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Grow your revenue with pay per click ads through a trusted Google Partner

We get it. You’re tired of wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work. Let’s change that.

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Is Your Ad Campaign Not Giving You The Results You Hoped For?

We’ll find out why, and implement a plan to maximize your conversions for a fraction of your current cost per lead.

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It's Easier Than You Think.

Some business owners think that their ads aren’t living up to their expectations because they aren’t able to spend as much as their competitors. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

We’ve helped many business owners compete against competitors with more than ten times their budget! Find out how you can spend a fraction of your competitor’s budget and earn more leads.

Target Your Best Customers

The core of our strategy is taking your advertising budget and maximizing its return. To accomplish that, we create and manage campaigns on the platforms most suited to your goals.

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Google Ads puts you at the top of Google search results. By optimizing which keywords you are bidding on — and just as importantly — those you aren’t, we’ll drive higher quality leads to your site, eliminating over-spend.

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Bing Ads puts your business in the spotlight at the top of their search results, and usually at a lower cost than Google Ads, making for an effective component to a successful marketing strategy.

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Native ads are much like display ads, but look much more “native” or natural on the site, almost like a part of the website. You’ve seen native ads if you’ve visited a site and seen an ad for that site, on another site.

Display Advertising

We also manage advertising campaigns across hundreds of websites and blogs that appeal to your target audience. With display advertising, we can get your ad in front of thousands or millions of people and drive high-quality traffic to your website. Though conversion rates are lower than search advertising, these campaigns are cost-effective and go a long way toward improving brand awareness. Unsure about the best way to advertise your business?
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Digital Advertising Services Tailored For Business Growth

Our online advertising services get you positioned in front of your ideal customers instantly. Studies show that business owners who run their own online ad campaigns waste at least 30% of their advertising budget. Our experts will help minimize your PPC costs and maximize return on your ad spend.

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Awards & Recognition

Get the most out of your online advertising with a dedicated ad team. Your digital advertising campaigns will be managed by the best in the business. Direction Inc is a Google Ads Partner, as well as a Bing Ads partner, which means we hold certifications from Google & Bing, and have been vetted to offer valuable digital marketing services and a high level of customer service.

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Yahoo Finance Award 2019

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How’s this for a sales pitch?

Most Business Owners
LOSE Money on Digital Advertising

It’s true that most business owners lose money when they try to manage their own campaign. But before you write Google Ads off, you need to understand why this is the case. It’s easy to start using Google Ads. Succeeding… Not so much. You can dive into creating campaigns, learning bid strategies, and achieving good quality scores but there’s so much more to it than that. Google’s training tools and the sea of third-party training programs make search advertising look like a system that can be learned and solved. While analysis and campaign management are a huge part of the equation, there’s another critical component that the majority of business owners aren’t equipped with.

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