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About Elevate Holistics

Elevate Holistics is a telehealth service provider that helps patients gain access to medical marijuana card certification in the United States.

Led by Stephen Stearman, Elevate Holistics has become a thought leader in medical and recreational marijuana laws and built a reputation as one of the premier publishers of marijuana news and responsible-use guides.

As part of their mission, Elevate Holistics provides a seamless customer journey for seek a hassle-free path access medical marijuana in their state. 

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SEO Campaign Goals

When Elevate Holistics enlisted our SEO campaign services, they were already ranking for a broad range of keywords that were pushing sales through their organization. But they were facing a serious problem —  their website architecture wasn’t optimized.

This tends to happen when organizations deploy a bunch of different SEO tactics without first having a strategy in place to guide their efforts. This created a confusing URL structure on Elevate Holistics’ website, orphaned content, and web pages that were unable to fully impact search engine rankings and be profitable.

We agreed to head up a technical SEO campaign that would increase session durations, click-through rates and conversions, while producing more valuable keyword rankings and higher intent users coming to the website. 

SEO Campaign Results

Elevate Holistics signed in 2022. After a month of competitive analysis, market research and detailed site audits, we got to work implementing our SEO strategy. The major lift here was technical and on-page SEO. Every month, we would optimize 30+ web pages (in addition to other deliverables, like backlink building) to ensure their brand was properly positioned in search engine results pages. 

Elevate Holistics Organic Rankings Overview

Keyword Ranking Improvements

Since starting Elevate Holistics’ SEO campaign, we have generate 9,687 new keywords. 

We also improved ranking positions for 12,673 keywords.

Today, they have 4,568 keywords ranking on the first page of Google according to Ahrefs. 

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Organic Traffic Increases for Elevate Holistics

Organic Website Traffic

In the last six months, we’ve increased organic search impressions by over 3 million. 

This has increased click-through rates by almost 100k clicks — 472k in total over the last 6 months.

In the last six months (Nov 2022 – April 2023), there has been a 17.30% increase in users (as compared to the previous six months May – Oct 2022), as well as 18.89% increase in new users.

Organic Website Conversions

By increasing keyword rankings and organic website traffic, we were able to produce an uptick in organic website conversions as well. 

In the same period (Nov 2022 – April 2023), we increased goal completions by 21.58% — a conversion rate of 29.16%!

In total, we helped generate 461,477 website conversions, as cited in Google Analytics.

Organic Website Conversions for Elevate Holistics

Closing Statements

It’s been a major pleasure working with the team at Elevate Holistics, and our partnership is still very much alive. They’re extremely passionate about their success and that mindset has helped to produce the great results we reviewed above. After seeing the many successes of Elevate Holistic’s SEO campaign, Stephen Stearman decided to start a new SEO campaign with us for another business venture: Craft Medical — a new telehealth resource for men.

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