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We provide data & analytics driven organic search campaigns for businesses in and around DC to help make the right decisions in driving profit.

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Customized SEO Services From An Agency Which Caters To Your Market in & Around Washington DC

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Realize your company goals through digital marketing campaigns that achieve measurable growth

It doesn’t take a multi-million dollar marketing budget to achieve a dominant presence online, even if you’re up against nationally recognized names.

But, big brands go there by slowly growing their business until they were the dominant force they are today. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, started selling used books in his garage. As you know, his brand is now one of the most recognized names in e-commerce. He didn’t start with a massive marketing budget, and he didn’t become a billionaire overnight.

DC Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“Build it, and they will come,” right?

In today’s online landscape, it’s not enough to have an awesome website. While a critical first step, the best site ever conceived isn’t going to make sales by itself. It needs to get found by as many people as possible, and more importantly, the right people.

Search engines are the number one tool consumers use to find the products and services they need. By optimizing your platform for the most relevant searches to your industry, we’re going to drive your best customers right to your door. The people who’ve already decided to purchase what you are selling. It starts local and grows as you do.

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SEO-powered web design & development

Your website is the foundation for your digital footprint in Washington DC and beyond. It’s where your leads learn about you, your products and your services. Ultimately, they then decide whether you’re worth their time and money. In 2019, consumers aren’t going to put up with a slow website that’s difficult to navigate or doesn’t capture their attention. Why would they?

With just a click of the back button, they are on a competitor site that is modern, responsive, and gives them the information they came for. We’ll make the conversation about how you can help them, and how you stand apart from your competitors.

Get comprehensive, effective SEO services that result in perfectly targeted traffic, leads & sales

Work with an SEO Company which provides you with a solution that combines years of expertise. All of our SEO strategies are custom-built and focused on what search engines love – unique, premium content from our in-house team.

grow your business with online marketing

Awards & Reconition

Year after year, Direction Inc has been recognized as one of the top marketing companies by some of the largest brands worldwide.

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Search Marketing services with high investment returns.

Just because your customers are nearby doesn’t mean they don’t use the web to find businesses like yours who have what they’re looking for. Think about it this way. What did you do last time you needed something local and didn’t already have a relationship with a provider?

Did you Google it? Did you read reviews? How many times have you done business with that provider since?

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While the internet has had a significant impact on national and global commerce, business owners who are ignoring its power right at home are never going to get to that stage. Nearly everybody is online. It doesn’t matter if they’re searching worldwide or within two blocks. When they’re looking for exactly what you provide, they should be finding you.

Those who are taking command of their presence online in DC are earning more business and cultivating new relationships with the community daily. Business that should be going to you! Each person that clicks on your competitor’s website instead of yours is costing you money.

SEO is Vital for Business in the DC Area

SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of guidelines (over 250 to be exact) to optimize sites to be found in search engines. Essentially, effective SEO skyrockets your business’s website position on search engine result pages. In today’s competitive Washington D.C. market, SEO is more imperative than ever. Search engines such as Google and Bing serve millions of people per day, all of whom are seeking answers to their problems.

If you have an online store, blog, or any kind of website for that matter, SEO can help you grow your business toward your goals.

Premier Content Marketing

  • We could write a book about content marketing, but let’s save you the time and boil it down to a summary. You can’t rank in Google if your content isn’t relevant to what people are searching. We are going to develop a content strategy that tells your visitors what they want to know, sends the right message, and establishes you as the local authority in your industry. We will build credibility, target your best audience, and give them a better experience on your website than your competitors can offer.
  • Get Unmatched Customer Insight for targeting and retargeting. Quality SEO generates massive quantities of traffic to your website. Google Analytics tracks this behavior and generates valuable data and metrics that can give you insight into your customer base. This analysis includes information such as browsing patterns, language used, location, finding method, etc. This data can help you make educated decisions on which keywords to target in ranking.

Get Unmatched Campaign Insights

Enhance & Excel Your Brand Image

  • SEO strategies such as creating valuable, high-quality content provides you with essential benefits. It's time to improve the overall image and message of your brand. Creating content that helps your target audience understand what your business offers is imperative to cementing your brand’s standing. Also, the higher you're ranked in local search results, the more people know you.
  • In the internet age, very few clients search the yellow pages to find a product or service. This evolution has led improving your search engine ranking to the most powerful approach in growing your customer base. Whether someone's new to your area, or has lived their entire life in that location, they will use search engines to find the goods and services they need. To rank high in search results for the DC market, you need to employ strong SEO tactics.

Attract New Customers

Target the Right Customers

  • A shortcoming of many marketing campaigns is the failure of your message reaching the individuals most likely to act on it. SEO helps secure your message so the right people find your online business. After all, SEO’s primary goal is to put your online business in front of those who are likely to become customers.
  • SEO compliments other marketing techniques you may already be utilizing. If you're running a video ads or a search ads, through content development, SEO makes it easier for customers motivated to act by your ads to find your website and gather any other information they may need to make an informed purchase. If you want to run paid search ads, we have the qualified team to manage SEM campaigns that maximize your budget to drive the highest returns possible. We're flexible, able to manage marketing budgets of all sizes to generate positive returns on every dollar spent.

Complement your other marketing methods

Increase your websites value

  • Relevance and user-focused content are vital components of strong SEO. Google is placing more emphasis than ever before on the uniqueness and the value your content provides your target audience. Any SEO campaign must involve creating content that will benefit and relate to your readers.

Remain ahead of the competition.

  • Competition across every industry is fiercer than ever before. Every year sees the creation of thousands of new sites and the stabilization of more businesses into formidable enterprises. In response, the search visibility of many sites is actively dwindling. In turn, businesses must now look for smaller target niches in which they can achieve relevant visibility. One of the easiest means of obtaining this niche prominence is through local optimization.

Valuable SEO tips for business owners in the DC Metropolitan area

Content is king in SEO.

Gone are the days when short articles would rank higher. Both Google’s algorithms and web users love to consume in-depth and information-rich content. Create detailed, informative, and comprehensive posts that are robust in both content and keyword amount. According to a recent Searchmetrics report, Google now displays a preference for long, well-researched content more than ever before. The study indicated that the average content length of the first 30 search results was 1,140 words. The number was even higher for the first ten results, with an average word count of 1,285. Thus, when writing content, strive to cover every aspect of your topic and ensure the total word count is preferably 2,000+ words.

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

For your page to be relevant and your search rankings to improve, your site must be mobile responsive.Responsive websites provide the user with the same experience regardless of the device used to access them. To present users with the best possible web experience, Google has developed a preference for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in its search results. To rank high in 2018, ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Optimize for speed

Adding images and videos to your page enhances the user experience. For SEO purposes, ensure that you scale your images correctly. The larger the photo or video, the longer your page will take to load. Further, it is important that you remember to make your targeted keyword the alt text and create a title that is unique and applicable to the image or video. Alt tags should describe what is shown in the picture or video. Properly optimizing your photos and videos can help your website rank higher for the relevant keyword.

Perform routine competitor analysis

To beat the competition, you need to know who they are. Familiarity with who is ranking in your industry is imperative. Spy on every move your competitor makes by tracking their search ranking, along with any other actions they take to boost their business. Step one of this critical process is to find out what keywords your competitors are targeting by using tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs. Subsequently, you must analyze their site optimization, keyword density, meta information, internal linking, web design, Google My Business Page, and social media presence.

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Focus on creating unique content

Keyword focus is vital to successful SEO. To get the most from your campaign, carry out keyword research and be confident your company can convert for targeted terms. Use SEMrush to analyze what your competitors are targeting, or Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner to see search volumes. It is imperative that you understand the different types of keywords and determine which work best for you. To assess the relevance of a particular query, Google looks at LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. LSI notes patterns within the concepts, topics, or terms of an individual page. Therefore, when creating long-form content, consider naturally including LSI keywords. Your SEO goal should be to rank all synonyms and related queries. The three most prominent keyword types are:

  • Transactional Keywords: Words that target potential customers. Examples include adjectives such as top and best. These keywords are typically long-tail.
  • Informational keywords: Words that allow users to learn more about a topic. Ex: “SEO Company.”
  • Location Based Keywords: Words useful to users searching for a local business or physical location.

Analyze the density of keywords on competitor websites

Keyword density was formerly the only way for Google to determine the relevancy of a particular web page. That was how the concept of keyword stuffing was invented. This previously successful approach no longer works. In 2013, Google launched the Panda algorithm with the goal of improving search relevancy. The implementation of Google Hummingbird two years later further promoted this goal. Google now penalizes keyword stuffing; this is not something you want happening to your site. To determine the proper density of main and LSI keywords for your content, analyze top-ranking competitor sites. Most do not exceed a keyword density of 2-3%.

Content Readability
Local SEO for Google Listing

Have a Google My Business Page

Formerly known as Google Places, Google My Business is a unified interface that enables Google to have an easier time finding your business. To optimize your local rankings, take the time needed to set up this account. The process involves providing essential business information, including (but not limited to) your address, phone number, category, and opening/closing times.

Utilize proper on-page optimization techniques

On-page optimization is crucial to the local optimization of your site. Make sure that your title tag and meta description both contain the primary keyword, city, and state of your business. Equally important is ensuring that your landing and sales pages contain unique and relevant content.

one major aspect is the quality of your content
  • Not having reviews online. If your e-commerce does not contain any third-party reviews, you are missing out on significant volumes of traffic. According to a recent study, roughly 75 percent of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase decision. Thus, the inclusion of ready-to-read reviews on your web page is vital. Reviews are also a fantastic way to obtain new content about your products. If well written, they can help improve your site’s ranking.
  • Slow Page Loading Speed. One of the paramount characteristics that Google’s algorithms use to rank websites is page loading speed. Load time impacts not only your search engine positioning but also your bottom line. A slow loading speed can be caused by weak hosting and servers, as well as large image and video files. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the intricacies of SEO in the DC/Maryland/Virgina area. To get the most out of your optimization campaign, it is important you hire an SEO Agency with a vast background of success. Look no further than Direction Inc. We have the state-of-the-art resources and experienced staff needed to implement a top-tier SEO campaign. The size of your industry is no matter. With our renowned services and expert guidance, you will be ranking within your niche in no time. Although you may be cautious about investing in SEO, this cost will be nothing in the face of the exponential amount of profit our services will make you. Businesses that fail to adopt SEO will be losing out a massive chunk of their potential customer base. With our help, you will not have to worry about this unnecessary loss.

Don't Make These Critical SEO Mistakes That Could Harm Your Online Presence

Your link quality is essential to growing your business

SEO is the most effective tool for online business retention and acquisition. According to a recent study, roughly fifty percent of online buyers begin their shopping experience through a search engine. Therefore, it is essential that you optimize your online business to garner a constant targeted traffic flow.  In order to avoid not being found online, it’s important to understand the common mistakes that may be harming your online business.

Nicholas Stafford
Nicholas StaffordCOO, SADOS - McLean, VA
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business customer review

What's left to be said about how satisfied we are thus far with Direction? As an IT company, it's commonly understated how fierce the industry can be - competition bursts at the seams in every direction we look. It's reassuring to know I've got a team I can trust - to analyze, defend, and optimize my web presence. We've gained insight I never thought possible, and I'm a web developer by career choice myself. Me and my team are still a customer today, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to keep on keeping on. Thank you Chris and the team.
Carissa Barry
Carissa BarryOwner, Daro Management Services, LLC, Washington, DC
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After engaging with Direction, Inc., organic traffic, conversion rates, and closing numbers have quickly and dramatically increased. Their team meticulously organizes projects and immediately responds to requests. They offer more comprehensive services than any comparable agency. Me and my team are still a customer today, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to keep on keeping on. Thank you Chris and the team.
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Chris and his team are the best in the business. Very knowledgeable, professional, and experts in their field. We trust Direction inc to handle our SEO and digital marketing needs and have seen nothing but incredible success so far. Highly recommend.

We succeed when our clients succeed.

There are many steps needed to be completed in order to start and succeed as a business in DC. With Maryland and Northern Virginia right around the corner, It’s a place of fierce competition.

As the world is becoming more and more digital and online businesses are thriving, having an SEO strategy along with your business strategy is just as important as any other items on the checklist.

If your business is in DC and you’d like to take it to new heights, get in touch with us to see which SEO package is right for you!

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SEO helps your company grow, enhances your online visibility, and serves as an excellent method of generating new sales. Like other marketing techniques, SEO is an investment that calls for hard work and patience to achieve the results you desire. With the aid of an experienced SEO company, experience business at the top of local DC results.

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