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Is your home restoration business hidden on page 3 of Google? With decades of water, fire, and storm damage repair experience between your technicians, you know quality restoration services — but complex search engine optimization is not your specialty. Let us bring your website to the front page of Google and funnel your ideal customers straight to your website.

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“Thanks to Direction’s SEO efforts, the we consistently ranks high on Google, and are getting more customer calls. The Direction team is honest and attentive; they keep up with monthly meetings for communication. Their superb customer service is a highlight of a very successful SEO partnership."
-Andrew Ortiz
Owner, Diligent Exterior Remodeling
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Search engine optimization

We optimize every aspect of your website to help customers find and choose you. Our SEO service ensures you consistently rank higher for searches like “flood damage repair company” in your area. This visibility fuels new customer calls and growth for your home restoration business.

Stop losing revenue to companies outranking you online. Request a custom SEO plan now so more customers can discover you on search engines.

Website design

Does your website fail to make strong first impressions? Poor web design squanders opportunities to convert visitors into paying customers. Our SEO web design service creates an effective homepage focused on addressing your ideal customer’s top questions and highlighting your restoration company’s unique value.

Visually appealing designs capture more attention while integrated SEO text and metadata make entire sites discoverable by search engines. Together, they present a professional face to customers and drive growth for your home restoration services.

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Reputation management

A single negative review can cost home restoration companies like yours over 30 potential jobs per year. In today’s digital world, you need a bullet-proof online reputation.

Our reputation software tracks mentions across all major review sites to help spotlight your exemplary services. We make it easy to identify and leverage satisfied customers to leave positive public feedback showcasing your 5-star services.

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Keyword Research

We execute comprehensive keyword research to uncover the precise terms searchers use to find reliable home restoration contractors. This enables tailored content catered to homeowners seeking professional disaster repair or remediation services. By targeting keywords like “water damage repair company near me” and “trusted flood restoration service,” we architect your digital presence to rank for high-intent queries, leading engaged visitors to solicit project quotes or book on-site evaluations.

Competitor Intelligence

We analyze competing home restoration companies within your service area to decode their SEO strategies. Analyzing their targeted homeowner demographics and optimization around most-searched queries supplies vital intelligence. Evaluating site architecture and content optimization also spotlights shortcomings we can leverage to overtake rivals for high-value search terms. These discoveries empower superior SEO approaches to conquer competitor brands for coveted rankings.

Local SEO

Heighten local visibility by utilizing our tailored listings software. Our technology swiftly publishes your restoration business to 50+ dominant local platforms where searchers uncover neighborhood services. Within weeks, your company establishes an authoritative area presence on the critical sites consulted by 97% of consumers – Google My Business, Apple Maps, Yelp, Mapquest and more. By getting your enterprise found and reviewed on the key sites people check when looking to hire restoration help, we ensure you show up for these high-intent searchers.

AI Content

With unlimited AI-generated content creation, we can dominate rankings for popular and countless long-tail searches driving home restoration leads. Our human writers then refine all content preceding publication to ensure relevance and strategic fitness. The fusion of AI creation and human polishing empowers efficiently producing copious volumes of compelling, informative content optimized specifically to rank #1 for localized home damage repair queries.

Link Building

Our strategies secure authoritative backlinks from reputable home restoration industry resources fitting your service area. Each new obtained link elevates your rankings for repair-centric searches and steers referral traffic from ideal pages. Whether pursuing wide net terms like “water damage restoration company” or specific services like “smoke damage remediation,” our linking methodology catapults you forward in the rankings for localized search patterns poised to funnel website visitors needing home damage solutions.

Technical SEO

An optimized website is indispensable for converting visitors into home restoration clients. That’s why our SEO team includes expert WordPress developers dedicated to maximizing your entire technical framework. Collectively, the comprehensive technical enhancements we actualize establish an optimal web environment to capture more calls, form fills, and free inspection demands from website visitors. Whether bettering page speed or refining mobile friendliness, every upgrade aims to amplify conversions from distressed property owners researching area damage repair services.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page optimization methodology shapes your website into a magnet for searchers seeking home damage solutions. We refine all page content for tighter relevance, greater engagement, and organic incorporation of location-based keywords. The end result is a site sculpted expressly to rank and convert for searches around services from water extraction to smoke repair.

Schema Markup

Our team specializes in implementing accurate schema markup across your website to lift visibility and click-through rates in search results. We integrate special schema tags on pages presenting vital details like your service area, credentials, insurance information, payment options, reviews and more.

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Bellows Plumbing Boosts Revenue

Seeking an expert digital marketing partner to maximize their visibility, Bellows Plumbing chose our agency to architect a customized SEO strategy. Following an in-depth audit of their website and analytics, we optimized on-page elements, created informative blog content and secured placements on niche industry resources.

Within 6 months, the traffic gains were dramatic. Their website now draws over 5,000 additional monthly visitors from organic searches—a 65% increase from their previous baseline. Improved page speed and mobile responsiveness better engages this audience, driving over 10,000 user interactions including calls, contact form submissions and online bookings.


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Monark Home

Sherrill Van Pelt

The Direction team has been great at launching our new website, increasing our traffic and leads through SEO, and doing updates as needed.

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Success stories from real business owners

Richard Marzan House Doctors Handyman Services
House Doctors Handyman Services

Richard Marzan

I highly recommend Chris and his team. I can personally vouch for the fact that they know how to get your website found by people through SEO!!! A pleasure working with them.

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Jessica Klein REI Construction
REI Construction

Jessica Klein

Working with Direction has been great! I hired them on behalf of my supervisor to do a completely new website and SEO campaign for a commercial construction company in GA. They listened to what I wanted out of the project, involved me in the process, and was very patient with all updates/edits. Highly recommend him to any business looking for a digital marketing overhaul!

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Starting with restoration
SEO services

Still have questions about our restoration SEO services? Here’s what business owners like you have been asking before enlisting our help. 

Competing for the top search rankings in a major metro area is extremely difficult without SEO expertise. The latest Google algorithms demand optimized on-page elements like metadata, content structure, technical site architecture, and authoritative backlinks from other industry sites. Mastering these factors can shoot restoration sites to page 1 for searches like “fire damage repair [city name]” or “flood cleanup company [county name].” But failing at them buries companies digitally.

Most restoration company owners simply don’t have 40+ hours a month to dedicate solely to ranking site content. Nor the on-going training required as Google’s ranking signals change. SEO agencies live these algorithm updates. They possess the experience testing what works for competitive local search terms so clients don’t have to gamble testing on their own sites.

In the end, SEO services arm home restoration companies with the high visibility they require to capture new emergency repair jobs in their region. The incremental customer acquisition value far outweighs the investment. So while SEO costs may appear high compared to other marketing options, the ROI more than justifies the expense long-term.

SEO services focus on making entire websites completely optimized to rank higher in search engines like Google. Here are the main tasks professional SEO providers deliver:

  • Keyword Research: Identifying the most valuable industry terms and questions potential customers ask during searches. Ensuring websites target ranking for these specific phrases.
  • On-Page Optimization: Optimizing page titles, headers, content, image names and alt text across sites for focus keywords so search engines clearly understand relevancy.
  • Technical SEO: Ensuring correct metadata, site architecture, structured data, speed and security so websites comply with all technical ranking factors.
  • Link Building: Securing authoritative backlinks from industry websites to signal trust and influence to search algorithms.
  • Reporting & Analysis: Tracking website ranking positions, organic traffic and conversions driven by SEO efforts. Refining campaigns to further improve.

The combination of these focus areas allow SEO providers to significantly improve findability and visibility of websites in competitive search results. This increased visibility directly translates into more qualified website visitors contacting restoration services in their local area.

There are a few key tips for finding the best SEO service provider as a home restoration company:

  • Look for SEO Experience in Your Specific Industry – Prioritize providers with multiple years specifically optimizing home remodeling/contractor sites, not just broad SEO experience. They will better understand key terms and competitor dynamics.
  • Ask For Examples of Actual Client SEO Results – Quality providers should be able to showcase real organic traffic, rankings and conversions achieved for restoration companies similar to yours. Verify through third parties.
  • Clearly Define Your Monthly Budget – SEO plans and deliverables can vary greatly depending on spend levels. Being upfront on budget allows providers to scope services appropriately.
  • Seek SEO Firms Offering Performance Guarantees – Many top agencies guarantee page 1 rankings within a defined period or offer money back, showing confidence.
  • Check Reviews from Current Local SEO Clients – Online ratings and testimonials can confirm others are seeing strong SEO ROI. But also ask for direct references to contact.

Vetting SEO agencies on these criteria increases the chances of finding an optimal search marketing partner to grow your restoration business online. Let me know if you need any other tips!

The pricing for professional SEO services can vary widely in the range of $1,000 to $10,000+ per month depending on the competitive dynamics in specific cities and the scope of services included. For home restoration companies focused mostly on serving key metro regions, you can typically expect to invest around $3,000 to $4,000 monthly for robust ranking performance across core keywords.

At our agency, we offer two core SEO solutions at the following pricing:

Comprehensive Ranking Package – $3,500/Month

  • Targeting ranking #1-3 in Google for up to 20 locally-optimized home repair and restoration keywords
  • On-page optimization for entire website
  • Authoring new blog articles per month with AI enhancements
  • Monthly traffic, rankings and conversions reporting

Online Reviews & Reputation Software for $999/year

This solution allows home services businesses to easily manage customer feedback and reviews across the web from one dashboard, while simultaneously expanding their digital footprint across dozens of highly-trafficked online directories.

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