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As an electrician, you know that an online presence is essential for today’s business. But limited resources make effective SEO seem out of reach. Not anymore. Our experienced team provides custom SEO solutions scaled for electricians of any size. By optimizing your web presence and harnessing search engines like Google, we help electricians across the board capture more qualified leads and grow their bottom line. Claim the online visibility your business deserves.

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“Direction is the SEO company I wish I found 6 years ago, they know how to generate higher quality leads than my Google Ads, and at a more effective cost."
-Vance Cowper
Owner, Vancelectric
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Search engine optimization

Our electrician SEO services are tailored to meet your specific business goals and needs. From national firms to local contractors, our experts can create a targeted campaign that will elevate your online presence and earn you the attention of local customers when they’re ready to buy.

Website design

Our team optimizes site design for electricians to not only rank highly but also engage customers from the moment they arrive. By emphasizing SEO principles in layout, user experience, and calls-to-action, we transform your site into a lead-generating machine.

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Reputation management

Positive online reviews and ratings are vital for today’s service businesses. Our reputation management services help electricians control their narrative online. By monitoring review sites and social media, we can highlight your strengths and showcase your reliability.

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Keyword Research

We use detailed research to learn exactly what words people search online to find electricians. We carefully study what each search term means to understand what searchers want. This helps us know which search terms could lead to more clients for your electrical business. We then design targeted online content for these promising search terms. The content is suited to how customers look for trusted, skilled electricians in their area. The goal is to have the right message show up for these potential customers so they contact your business.

Competitor Intelligence

We take a close look at the other electricians in your area to see how they handle SEO. We figure out the types of customers and search terms they target online then study their website architecture to identify missed opportunities we can capitalize on. Knowing what works well for the top electricians lets us make smarter SEO choices for your business. This can shift more potential clients to pick you instead of other electricians when searching for the services you offer.

Local SEO

Expand your digital visibility across your local area by utilizing our exclusive listing management software. Our technology methodically publishes your business listings to over 50+ leading local directories and review platforms where customers discover nearby electricians. Within just weeks, your electrical services company will build an authoritative local presence on the key sites used by 97% of consumers – Google My Business, Apple Maps, Yelp, Yellowpages, Mapquest and more.

AI Content

With unlimited AI-powered content creation, we can lead rankings for both high-demand and long-tail search phrases that potential customers use to find electricians. Our human experts then refine all content before publishing to guarantee quality and strategic fit. The blend of AI and human oversight allows us to efficiently produce extensive volumes of compelling, informative content optimized specifically around ranking #1 for local searches seeking electricians.

Link Building

Our tailored strategies secure high-quality backlinks from reputable industry sites and local area pages relevant to electrical services. Every fresh link we obtain reinforces your SEO rankings and directs referral traffic from ideal sites. Whether targeting general phrases like “licensed electrician” or specific services like “whole home generator installation,” our backlink acquisition process will advance you in the rankings for searches that will drive customers right to your website.

Technical SEO

A high-converting website is indispensable for transforming visitors into clients. That's why our SEO team includes expert WordPress developers devoted to optimizing your entire technical foundation. With a strict focus on user experience, our developers refine site architecture, actualize faster load times, enhance navigation, integrate features boosting engagement, and pinpoint functionality problems hindering conversions. Overall, the comprehensive technical enhancements we apply create the optimal web environment to drive more calls and contact form submissions from interested potential customers.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page optimization process aligns your website with the needs and expectations of customers searching for electricians. We refine all page content for deeper relevance, higher engagement, and natural incorporation of location-based keywords. Our enhancements balance SEO best practices with a strict focus on user experience – fashioning pages that appeal to search engines while capturing the interest of website visitors. The outcome is a site structured specifically around ranking and converting customers seeking skilled electricians.

Schema Markup

Whether targeting basic searches like “electrician near me” or specific services such as “landscape lighting installation,” structured markup spotlights your business in the results. For these reasons, our team concentrates on precise schema markup application across your website to elevate visibility and click-through percentages. We incorporate special schema tags on pages containing vital intel like your address, hours, reviews, services, credentials, and more.

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Result Driven

Bellows Plumbing Boosts MRR by 157%

As a family-owned plumbing business serving the San Francisco Bay area for over 35 years, Bellows Plumbing needed to boost their local online visibility to acquire new customers. Within 6 months, we increased their website’s organic traffic to generate more than 6,000 visitors. They now rank on page 1 of Google for 73 highly relevant keywords including “heater repair santa cruz” and “heating and cooling Santa Cruz”. The surge in quality website traffic has led to a substantial increase in leads and phone calls (a total of 12,000 user engagement events) for Bellows Plumbing. Based on their average job value, we estimate this extra business from SEO amounts to over $22,000 per month in added revenue.

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vance cowper
Vance Cowper

Owner, Vancelectric

Direction is the SEO company I wish I found 6 years ago, they know how to generate higher quality leads than my Google Ads, and at a more effective cost.

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tom pistole
Tom Pistole

MD Paving Pros

Thanks to Direction Inc.’s efforts, my phone rings every day with new business leads.
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alex stieb
Alex Stieb

Owner, Lux Foundation Solutions

Chris and his team are absolutely the best SEO & website management company I have worked with. They bring top notch standards to their work and the results follow. Thanks Direction Team!

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Starting with electrician
SEO services

We’ve compiled SEO answers for electricians navigating today’s digital landscape. Our experts address common questions on how to increase website visibility, advertise effectively, find new clients, and leverage SEO in 2023 and beyond.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. For electricians, it refers to optimizing your website and online presence so you rank higher in search engines like Google for relevant keywords and phrases customers use to find electrical services in your area.

Here are a few effective ways to advertise an electrical business:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve website ranking in local searches.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns through Google, Bing, or social media.
  • Print/direct mail marketing with coupons, flyers, postcards.
  • Networking and partnering with related businesses like HVAC companies.
  • Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Sponsoring relevant community events to get brand visibility.
  • Running targeted digital ads on websites frequented by potential customers.

Here are some tips for electricians to conduct SEO for their website:

  • Research and target keywords that customers are searching for related to electrical services in your area. Use keyword research tools to find relevant terms.
  • Optimize website pages and content around your target keywords, including page titles, headers, image names, meta descriptions, and body text.
  • Create localized content focusing on serving customers in your city or region specifically.
  • Build internal links between relevant pages on your site to improve page authority and keyword optimization.
  • Produce regular fresh blog content showcasing your expertise around electrical topics.
  • Get listed on high-authority local business directories and citation sites.
  • Build quality backlinks from industry websites, directories, and local partnerships.
  • Analyze website performance in search to see what’s working and refine your SEO efforts.

Here are some effective ways for electricians to find new clients:

  • Get listed on online directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and industry-specific sites to be discoverable for local searches.
  • Build a high-quality website that ranks well organically for relevant keywords. SEO can help drive website traffic.
  • Run Google and social media ads geotargeted to your service area. PPC ads can generate leads.
  • Partner with HVAC companies, home builders, contractors etc. to get referrals.
  • Offer promotions like discounts or free inspections to acquire new customers.
  • Attend networking events and home shows to connect with potential clients.
  • Leverage existing happy customers for referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Use direct mail postcards and flyers for neighborhoods to promote your services.
  • Sponsor local organizations and events to build community recognition.
  • Stay active on social media and consistently engage followers.

Here are a few key points for electricians considering handling SEO themselves:

  • SEO takes significant time and dedication to learn and keep up with ongoing changes. Doing it yourself as an electrician takes away time from your core business.
  • While SEO software and tools are available, executing effective optimization requires strategic expertise. SEO specialists stay on top of Google’s algorithms and best practices.
  • DIY SEO can work for fundamental on-page optimization, but achieving high rankings and maximum ROI typically requires a wider range of SEO skills and knowledge.
  • As Google’s local search algorithm evolves, SEO and online visibility has become extremely competitive for trades like electricians. Professional help gives you the best chance to rank highly.
  • Most electricians don’t have the capacity or marketing experience to build high-quality backlinks, create content, and identify issues negatively impacting rankings.
  • SEO consultants handle all the complex, ongoing optimization so you can focus on your electrical service while benefiting from their expertise.

So while basic SEO can be managed in-house, partnering with professionals often gives the best ROI for long-term success.

Here are a few key reasons why SEO remains highly relevant in 2023:

  • SEO drives qualified organic website traffic: Ranking high in search engines sends targeted customers to your site when searching for local services. Over 50% of website traffic comes from organic search.
  • SEO builds trust and authority: Ranking on the first page, especially in the top 3, boosts the credibility and trustworthiness of your electrical business in the eyes of customers.
  • Competition is increasing: With more electricians optimizing for SEO, failing to do it yourself means losing visibility. SEO is required to compete locally online.
  • Google algorithm changes: Google updates its algorithm hundreds of times per year. SEO best practices evolve, so you need ongoing optimization.
  • Local SEO is more critical: Ranking for geographic and service-based keywords can bring in customers within your service area.
  • Cost effective: SEO provides better ROI than paid search ads long-term and scales indefinitely without ongoing costs.
  • Website experience matters: SEO-optimized websites create a user experience that converts visitors into contacts and sales.

So for electricians who want to drive growth in 2023 and beyond, SEO remains an essential digital marketing pillar. Partnering with experts helps maximize its relevance.