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Why is my listing not in sync?

You’ve made an update to your listing, but you don’t see the changes on your page?

After you make an update, it can take a few minutes for the change to show up. The system is sending the update to all of the directories, and each directory has its own updating cycle. Please allow 24 – 72 hours for the directories to process the update before trying to troubleshoot. Some of the directories have longer updating cycles, like Bing and Yelp.

Please familiarize yourself with the below items in order to most efficiently troubleshoot your issue. At the end of this article are instructions for how to reach Direction Local’s support team.

Reasons for a listing not being inSync

The location has not yet been synced to the platform

Once you have put in all the location details, make sure to click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page. After you have saved the changes, sync the location by either enabling auto-sync or by clicking on ‘Sync now’ on location level in the App.

This will send all the information to our database and our team will begin to add your listing to the necessary directories.

The location has been created or updated too recently

newly created location will go through the following steps before the information is published on a directory: 

  1. Pre-sync Check: the system scans the directories to see if the listing already exists on a directory. This process can take up to 5 working days.
  2. Cleansing: we check, validate, and optimize the profile details of a business location to make sure it is published quickly. This process usually takes about three weeks.
  3. Submission: once all checks are complete the location is queued for submission to the directory (either by flat-file or API) 
  4. Internal Review by Directory: After the directory receives your data, it will review it internally before publication.

For new locations, please allow around 4 weeks for all the above processes to complete.

For existing  locations which you have updated, please allow around 3 days if they do not require cleansing and 2 weeks if the directory requires the location to be cleansed.

The location has not yet been (re)cleansed

There are two times when a location is cleansed. The first is when it is first created, and the second is when certain address details are amended. When you create or update a location, please allow around three weeks for the cleansing process to complete.

You can track the cleansing status by visiting the location’s Profile in the App, seen on the right side of the page.

The address was not able to be located

If the address is not found, it means that your location is not in the system yet. This means that we will not submit your location to any of the directories.

The most common reason for an address not being found is because of incorrect or imprecise information (e.g. a P.O box was given instead of a street name). If this happens, you will need to put in the pin for us next time you log in to the App.

To see a list of locations not able to be processed by Direction Local, filter Requires Review under the Sync Status on the Locations tab of the App.

The listing is Claimed by Others

Sometimes, a business will list their information on a directory before Direction Local becomes involved.

In this case, we provide an email template in our app that you can send to the contact page on the directory’s website. This asks them to transfer ownership of the listing over to Direction Local. Until this process is completed, the listing will not be updated.

The location data doesn’t match the official website

If the information on the business’ website does not match the information in the Direction Local App, most publishers will not accept Direction Local’s updates. Please resolve any discrepancies between the website and the App so that your listings are always up-to-date.

The location was updated in Google Business Places (Google My Business)

If there is a change made to your GMB listing by you and not by Direction Local, our system will recognize the update as the most recent. The update will stay this way until a new and more up-to-date value is added to the platform.

Contacting Direction Local Support

If the above reasons do not apply for your listing, then either a submission error has occurred or the directory has rejected the update. In this case, please make contact with Direction Local’s Customer Operations teams by sending us an email. Please include the below information when reaching out:

  1. The Location’s ID
  2. A precise description of the issue you are experiencing
  3. Screenshot of the issue
  4. URLs (from the App, directories, etc.)
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