritized, emotional connections supersede transactions to foster customers for life.

patrick cundiff loud rumor

“Each review that's replied to is an opportunity to earn business. Our gym owners love how easy it is to use." Patrick Cundiff | VP OperationsLoud Rumor

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Land more reviews,
book more appointments

Brands with positive reviews tend to attract more customers. In a recent survey, over 75% of buyers said reviews was a critical deciding factor in their buying process. Generally speaking, the more positive reviews you have, the more sales you will generate.

stephen stearman elevate holistics

“It's just so easy to see where our leads are coming from. seamlessly fits into our marketing firepower." Stephen Stearman | PresidentElevate Holistics

Turn your reviews
into more sales

Brands who proactively support their local communities through outreach efforts and volunteer campaigns build strong emotional connections. Our reputation software helps  showcase community contributions across digital channels, allowing you to promote activities that organically resonate with audiences, ultimately generating increased local favorability and authority.

When businesses authentically give back, then strategically amplify those statements through visibility platforms, they organically earn community preference and partnerships over competitors.

daley lightfoot

“We use for cross-directory publishing at scale. Big gains, right customers. What more could be said." Daley Lightfoot | Director of SalesThe DRIPBaR

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Become an
industry luminary

Our centralized platform enables brands to monitor online mentions and strategically promote positive sentiments that are relevant to their specialized market. Consistently showcasing customer endorsements on industry forums and influencer sites fosters third-party validation of expertise. This perpetuates referrals and organic visibility by highlighting the capabilities of leaders and their teams.

Accelerating awareness of customer success stories bolsters a brands credibility, earning authority seats at industry tables. 

stephen stearman elevate holistics

“It's just so easy to see where our leads are coming from. seamlessly fits into our marketing firepower." Stephen Stearman | PresidentElevate Holistics


Revenue through SEO
is what we do

Our proactive online reputation platform empowers brands to control powerful social proof indicators that convert and retain consumers. We’ve driven customer advocacy, revenue growth, and loyalty for partners through our leading platform.

Request a demo today to learn how our solution can amplify positive mentions of your brand and drive success in local markets.

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Manage 75+ business listings, review management, content updates for 1 location

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Local Business

Manage 75+ publisher listings, review management, content updates for 1 location

Includes one-time setup fee
Manage listings from these platforms
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Local SEO

Reputation management software refers to SaaS platforms that allow brands to monitor mentions and sentiment across review sites, social media, directories, forums, and other channels. Core capabilities include alerting, analysis, review generation, and publishing tools to proactively manage public perception.

Robust packages facilitate tracking of customer sentiment, promoting positive visibility, resolving emerging issues, and distributing tailored media through centralized dashboards.

Reputation software ultimately enables controlling presentation and conversation rhythms around a brand across the expansive digital landscape. Leading solutions are highly configurable to unique business objectives.

There are over a dozen capable reputation management software options in market spanning needs from specialized social listening through robust omnichannel monitoring and publishing. Leading solutions include platforms like:

  • Direction – End-to-end real-time monitoring, analytics, and publishing.
  • ReviewTrackers – Specialized AI review scraping with monitoring alerts.
  • Birdeye – Strengths in CX chat tools and multi-location analytics.
  • Podium – Specialized integration of customer feedback into CRM systems.
  • Reputology – Focus on aggregating third-party online review analysis.
  • Trustpilot – Social-centric targeted review generation.

The range of solutions each provide unique combinations of AI monitoring technology, analytics modules, and workflow features that brands can match to internal process requirements around managing online reputation. Selecting technology aligned to organizational use cases allows maximizing value.

The reputation management method refers to the core strategic process for shaping public perception positively across digital channels. This ongoing methodology centers around four key pillars:

  1. Monitoring – Comprehensive tracking of brand mentions and sentiment across review sites, forums, directories, social media, and other properties to maintain pulse.
  2. Assessment – Evaluating analytics and feedback scores to diagnose current visibility standing while identifying improvement opportunities.
  3. Response – Timely and personalized responding to reviews, queries, and issues to resolve emerging problems early while engaging interested audiences.
  4. Promotion – Proactive promotion of contents spotlighting achievements, showcasing great feedback, announcing new offerings, and reinforcing community involvement.

Combined this methodology builds visibility through both reactive listening and strategic publishing to ultimately control narratives, promote advantages, and perpetually reinforce positive public reception. Software acts as a force multiplier to execute these pillars efficiently at scale.

Reputation management software pricing varies based on included capabilities and target business size but often falls into monthly subscription plans ranging from around $50 up to $500+ for enterprise-scale solutions.

Our cutting-edge reputation software is available for just $99 per month or $999 per year, while still including robust core platform functionalities of monitoring, publication, analytics, review automations, and even local listings/citation management.

For comparison, standalone monitoring-only limited plans can start at $49/month while comprehensive AI analytics, response automation, and social publishing packages range up to $2,500+ monthly for global multi-location brands.

Ultimately selection comes down to aligning modular features to use cases and ROI. 

There are five core tenets we recommend individuals or businesses follow to build effective online reputation management:

  1. Set Google Alerts – Establish notifications on key brand name mentions online to monitor issues.
  2. Claim Listings – Officially register and validate directory listings like Google My Business.
  3. Enable Review Generations – Facilitate seamless review options for customers across touchpoints.
  4. Respond to Engage – React to positive and negative ratings either publicly or privately.
  5. Develop Online Assets – Craft website content and social pages reinforcing capabilities.

While manual upkeep is possible, reputation management software greatly simplifies monitoring mentions at scale, promoting positive sentiment, engaging interested groups, and distributing customized media assets across channels. Automated tools multiply results through workflow efficiency – enabling both reactive and proactive strategies.

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