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The Impact of Leads on Your Brokerage’s Marketing Strategy

Chris Kirksey
Chris Kirksey


Pros and Cons of Leads
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with 3 custom pricing options leads offer unparalleled access to a vast audience of potential buyers and sellers, providing an immediate boost to our lead generation efforts; however, navigating the competitive landscape and managing the costs of these leads requires a careful balance to ensure it complements, rather than dominates, our broader marketing strategy.

Today’s real estate landscape is characterized by fluctuating trends, including shifts in consumer behavior, housing demand, and inventory levels, all influenced by broader economic indicators, interest rates, and even global events.

These dynamics dictate not only the pace of buying and selling activities but also the strategies real estate professionals must employ to stay competitive.

In a market where new listings can attract multiple offers in just a few days, the ability to quickly generate high-quality leads can make the difference between closing a sale and missing out on a lucrative opportunity.

For real estate brokerages and agents, effective lead generation strategies are not just about sustaining operations; they’re about growth, market positioning, and the ability to deliver value to clients in a crowded marketplace. — A Major Player in Real Estate Lead Generation stands out as a pivotal force in the online real estate landscape, serving as a crucial hub for listings and a powerhouse in lead generation for real estate professionals.

Established with the intent of simplifying the property search process, has grown to become one of the most visited real estate websites in the United States, offering comprehensive listings that include residential homes, rentals, and lands for sale.

Its affiliation with the National Association of Realtors® ensures that it maintains a high standard of accuracy and professionalism, distinguishing it from other online real estate platforms. offers a suite of digital marketing tools and features to help agents and brokerages maximize their visibility on the platform and engage with potential clients more effectively.

From enhanced listing features that allow for greater detail and richer media presentations to advertising solutions that improve an agent’s presence in specific markets.

Understanding Leads leads are inquiries generated by the platform from potential buyers and sellers who have shown interest in real estate listings or services.

These leads can be categorized into two main types: buyer leads and seller leads.

  • Buyer leads are generated when potential buyers engage with listings on, such as by requesting more information about a property, scheduling a viewing, or inquiring about financing.
  • Seller leads, on the other hand, are generated when potential sellers use to estimate their home’s value, seek advice on selling their property, or express interest in listing their property with a real estate professional.

How Does Collect Leads? employs several strategies to collect leads, ensuring that real estate professionals have access to a wide range of potential clients. These strategies include:

  • Listing Exposure: showcases a vast array of property listings, from residential homes to rentals and land for sale. By providing comprehensive listing information and high-quality photos, the platform attracts a large audience of interested buyers and sellers, generating leads through their engagement with these listings.
  • Targeted Advertising: The platform uses targeted advertising to reach potential clients based on their search behavior, preferences, and geographical interests. By displaying relevant ads to users who are actively searching for real estate or contemplating selling their property, efficiently captures their interest and converts it into leads.
  • Connections Features:’s Connections features are designed to directly link buyers and sellers with real estate professionals. For example, when a user requests information on a listing or seeks advice on selling their property, the platform facilitates this connection, creating a lead for the agent or brokerage that matches the user’s needs.'s Connection Plus Product

One of the key lead generation products offered by is Connections Plus.

This service is specifically designed to enhance the connection between real estate professionals and potential clients by providing high-quality leads that match the agent’s or brokerage’s criteria.

Connections Plus uses advanced algorithms to ensure that leads are not only relevant but also have a higher likelihood of conversion. This is achieved by analyzing user behavior, preferences, and engagement levels to identify those who are genuinely interested in buying or selling properties.

Pros of Using for Lead Generation

1. Access to a Large Audience

One of the primary advantages of using for lead generation is the platform’s high visibility and widespread reach. As one of the most recognized names in online real estate, attracts millions of visitors each month, comprising potential buyers and sellers actively seeking properties or looking to list their own.

 This significant audience base ensures that listings featured on receive substantial exposure, increasing the likelihood of generating leads. For real estate professionals, this visibility translates into a broader pool of prospects and a greater opportunity to connect with interested parties.

2. Quality Control through Filter Mechanisms

Another key benefit of is its ability to generate quality leads through sophisticated filtering mechanisms.

The platform employs advanced algorithms and data analytics to match potential clients with properties and agents that best meet their needs. This matching process is based on a variety of factors, including:

  • search behavior
  • preferences
  • location
  • engagement history

As a result, the leads generated are more likely to be genuinely interested in buying or selling, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. also verifies contact information provided by leads, adding an additional layer of quality control. 

3. CRM Integrations and Lead Management Solutions

One’s most valuable offerings is its integration capabilities with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

This integration allows agents and brokerages to seamlessly import leads from directly into their CRM, enabling efficient tracking, follow-up, and nurturing of prospects.

In addition to CRM integration, provides a range of lead management solutions that help real estate professionals organize, prioritize, and engage with leads.

These tools include features for lead segmentation, automated communication, and performance tracking, all aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of lead follow-up and conversion efforts.

Cons of Using for Lead Generation

1. Costs Associated with Acquiring Leads

While offers significant advantages for lead generation, it’s important for real estate professionals to consider the potential costs involved.

Acquiring leads from often requires a financial investment, which can vary based on the level of service and visibility desired. Agents and brokerages might need to subscribe to premium services such as Connections Plus or invest in enhanced listing features to stand out from the competition.

These costs can add up, especially for those who rely heavily on the platform for generating a large volume of leads.

Additionally, the return on investment (ROI) can vary. While high-quality leads have a greater potential for conversion, there’s no guarantee of a sale, meaning that the cost per lead needs to be carefully managed to ensure profitability.

For some agents and brokerages, especially smaller ones with limited budgets, the costs associated with might outweigh the benefits, making it crucial to evaluate the platform’s value relative to other lead generation strategies.

2. Ultra-Competitive Landscape

Another consideration is the competitive nature of leads generated from a shared platform like

Since the site is accessible to all real estate professionals who subscribe to its services, the leads generated are not exclusive. This means that a potential buyer or seller could be in contact with multiple agents or brokerages simultaneously, increasing the competition for each lead.

Even with the best practices in place, the inherent competition on such platforms can make it challenging to convert leads into clients, particularly in highly saturated markets or among highly sought-after listings.

3. Risks of Relying on a Third-Party Provider

Relying too heavily on a third-party provider like for lead generation also presents risks. Dependence on an external platform can leave real estate professionals vulnerable to changes beyond their control, such as adjustments in pricing, terms of service, or even the platform’s algorithm, which can affect lead visibility and quality.

Moreover, over-reliance on can hinder the development of a diversified lead generation strategy. In the dynamic world of real estate, where market conditions and consumer behaviors can shift rapidly, putting all one’s eggs in a single basket can be risky.

Agents and brokerages that do not invest in building their own website’s SEO, engage in social media marketing, or explore other lead generation channels may find themselves at a disadvantage if their primary lead source becomes less effective or more costly.

Limitations of Relying on Third-Party Providers

Relying heavily on third-party providers for lead generation can pose significant risks to the business growth and sustainability of real estate professionals.

While platforms like offer valuable services to connect agents and brokerages with potential clients, dependence on these external sources can lead to vulnerabilities.

The main danger lies in the lack of control over the lead generation process. Real estate professionals may find themselves at the mercy of the platform’s changes in features, algorithms, or visibility settings, which can directly impact the flow and quality of leads.

This dependence can also stifle innovation and investment in other marketing channels, potentially limiting business growth and reducing the ability to adapt to market changes.

The quality and quantity of leads generated through third-party providers can also be highly unpredictable.

Factors such as market trends, consumer behavior, and competition can all influence the effectiveness of these platforms in generating leads.

This unpredictability can make it challenging for real estate professionals to plan and execute long-term growth strategies, as fluctuations in lead volume and quality can lead to inconsistent sales and revenue.

Powering Lead Generation with Search Engine Optimization

In the context of real estate, SEO involves optimizing your website and online content to appear prominently when potential buyers and sellers search for real estate services, listings, or market information in your area.

SEO is highly relevant to real estate lead generation because it targets users actively seeking information related to buying, selling, or renting properties, making these leads inherently high quality and more likely to convert.

Benefits of SEO for Real Estate Businesses

  • Long-term Sustainability: Unlike paid advertising, the benefits of SEO build over time, providing a continuous source of organic traffic and leads. By establishing a strong online presence, real estate professionals can enjoy sustained visibility without the ongoing costs associated with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or third-party lead generation services.
  • Cost-effectiveness: SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for generating leads. While it requires an initial investment in terms of time and resources, the long-term costs are significantly lower than those associated with traditional advertising and paid online lead generation platforms. 
  • Building Authority: A well-optimized website that ranks highly for relevant keywords not only attracts more visitors but also establishes your business as an authority in the real estate industry. High search engine rankings are often perceived as endorsements of credibility and expertise, helping to build trust with potential clients.

How SEO Can Complement and Eventually Reduce Reliance on Third-Party Lead Providers

Incorporating SEO into your lead generation strategy can complement and reduce reliance on third-party providers like

As your website’s visibility in search engines increases, you can generate more organic leads directly, diminishing the need for paid lead sources.

Over time, a robust SEO strategy can help real estate professionals build a stable and diversified lead generation ecosystem, ensuring long-term business growth and resilience against changes in third-party platform policies or market conditions.

Conclusion: Balancing Immediate Gains with Long-Term Growth in Real Estate Lead Generation

Throughout this exploration, we’ve delved into the multifaceted nature of leads, illuminating both their potent advantages for immediate lead generation and the inherent challenges they present.

The platform’s broad visibility and sophisticated filtering mechanisms stand out as compelling reasons for real estate professionals to incorporate into their lead generation toolkit.

However, the costs, competitive landscape, and the risks of over-reliance on a third-party provider underscore the need for a more balanced and diversified approach to lead generation.

The strategic importance of SEO in this mix cannot be overstated. As we’ve discussed, investing in SEO offers real estate brokerages and agents a pathway to long-term sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and the establishment of authority in the digital realm. 

Ultimately, it’s crucial for real estate brokerages and agents to diversify their lead generation strategies to encompass both third-party leads from platforms like and organic search traffic through effective SEO practices.

This balanced approach not only mitigates the risks associated with dependence on external lead sources but also capitalizes on the unique benefits each channel offers.

If you’re ready to elevate your lead generation funnel through strategic SEO, contact today for a private SEO consultation. It’s never too early to lay the groundwork for your long-term success in the competitive real estate market.

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