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FAQ about the bulk upload function

One of the ways to add or modify location data is via a bulk upload, which is importing the information using a spreadsheet. Here you will find some of the frequently asked questions about this topic:

Can I use my own Excel file to import location data?

You can use your own Excel sheet instead of our template when importing location data. However, you must name each column in your file with the same name as the Location Data Fields supported by our platform.

Once you have inserted all the data into your document, go back to the Locations tab and click on Import.

You will be asked to match the fields of your document with the fields of our app. Make sure to review them and click on “Continue”. Your locations will be created as soon as the file has finished importing.

Please note that you can match each column to only one of our platform’s fields. Also, this step needs to be repeated every time you upload a file this way.


Make sure that the format of the values, e.g. Dates and Opening Hours,  are entered according to our requirements. 

You can always refer to our own template if you are in doubt.


Can I delete locations or change their status in a bulk upload?

In order to change the status of locations in bulk, you will have to import a file containing the locations as well as the new statuses you would like to assign to them.

The options are:


You cannot delete locations from your account. If you would like to have your locations completely removed from our platform, our Support team can help you with the request.

Can I reactivate locations in a bulk upload?

Locations can be manually reactivated. However, you are only able to do it for one location at a time:

  1. From the Locations tab, please access the location you would like to reactivate
  2. Under its profile, you need to click the button Reactivate Location (right corner)

If you have numerous locations that need to be reactivated, please contact our Support Team to assist you.

Can I change the Location Identifier of my locations via a bulk upload?

If you accidentally import the same location more than once, you won’t be able to fix it using the import feature. If the import file has locations that are already in our system, and their Location ID changes, the system will create a new location instead of editing the old one. This means that two or more locations will have the same information but different Location IDs. Duplicates will not be able to be published in directories.

In order to change Location Identifiers, you will have to manually do it in our platform (one at a time) or by contacting our Support Team with the request to change the IDs in bulk.

How can I modify my location’s coordinates?

We have a process, called Normalisation, to verify a location’s address and retrieve its GeoCoordinates. If this happens successfully, it means that once the address was accepted by our platform, it is not possible to change the location pin via the user interface directly. 

If you need to change the coordinates, you will need to use the Import feature. Please follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the Locations tab on the menu
  2. Get the location data export file, by clicking Export
  3. Update the latitude and longitude for the affected location(s) by updating the columns “lat” and “lng” in the export file and save it
  4.  Click Import and upload the updated file
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