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Within the past few years, Jacksonville has earned a reputation for fostering a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today, the city is highly regarded as a great place to start a business, having cultivated a culture of startup and small business entrepreneurial growth. 

These accolades are quite revealing. From a marketers perspective, they show that Jacksonville has a healthy economy supported by customers that love to shop locally. Moreover, it shows growing competition across many industries in Jacksonville — a challenge that search engine optimization can help your business overcome.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

According to World Population Review, Jacksonville’s population grew by 26,890 people — a rate of 1.66% — to total of 1,613,220. In fact, the past 5 years alone has seen an average growth rate of 1.82%.

Hordes of entrepreneurs have taken notice, capitalizing on the influx of new residents by opening a variety of businesses in the Jacksonville area to serve their needs. This has created a hyper-competitive landscape for businesses, forcing brands to fight tooth and nail for online visibility. 

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It’s no surprise that the companies (both new and established) that are positively adapting to this thriving ecosystem are those that are investing in search engine optimization. 

If you’re ready to dominate your market, contact our team of digital marketers to discuss your business goals in more detail. From there, we’ll assemble a custom SEO strategy supported by proven tactics that will enable your business to rank on the top of SERPs where your customers are actively on the digital hunt for your products and services.

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As online shopping behaviors continue to evolve, it’s essential that business take notice and adapt to meet their customer’s needs. This can be as challenging or straightforward as you choose to make it. Working with us is the smart approach.

Direction Local is the all-in-one solution that not only simplifies your local marketing needs, but also provides the fastest SEO gains at just $60/month.

The Direction Local Advantage

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Direction Local is both a stand alone solution and a great addition to an SEO campaign. Our subscriptions are all-inclusive, providing our clients every benefit at a single rate. We also offer custom local marketing packages for hospitality businesses and medical practices, which include industry-specific directories, such as, to ensure our clients connect with qualified audiences.

To learn more, schedule a call with our Marketing Director for a demo of Direction Local.

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Ranking in search results comes down to building trust with Google.

If you think about Google as a product, what makes it so successful? What makes people use it more than 40,000 times every second?

It’s simple. When you search Google for information, it gives you relevant results that match what you were looking for. So it makes sense that Google favors websites that have high-quality, relevant information, fast loading times, and great user experience. Not to mention – optimized for mobile devices.

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